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Dear Mr. President,

I will at this point skip the formalities of asking how you and the family are doing, not out of disrespect, but simply because I see you on TV all the time, and from there I know you are doing fine.

I am writing this letter not as a happy man, but as an aggrieved citizen, not just an aggrieved citizen, but also a scared citizen, I fear for myself, I fear for my family and I fear for my country.

I woke up yesterday feeling quite perky, the sun was shining, I had electricity, I was healthy, no new case of Ebola had been recorded, I said my prayers and gave thanks to God for making all these things so, but moments later the all too familiar news began to filter in, another bomb had gone off, and I thought to myself,” oh God not this again”.

I instinctively turned on the television and clicked on all the local stations, and do you know what I found? Well I’ll tell you, I found nothing, not a single report, and without wasting any more time, I picked up my cell phone and began scrolling through the online papers, and that’s when I saw it, a bomb had gone off right in the middle of a secondary school, a secondary school, filled with young ones, filled with the ones we claim are our leaders of tomorrow, their lives had been cut short, those who survived would be forever haunted by what they saw, no one should have to see so much gore in their lifetime, but the young ones witnessed it, one minute they were standing at the assembly ground waiting for their morning instructions before commencing their classes for the day, and the next minute, pieces of them all over the place, and I ask myself this simple question, why should this be happening, and do you know what answer I got? Well I’ll tell you, I got nothing, zero, and zilch.

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I simply need an answer from you, why should this be happening, and please I don’t want any answers from no special advisers, I didn’t elect them, I elected you, so you owe me an answer, I want to know why the North East is gradually being carved off the map, I want to know why Boko Haram is thriving, I want to know why we can’t believe anything that comes from the government anymore, should it be so.

A few months ago, Nigerians were told the leader of the sect had been killed, a few weeks later, said killed leader posted a video telling us he had not been killed, now I don’t know much about reincarnation, but I certainly know it doesn’t happen that fast, and from the little I know, zombies and dead guys don’t make videos, so who lied?

A few weeks ago, Nigerians were told a ceasefire agreement had been reached, and also plans were being made to rescue those that had been taken, but a few days after this announcement was made, bombs went off, villages were sacked, and more Nigerians were killed, and to top it all off, the leader of the sect, the guy you told us was dead, made yet another video, tell us everything your government said was all a lie, so now I ask, who lied?

How many more Nigerians must die, before you see the need to give this monster your optimal attention?

How many more soldiers must be killed, before you see the need to vanquish this evil from our land?

I have tried to imbibe patience as a virtue, but it grows thin by the second.

Mr. President, I won’t pretend I know what it means to run a country, but I know what it means to be a leader, and being a leader means to protect those you have sworn to lead, but sadly we are not being protected, we are being killed, kidnapped, maimed, scared, terrorized, oppressed and marginalized in our own country, while you and the others sit calmly and trade blames, which brings me to another matter I want to discuss, I really don’t care what party does what, all I care about is making this country a place to live in peace and be proud of again, and frankly I am sick and tired of the back and forth your party PDP and APC games play all the time, while Nigerians, and mind you the same Nigerians you all are struggling so hard to lead, sit back and wallow in pain and suffering. Should the people not be your paramount concern, or do you plan to lead rocks if you get re-elected?

At this point I might seem to be rambling, but remember how it all started, this monster has been lurking among us for over 4years now, and it doesn’t seem to be dying out, if anything, it’s getting bigger, bolder and stronger, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Yesterday, over 40 more families were thrown into mourning, added to the thousands of other families who have lost husbands, wives, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, grandparents etc. Mr. President these are your people, doesn’t it break your heart to see your people in so much anguish?

At this juncture, I am no longer asking, rather I am demanding, as a citizen of this great nation, that you do what you were elected to do, protect the citizens of this country, a country you grew up in, a country that produced you and made you what you are today. You must take visible action and flush out these Cretans, and put a stop to them once and for all.

The time for talk is over, the time for trading blames Is over, now is the time for real action, Nigerians need to feel a sense of value again, prove to us that we didn’t make a mistake when we elected you, prove to us that you have what it takes to rise up to any occasion and to do what it takes to solve any arising issues, prove to us that you have a heart, prove to us that it is not just about politics.

images NIGOn a final note, I would like you to ask yourself what you want Nigerians to remember you for?

Are you going to be remembered with fond memories?


Are you going to be remembered with a scowl?

The choice is yours Mr. President.

I wish you Goodluck.

Arome Ameh (The Priest)


9 thoughts on “DEAR MR PRESIDENT…………

  1. Bunmi says:

    Emotionally evoking and palpable portrayal of how every Nigerian feels right now.
    We need the president to be decisive and presidential even his supporters at this stage will agree he has to do something different than status quo

  2. goldensandy says:

    First off, in your third paragraph, you wrote “…I woke up… There’s electricity” well, that sounds to me like you were in paradise because I can’t remeber the last time I woke up and saw electric light (Abuja)… Anyway that’s a story for another day.
    Back to your letter addressed to Mr. President. Sir, in as much as I am grieved at the currents security situation of this country, I will not put all the blames on Mr. President alone. He is but one person and we are running a democratic system of government! My question is; what are the chief security officers (governors)of the affected states doing to salvage their people? What are the service chiefs appointed for the sole cause of fighting this insurgency doing? What are the northern elders doing to curb this menace their own people are displaying? Do you need Mr. President to carry arms and engage the BH personally?. I got not much to say but I think you should and service chiefs and then copy the president. I on the other hand commend you for the courage to write this letter. Stay blessed

  3. I know what I will remember him with. Just check the map of Nigeria currently.

  4. adeyemo wuraola Mariam says:

    Its a shame that our leaders don’t possess reading ability, neither PDP nor APC have a tiny idea on how to get us out of dis mess… Dey all have their million points agenda with zero clue on how to get it done.. We all blame GEJ but we have failed to realize that he is not a politician by trade, that’s why it has been very difficult for him to do anything. People that benefits from this are in both parties… No country can end a crisis it’s leaders are benefiting from, we need a ruthless individual who won’t mind disobeying the status quo.

  5. Brown says:

    Good letter.But in as much as you have spoken your mind,do u think GEJ has not done enough to get this issue out of the way? My brother a lot has happened and blv me u do not expect the Presidency to come out and say wat the FG strategy is on how to get this pple when plenty bad eggs are in with them at the battle field. No Governor has ever come out to say the FG has not provided security vote, Pls help me write to the governors as well ,asking them what are der duties at the state level? My own little advice is that all hand must be on deck if the nation want to come out victorious against this insurgents.Thanks

  6. mumumugu says:

    Your president dont read letters online, try telephone

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice one dear. Unfortunately he might not see this. This is very painful and disheartening. Where do we start from? How do we tell the stories of the pains, the loss, the heartbreaks, the disappointments. Are we asking for too much. A good leader should serve his people. Even if he is surrounded by bad advisors, he ought to know and distinguish bw the good and the bad.
      Well done Arome! Nice one hear. I do enjoy yourreadibgs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice one dear. Unfortunately he might not see this. This is very painful and disheartening. Where do we start from? How do we tell the stories of the pains, the loss, the heartbreaks, the disappointments. Are we asking for too much. A good leader should serve his people. Even if he is surrounded by bad advisors, he ought to know and distinguish bw the good and the bad.
      Well done Arome! Nice one hear. I do enjoy your readings. Keep it up dear. Always on point.

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