Dear General Muhamadu Buhari

Dear General Muhamadu Buhari,

I sincerely hope this letter meets you in peace and good health.

I won’t waste too much time; I’ll go straight to my reason for writing you this letter.

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Dear Mr. President,

I will at this point skip the formalities of asking how you and the family are doing, not out of disrespect, but simply because I see you on TV all the time, and from there I know you are doing fine.

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wpid-sad_black_woman.jpgBy the time I woke up, it was already late in the morning, and to my surprise I wasn’t tied or thrown into a hole like I had thought, I was just alone in the tent, I touched the side of my head, it didn’t hurt as much, but I still felt the pain, probably from the memory of the blow, I still lay down and stared at the tent ceiling, it was rather hot inside, Continue reading


tearsWe were driven for what seemed like an eternity, the long drive was quiet, quiet not because we were tired, but quiet because we were uncertain of what lay in front of us, the realization that we had been taken sank in very fast, i had heard stories of people being taken captive and never heard from again, many of us had even paid visits to families who had lost loved ones either by way of a stray or intentional bullets, axes or machetes, or being taken away, i would always say the same things over and over again, Continue reading


Ife-Story.jpgIt was a cold night, not unusually cold, but cold all the same, we were getting set for bed, after a long day of writing exams; exams we had studied day and night for, under the most stressful conditions; you see, it’s quite difficult studying for an examination and dodging either bullets or machetes, and not exactly in that order, because we always dodged  whichever came first, but we studied all the same, because deep down in her hearts we had the hope that someday soon, the turmoil would end, and we would be allowed to face our futures, so we decided to prepare for it sooner than later, we were not going to allow anything take away the only thing we had that was capable of giving us the lives we dreamed of, so we persevered and we studied.

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There are questions, oh yes, there are questions that must be asked, and yes I speak for myself, and that is why I write by myself, but I want you to read, and maybe, just maybe you might have the same questions going through your mind.

The nobility, not mobility oh, sorry Mr. mobility I had to clarify that, now where was I, oh yes, the nobility of the cause to bring back the kidnapped Chibok Girls is quite laudable, and admirable, and oh well you get the point, and while there have been demands and cries and appeals and so on, the fact still remains that the girls have not been brought back, and more have been taken, although we have been made to believe, or rather an attempt to convince everyone that no recent kidnaps have been carried out, we know better don’t we?

Anyway, back to the main reason I decided to postpone my pancake breakfast to put these words on virtual paper. For a while now, there have been reports, reports of girls escaping from the clutches of their captors, and I don’t mean 1 or 2, am talking about 40 and most recently 63 girls have escaped, now I rejoiced when I read the news, at least even if those we are asking to bring them back have foot dragged for over 80days, the girls have carried out daring escapes, and have come up, and we give God all the glory, or you give glory to who or whatever it is you worship, well because last time I checked, there was still freedom of religion, or am I wrong?

Anyway, this morning I read on the wire, that 63 girls had escaped, and I immediately decided to scan through the popular social media sites to authenticate the information, but to my surprise, or maybe lack of it, I found no news about the returned girls, correct me if I am wrong, and I am pretty sure lots of people will correct me, but isn’t the return meant to be a good thing? If the return of some of the girls is a good thing, then shouldn’t there be so much noise, that scrolling through preferred social media sites would be so tedious a task, as to drain the batteries of our handheld devices, but alas, as I scrolled through, my battery life dropped from 100% to a mere 96%.

Requests have been made, does it really matter in what order the requests are granted? Or should the granting of the request not be the topmost priority? Whenever some individuals request for visas to visit other countries, and the requests are granted, don’t they rush to their various churches and give testimonies of how they had to walk through the valley of death to acquire said visas, and the story of triumph in the end? So why should the escape of 63 girls and more in the recent past, who have been in the hands of their abductors for over 80 days not be a cause for celebration, press conferences, twitter Hashtags, Facebook likes and even a reason to resurrect My-space, instead all I see are comments of doubt, all I see are comments blaming the government, of fueling a continued illusion, all I see is silence from hearts that should be filled with joy, and all I ask is this, should it be so?

I don’t intend for this write up to be lengthy, mainly because I hate cold pancakes, but in an much as it is right to make demands and keep the #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS campaign alive, wouldn’t it be swell to know that there are waiting arms, open, in the eventuality that they will return, albeit in some unconventional and unexpected manners?

Would it not be heartwarming to see the same energy used in making the demand, to also rejoice with such news, and splash it all over the internet and in the real world?

Would it not be nice to know that, there are plans on ground to ensure the escaped girls receive all the medical and psychological attention they require, after such a harrowing experience?

Yes, I know at this point most readers are itching to comment, and so gladly inform us that there are modalities in place, but they are being kept under wraps, but then I would reply, I am not asking to see the girls, I am not requesting to see their names, all I am asking is that, the same energy used to keep the hashtag alive, the same energy used in giving us updates about the insensitivity of the government and their callous approach to finding the girls and ending the carnage, should also be put into informing eager ears and the numerous disciples on the progress made with the returned girls.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

Well I think I have said enough for now, but before I go, I’ll say this, I am happy, some are coming home, I am happy they were able to escape, and eventually, they will be reunited with their families.

“For they who clamor

Silently Pray

For the Clamor to go unnoticed

So the clamor may continue

And the spotlight remains”

God Bless You, God Bless Me, God Bless The federal Republic Of Nigeria……. Wait that is still our name right?

Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest)



Dearest Soldier’s Wife,

If you are reading this, it means i am no longer with you, and sadly i will no longer be able to tell you how much i love you, but one thing that warms my heart is the simple fact that i can watch over you and the children, so let’s just say you are now connected in high places.

I can only imagine the look on your face right now, but you know me, i always need to make a joke, just to keep you smiling, i am so sorry i had to leave, and i know it must really be hard for you to understand, why i decided to choose my country over my family, trust me i asked myself that same question, but the only answer i got was that it was simply my calling.

My love, i know i never say this too often, probably because i feel you already know, but i am the luckiest man alive, i knew that marrying you would be my greatest achievement, you are the best thing to ever happen to me, and i want you to always remember that.

I won’t pretend to know how you are feeling right now, or what you are going through, but i can assure you that with time, the pain will pass, and also take comfort in the fact that we shared a wonderful life together, no matter how brief it was, i am one of the lucky ones to be blessed with the sort of family i was given through you, and anytime you feel sad, and angry, just look at our children, there has to be some reflection of me there somewhere, and i know you don’t need to look to hard before you see it, tell them what type of a man their father was, remind them always why i had to leave.

Tell them that after you, they are the best things to ever happen to me, all three of them, tell Ikenna to please stop biting his nails, and to always remember to lace his boots properly before playing football, so he doesn’t trip over himself too much, always remind Habiba, to minimize her sugar intake, remember how you had to stay up all night some months ago because of her tooth ache, i know she is a brilliant girl and will grow up to be a great woman, and remind my little angel Aramide, whom i was, i know she is too young to remember me, but please tell her who i was, and remind all of them that i will be watching over them, and i promise not to let any harm come to them.

I love you with all my heart, and i apologize again for leaving you without warning, and i want you to know one thing, your happiness will always be my happiness, do not be afraid to be happy, never you feel it is selfish to want to be happy, simply because i am no longer with you, yes reading this letter, you may feel i have gone mad, and should not be talking about impossibilities, but trust me, and have faith in the fact that, joy and happiness will never be far from you.

I am glad to have spent the time God gave me with you and the children, and deep down inside i know you and the children have more happier days ahead, but always remember that i love you, and the kids more than life itself.

Your Husband


Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Dedicated to all our Fallen  Nigerian soldiers, fighting the good fight to keep us safe, and to all their families, left to mourn their loss, we pray for and with you, and we say thank you for the sacrifice.