Dear General Muhamadu Buhari

Dear General Muhamadu Buhari,

I sincerely hope this letter meets you in peace and good health.

I won’t waste too much time; I’ll go straight to my reason for writing you this letter.

So you have decided to run, you have gotten your ticket, your campaign has begun, I congratulate you on all these achievements thus far, but I have some questions for you, and before I go further, I’d like to state categorically that this letter is not aimed at mudslinging or casting aspersions in anyway, this letter is written by a Nigerian who simply has concerns and needs answers, so I’ll make it brief, and I will number them, so you can take your time to answer.


  • Do you feel you are physically/mentally fit to take on the office of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria?
  • Are you running just to fulfill a dream, to prove a point, or are you running because you feel you can actually help Nigeria and Nigerians?
  • What is your plan to put Nigeria/Nigerians back to work?
  • Can you handle the insurgency?
  • Can you provide exemplary leadership?
  • Where do you see Nigeria in 2 years if you win
  • Can we trust you?
  • Who is your tailor? He or she deserves some serious praise.

I won’t ask you about electricity, good roads or good governance, reason being that I believe these should be part of your top priorities as a presidential hopeful.

You have in the past had the opportunity to rule this nation, some agree you did well, others agree you didn’t do well, that was 31years ago, and a lot had changed between then and now, back then you were supreme ruler, and you gave out orders and they were carried out, times have changed, now you can suggest, and in most cases request permission before things are done, are you ready for that? Can you handle the bureaucracy and red tape?

All I need are answers to these questions, and trust me I know a management answer when I see one, of course politicians will say and do anything to achieve their desired goal, but i strongly want to believe you are different, and I pray you prove me right.

In closing I want to say, if you win come FEB 15, pleas make this phrase, “MADE IN NIGERIA” something to be proud of once again.

I wish you good luck, i wish you good health, and above all i wish you everything you wish for me and Nigeria.


Arome Ameh (The Priest)


2 thoughts on “Dear General Muhamadu Buhari

  1. I hope the last sentence becomes a reality. I want to see made in Nigeria things. Clothes, baby items, food, tin tomatoes from north, pepper gnuts from north, groundnut oil from east, palm oil from west. We can and I am hoping we shall!

  2. Isaacola AA says:

    Wanted to share on twitter but its saying it did not support mobile application.

    I like this boss.

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