Hello Everyone and welcome back to another segment of “Personality Of The Week”, and this week, we are hosting a very unique gentleman, a warm and friendly man, a very principled man, and yes i should know, because  from my interactions with him on and off social media, he is all these things and more,if you watch animations as much as i do, then you can easily relate him to sheriff woody, from the animation “TOY STORY”, he is very much like the sheriff in the sense that he lives by a certain morale code, a gentleman when he needs to be, but never hesitates to lay down the law when the need arises and  he is a fellow you would always want to have in your corner, and this week, he will be telling us more about himself, and more about the ever growing in popularity “TWITTER WEEKLY ROUND UP”.

So sit back and enjoy his interview.


What Is Your Name?

Tony Iribor

Tell Us A Little about Yourself/Who is Tony Iribor?

Tony Iribor is a Nigerian who loves his country and life. Loves to laugh, meet people, loves football and music, lover of good shoes, beautiful women, loves to talk and meet people. Hates liars and people who do not keep their words and time.

What do you do for a living?

I work as the Personal Assistant to the lead partner of a law firm in Lagos.

What is the Twitter weekly round up?

The twitter weekly round-up is a summary of events that happen on twitter Nigeria. The whole idea is to bring together some, if not most of the issues that got people talking on twitter. From politics, to relationships to football and the likes.

How long has the twitter weekly round-up been in existence?

I really cannot remember honestly. I know that it started this year but it should be about 24 weeks now. That should be roughly 6 months.

What inspired the twitter weekly round-up?

A friend had introduced me to the editor of and he wanted me to be a weekly contributor for the site. I had difficulties because of my job and I kept feeling guilty that I couldn’t contribute as I should. So one day, it just occurred to me that a couple of times, I step out of twitter and come back to realize that what was a quiet place had become a noisy environment. I then begin to search through timelines to get the origin of the gist. So I thought to myself, why don’t I put together a weekly summary of twitter events in Nigeria and share so as to prevent “LASTmanism” (which means carrying last, which also means, not being informed when stuff is happening only to realize much much later) so that was how it was born. I didn’t know it would be a lot of work though.


What do you aim to achieve with the twitter weekly round-up?

Basically to keep people informed and feed them with all the drama that happened on twitter whilst they were away.

How do you cope with work and the round-up?

It is a lot of work I must say. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to but I know people look out for it and I do not want to disappoint them

How do you cope with your readers?

My readers encourage me, by always keeping an eye out for the weekly round-up, so that is a good thing, I enjoy their support largely.

How do you pick your tweets for the round-up?

It happens randomly even though there are handles that are peculiar for certain topics.

What have been the challenges with the round-up so far?

The reaction of those whose tweets I embed. I don’t know what the reactions may be if they’d like it or not. Even though I suspect some who had appeared locked their accounts afterwards.

Can you share the link to the latest twitter round up?



Tell us why tweeps always associate you with “Akara”?

Le deep sigh. I once wrote an article about getting home and the only option was to buy akara and eat with bread and the experiences I have had. And then I tried to link that with the reason to get married. Ever since then one has not known peace.

Give us a personal quote?

My late dad once said to me “affect people’s lives positively so much that when you are not there anymore, the thoughts of you will make them smile.



Well there you have it folks, our very own Tony Iribor, the man behind the twitter handle @tonypox, and also the man behind the twitter weekly round-up, so feel free to follow him on twitter and also peep in on the weekly twitter round-up and i promise you will be glad you did. In case you missed it, here is the link to the latest Weekly Twitter Round- up Here you go:

Thank you for reading, next week as usual promises to bring another exciting personality to grace the “PERSONALITY OF THE WEEK” platform.

Always remember, on this platform, we show case ordinary people, doing extra ordinary things.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Interview By Arome Ameh (The Priest)




  1. Toyin says:

    Uncle Tony is a fiiine boy. 😁 Will sure look up Twitter Roundtable

  2. Alexia says:

    Awww… Nice! Tony is really a blessed man 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awww…Nice! Tony is really a blessed man 🙂

  4. doysol says:

    Good to learn more about Tony. Especially how the love of Ankara came to be! Nice to see innovative men too. Sky is your starting point bro. Keep keeping on.

  5. dazeetah says:

    Well done , Arome
    Thanks for telling us more about the Akara bender himself.

  6. Epheanyi says:

    Well, thats it folks. The man Tonypox himself. Next up, CNN, BBC, AlJazeera,Oprah……we aint seen the last if this guy yet. Kudos

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