How it all started

I will not start with the usual i normally don’t do this speech, because let’s face it, i always do this, and in a nation where politics has taken center stage, a story of this caliber is a breath of fresh air.

In the past, when i hear agege bread, i think ewa agoyin, too much bromate, or pocket friendly bread, but now when i hear agege bread, i think, photo shoot, TY BELLO and OLAJUMOKE.


Her first modelling contract

Olajumoke walked onto a set where the famous Ty Bello, was working her magic, and i am very sure jumoke was hoping to sell a few loaves to the cast, because let’s face it, a crowd means good business, but alas faith had something else in store for her, agege bread from that point on would become her ticket to a better life, and dreams fulfilled.


Jumoke’s amazing transformation

The question i have been asking myself since this whole agege bread issue is this, “when jumoke woke up that morning, and probably said her prayers, she must have prayed for good business, at least good enough to bring home profit, and more capital to restock for the next business day, but then again, what if, now reason this part with me, just what if jumoke had woken up late that morning, what if she got to the bakery late and could not get her agege bread quota, what if she decided not to wear that particular gown, what if she had changed her route, what if she had been a few seconds late, i talk about time in this instance because i read something TY Bello had said and i quote “Olajumoke a bread hawker from the Sabo market bakery, walked entirely by coincidence unto our set of our Thisday style shoot for @tiniegram The moment didn’t look special at all. If anything she stood there a little confused .. Some people asking her to leave the set and others asking her to stay . I signaled if it was OK to take her photograph and she agreed and I pressed on my shutter so she could move ahead . My main subject of interest was the Okada driver that had slowed down just before she arrived.  Okada riders have that cool Lagos vibe and always happen to add a bit of swag to street portraits”, just imagine, the okada rider was the main focus, but jumoke arrived at the exact time she was meant to arrive, phew talk about destiny right, and just what if she had just given in to the frustrations of the hustle and decided “i cannot come and kill myself abeg”.

Alas, the what ifs’ didn’t take center stage here, jumoke continued her daily grind as she had been doing for God knows how long, and who knew business would be so good, she’d catch the eye of Ty bello and bring home a modelling contract, hmmmm this life sha, one minute you are selling agege bread on the streets of lagos, the next minute you are signing modelling contracts and appearing on cnn.

Like many other humans on planet earth, i agree frustrations of our daily hustles get to us from time to time, many are faced daily by horrible bosses who never see anything good in them, others are faced with horrible customers who feel that for the sole fact that you are selling certain types of items, you are automatically beneath them, and this gives them the free licence to treat and talk to you in any manner they see fit.

Don’t worry, i won’t go all niche on you, and start quoting the benefits of hard work, but i sincerely am inspired by this story, what inspires me most about it are the two women involved, and i’ll start with jumoke.

Jumoke with her husband

Jumoke with her husband

Olajumoke is married with kids, a trained hair dresser, who could not meet the requirements of her freedom, thus decided to take on agege bread sales, as a means of lively-hood, probably with the intentions of saving some money and starting her own salon, we can only imagine what she would have gone through, because let’s face it, hawking on the streets of Lagos isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but she kept at it, day in and day out, early hours and late nights, come rain, come sun, jumoke kept at it, until her fortunes changed.

TY Bello, a world class photographer, doing what she does best, stumbles on this, hmmmmm let me use her words “BEATIFULX” and immediately decides she is worth the search, and let’s face it, in this day and age where helping our fellow man/woman has certainly become as scarce as a white elephant, went ahead and began a search, found her and didn’t even allow her background deter her, TY went ahead and put jumoke in front of the camera and went to work, little did she know know that she was being used as a catalyst in jumoke’s destiny.



To TY BELLO, i say this with all humility, I SALUTE YOU, may you continue to flourish, and may your lands continue to be ever green.

To JUMOKE, i say this to you, may this opportunity be used wisely, and may this be a start of better things to come.

And to the internet, i say a very very big thank you for helping seek Jumoke out, and ensuring she kept her date with destiny.

Oh and one last thing, if you are a lover of agege bread, i suggest you stock up, because i foresee a great scarcity in the future, due to the sole fact that nigerians, especially aspiring models will now believe that agege bread is a good luck charm.

Image Source- TY BELLO

QUOTE- woman.ng

Written By Arome Ameh- (The Priest)


3 thoughts on “WHAT IF…….JUST WHAT IF

  1. ememesi says:

    Sometimes, the most radical changes of our lives ride on the wings of unplanned providence.

  2. babynami says:

    Awesome stuff! Preach it bro

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