We are starting off our maiden edition of Personality of the week, with a man who has dedicated his life to the service of God and mankind, but before i proceed any further, i will attempt to shed some light on this new segment.

I decided to start this segment, to honor those everyday ordinary people, who are doing extra ordinary things, on a daily basis, trying to impact on their society and those around them in positive ways, and so every Friday i will be hosting a different individual, so stay tuned, and who knows, you might just be the next personality of the week.

Now back to our personality of the week.

At a first glance, he looks a lot like Hakeem Kae Kazeem, you know, the rebel leader in Hotel Rwanda, and oh if you don’t know who am talking about, then am pretty sure you remember him in the Etisalat commercial, yes the one where his has a Ferrari along side Genevive, yeah am sure many can relate to that.

Any who, our personality of the week is not Hakeem, this week’s personality is a man i have come to respect, a man who has achieved a lot in life, yet still has the humility, that would make men in the old testament envy, a man who has used his God given talents of wisdom, faith and deep spirituality, to bring understanding to those around him and beyond, but don’t take my word for it……..Just read on and be amazed.


What Is Your Name?

Olusola Adio

Tell Us A Little about Yourself/Who is Sola Adio?

I am an only child, born in London, came back with my parents when I was about 2 years of age.

Spent my earlier years in Surulere, had my primary education at Santa Maria Primary School, also in Surulere, had my secondary education at the Govt College (Eric Moore), also in surulere.

After my secondary school education, I gained admission to study survey at the University Of Lagos.

I had fun in the university, I was glad to be away from home, and it gave me the opportunity to express myself in more ways than one.


I indulged in alcohol, smoking and also womanizing and also had a deep interest in various forms of music.

Everything changed in my 3rd year, and that was around the time I got born again, and what actually attracted me to Christianity was the example laid by a practicing group of Christians, they dressed quite decently and preached the message, and when I gave them a hearing, I was hooked and never looked back.

After my graduation, I went back for post graduate studies in Computer Science, also in Uni-lag, after which I tried to set up my own business, but quickly realized I was not ready for that journey just yet.

I got a job with KPMG in Nigeria, and worked with them for 6years, and during this period I met and married my lovely wife Monisola Adio, I left KPMG for Price Water House Coopers, and in 1998 I left the shores of Nigeria and moved back to England.

While in England I got involved with pastoral work with my church, and I got ordained a pastor in 2002 by Bishop Oyedepo.

By the grace of God I founded and pastored the first branch of Winners chapel parish in Europe, started from my living room, and grew to become a very big church in London, until I left the ministry to actually be on my own, and while I was on my own, I had more time to address things about my life, and it was during this period we received the miracle of our daughter, who came 9years after we got married (Praise the Lord).

Last year, I pulled out of pastoral work, and decided to focus according to God’s leading, into itnierant work, and also during this period I began an online outreach, which is what we now know today as SOUL TIES.


What do you do for a living?

I am an IT consultant, within the city of London, popularly known as the square mile. I write computer software for the investment banking community, and in addition to that, I am an APP developer, I have an APP on the Apple IOS store, with a 4.5/5 average rating, it’s an APP designed to calculate VAT.

What is Soul Ties?

#SoulTies covers every area that affects your soul. It covers relationships, your worship of God, addictions etc If you read the bible, you’ll find #SoulTies from Genesis to Revelations. Eve was captivated by what she saw in Genesis. Thats #SoulTies/ Jesus had harsh words for lovers of adultery in Revelations 2:23. That’s #SoulTies.

#SoulTies is not a philosophy. It’s another expression for the lust and works of the flesh in the bible that we are applying God’s Word against. I receive mails regularly from people testifying on how they were delivered from wrong relationships, how they avoided wrong relationships, how they recovered from nasty breakups, etc  It’s not a doctrine. Its something that stands in the way of the manifestation of God’s purpose for your life. Samson had #SoulTies with kinky sex and prostitutes and that stood in the way of God’s manifestation in his life. Everyone is faced with #SoulTies challenge but in different forms until their minds are renewed with God’s Word

#SoulTies affect every relationship. Good or bad. This is a Christian ministry not a secular concern or a self-help outreach. So we are guided by what the bible says even in relationships and we don’t compromise God’s Word in order to appeal to everyone. This would make us look like being very narrow to Christians who have a liberal and watered down attitude to the things of God. For that, we offer no apologies. I speak with several people across the world on the phone every week who don’t share my belief system seeking for my opinion on relationships. I tell them only what I know from the bible. Interestingly, my most ardent readers and listeners are actually some Northern Nigerian muslims and I get along very well with them on a personal basis.


How long has soul ties been in existence?

The Soul Ties Outreach has been in existence for about 10months now, it started in October of 2013, and by his grace we will be a whole year by October 2014.

What Inspired Soul Ties?

I met a friend online, Oluwamayowa, a very good friend; she is a news presenter on Channels TV, in Lagos.

We usually discussed a lot of things concerning the word, and in one sense you could call her my very first Soul Ties student, and at some point she made me realize that I ought to share my knowledge with the world, and what better way to do so in this time and age, than online, and even at that, I resisted at first, being that I am a very private person, and I didn’t know if I was ready to put myself out there, but she didn’t relent, she persuaded me for weeks, until I gave in and decided to go for it.

What really sparked it finally was a discussion I had with a gentleman, Ike Amadi (@ikeamadi), and he asked me what exactly I meant by soul ties, so I did a tweet cast session, trying to explain what soul ties met, but I quickly realized, 1 tweet cast session would really not do justice to soul ties, and so I continued with more sessions, and so far till date soul ties has rolled out about 22 tweet cast sessions, and also blog posts and audio sessions, and in all these achievements, I amazed at the growth of soul ties, we give God all the glory.


What do you aim to achieve with soul Ties?

#SoulTies is a christian outreach. We aim to build an army of young believers who are no longer tied down by the works of the flesh who would go out there in the power of the Holy Spirit and do great things with God and for God. We aim to raise an army of believers who will operate with the mind of Christ and act responsibly in all walks of life and become the conscience of the new Nigeria.


How do you cope with work, Family, and soul ties?

Over the years I have learnt to distribute my time, between caring for my family, and also reaching out to people in a selfless manner, to help people grow in the things of God, and mature in the things of God. I have learnt there is a time to work, a time to be with family, and a time to spend with people and help them.

Soul Ties has grown so much now, if a new contact reaches out to me on BBM, and I feel there is need for a conversation, at this point there is a lead time of about 48hours, which shows serious growth.

How do you cope with your readers both genuine and false?

Well, I am a Christian, led by the spirit of God, and by that spirit, I am able to discern, and I have what you call controls, as an IT persons, it is essential to have controls in every given system.

Controls in the sense, simply means even if people choose to become abusive, they will be held back by said controls, let me give an example, on the high way, there is a regulated speed limit of 70km/h, now these controls are set in place to reduce the occurrence of accidents, and in the same way I have controls on how I relate with people, I stick to my controls, my rules, so even if you are false, abusive or fraudulent, I am not really bothered because I have controls on how to operate and control such people so they don’t cause problems for me.

Do you offer private counseling, for those seeking a broader perspective on soul ties?

Yes I do, and if you need such private counseling, all you have to do is follow me on twitter, and I will follow you right back, or hook up with me on BBM, you can find my pin on the website,

Is there a website/ any form of social media presence for soul ties, where one can get more material?

I have set up a blog, where all materials relating to soul ties, have been stored, and it’s called, and from there you can link up to our facebook, youtube and soudcloud pages. Below are some other social media presence soul ties has for outreach and connection purposes….





Fan Page:

Group Page:

Blackberry Id:

BB pin: 7C5BBD57


Olusola Adio


What have been the challenges with soul ties so far?

The basic Challenge is communication, most people read excerpts in a hurry, and don’t really take their time to fully understand the message being passed across, and this is most especially noticed on twitter, that has a limit of 140 characters, so I find I actually have to break things down a lot, and I remember a particular example, where I said if you want to work with God, you need to be spiritually circumcised, and a lady turned up asking if she needed to get her self-circumcised before she could work with God, i.e. go under a knife, this got me worried, and I had to jump out to really clarify the message, and break it down.

The second challenge is that of people, who get offended by the tweet sessions, and instantly begin hurling curse words at me, but I have gotten used to such behavior, and have been able to put them under control.

Any other information you would like to share on soul ties?

An intro to #SoulTies to know what they are


A nice quote for the readers out there?

“Even when everything is burnt, to unrecoverable ashes, Jesus has a way of creating beauty out of ashes”.

Wow, after an interview like this, all i can say is that the man is an Onion, and  it leaves one in total awe of what average people are doing everyday to help those in need of help.

Thank you Mr Sola Adio for being the first personality of the week, God bless you in all your endeavors.

Well i don’t need to say more, just head on down to

Interview By Arome Ameh (The Priest)




  1. ohluwamayowa says:

    whoop whoop. Just read this. Well done my special egbon.

  2. Toyin says:

    Well done Arome. I love this new segment. Kinda reminds me of Cobham’s song, ‘Ordinary People’. I initially thought Sola Adio was a woman when I first came across his tweets for whatever reason I don’t know. All I want to say is may the Lord continue to bless and uphold your ministry Sir. Keep up the good work.

  3. Eniola Suru says:

    Thank u so much for making my Adopted Daddy d Personality of d Week,Infact He deserves to be celebrated everyday.He has impacted positively into d lives of many people both Online n Offline!He is my guardian Angel!Am so proud of u Daddy.

  4. Sola Adio says:

    Reblogged this on Breaking Soul Ties and commented:
    I got featured as “Personality of the week”. Please read and leave a comment.

  5. oluwaseun says:

    Mr Olusola Adio,The lord ur God…will take great delight in you,thanks for ligthen the burdens of others.

  6. Addeyinka.A.Addemola says:

    I realli thnk Mr shola Adio nd appreciates his gud wrks 4 God.May God strenghten him nd be wit him nd bless d wrk of his hand.I wud lyk to knw if his in London presently nd if he his I wish he come bck home so as to may come on air if probably he will feel to [radio,Tv or orderwise]to actually hear him or see him as a pson nt as a ghost[hahhahahaha]pls am sowi.Am one of his fan take it or leave it cos he do inspired me wit d WORDS nt d World.Once more thnks nd God bless u sir nd ur fmly ma shout~out to ur dearly wiffy nd ur kid[s]

  7. adeoye ayodeji says:

    All I can say is thank u 4 bin dere, thank u 4 encouraging us and helping us to find our place with God, thank u 4 always encouraging us to wait 4 our boaz, and to stand 4 God no mata hw bad d world gets.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Show me a Man who is diligent in what He does, HE won’t stand before common men. Uncle Sola keep up the good work.
    Thumbs up The Priest, as you have celebrated Uncle Sola, you too shall be celebrated in JESUS name.

  9. How I got into Sola Adio’s TL, I can’t remember. What keeps me there is unfathomable.
    Priest, keep the juice flowing.

  10. Sola Adio says:

    Thanks a lot for this. After reading a bunch of your tweets, posts and holding a few phone conversations with you, I think you are a brother I wish I had while growing up. God bless you and your family real good.

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