priest%20(0-00-00-00)So much talk about rising up, a revolution and some say outright war getting everyone all riled you, and make lots of gullible folks feel, it’s all going to be fun and games, running into the streets, throwing rocks and bottles, and chanting a liberation song, yes in a movie with a script, it would be a very glorious scene, but here is where I burst that bubble, because it’s never a glorious scene when it comes to a confrontation.

Let’s take for instance, the little street protests that have been occurring in various parts of the country, although most of them have been relatively peaceful, they have not been without their mild confrontations from law enforcement agencies ordered by “the man”, and the protesters simply embarked on a peaceful movement, chanting and simply making their demands.

Now picture this, an angry crowd, with sticks, rocks, and petrol bombs, running in the streets, chanting a bone chilling mantra, against a so called oppressor, armed with guns, bombs, well in short armed with an army, a police force, an air-force, and a naval force, I really don’t think you need a soothsayer to tell you, that scenarios like that never end well.

Oh sure, asking for a revolution or war, sounds quite easy, you have a laid down plan, it starts with getting people on the streets, making a uniform demand, for things to get better, then there is eventually a standoff, but no one ever knows who fires the first shot, and most times the instigators are never in the fore front, they always give words like we are staying back on the base so we can be strategic for an effective outcome, so when the shots are fired, and the tear gas canisters are released into the crowds, they are conveniently absent, but also available to release press statements condemning their so called oppressors of inhumane treatment, but at that point it is already too late, the death toll now steadily begins to rise.

Let’s go back in time, let’s take a moment and remember the Nigerian civil war, and don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to trivialize anything, I am only trying to make a point, some groups felt they were being marginalized, treated unjustly, and decided to walk away, there was a standoff, and an eventual war broke out, at first the ideology was shared, the people stood behind their “Moses” who had come to lead them out of an oppressive system, but gradually, the realities of war began to take its toll, the hunger and strife, the homelessness, the destitution, the less than humane circumstances, the broken homes, the widows, the orphaned children, and death, whom in all cases takes a front seat to any gun show, while children with protruding stomachs were forced to eat lizards and mothers were forced to watch their children die of hunger, while women were raped and defiled, and while men/women/children were murdered, based on ethnic sentiments, the heroic generals were hulled up in a tent, conveniently tucked away from the front,being  strategists, or so they claimed, and when the center could no longer hold, they went into exile, leaving those they claimed to love and were fighting for, to face the bitter realities of what they had been dragged into, and this has always been the course of war histories, an ideologist rises up to a presumed oppressor, and drags hapless citizens into the mix, who bears the brunt of the casualties, and almost all the time, the ideologist exiles himself, and claims to continue the struggle, while he is safely tucked away in some foreign country, claiming asylum.

Now let’s go down memory lane one more time, and this time it will be quite brief, the devastations of war can never be totally described, unless you are made to see it for yourself, but I assure you, it’s never a site to behold, if you really want to see the after effects of war, look over there, yes just by oji river, and take a good look at the war veterans, whom after 40 odd years, are still feeling the effects of war, to some it might mean nothing, but to most it means a whole lot.

I won’t bore you with my ramblings, but I will tell you one thing, war has never solved anything, it only brings more problems, and more scars, I know the feeling of anger and frustration is rife, but we must consider the after effects, Rwanda still tries to heal years after, imagine having a public holiday just to mourn the victims of a genocide, and what started that war, a particular group claimed to have been poorly treated and proceeded on mass ethnic cleansing, we all know how it ended, our brothers in parts of the Arab world, started a revolution, it was welcomed, it had the appearances of a solution, but years later, they are seemingly back to where they started.

Those clamoring for a revolution, will never lead you like a gallant knight or general, they will only instigate and withdraw to their strategy rooms, they will flee at the very signs of a breakdown, and leave us to lick our wounds and bury our dead.

Go ahead, ask around, ask those who were old enough during the Nigerian civil war, raise a battle cry around them, and see how they stare at you with fear and pity in their eyes, go ahead and ask those who have been in the center of ethnic and religious clashes, tell them you want to fight, and watch then silently walk away from you, the bottom line is this, you only clamor for war, if you have never witnessed it firsthand.

Now, before I leave you, I just want to say a little something to those who keep throwing this sentence “let the nation split up” around, my question is this, do you really know what it takes for a nation to split up? What part of this nation of ours can beat its chest and say, this is what I have, and I can comfortably generate income from this, including the Niger delta, they are the oil providers, and yet, well let’s just say, over there, you can’t spot the difference between blood and crude oil, because both have been spilled so much.

Let’s go ahead and ask the soviet union, how the split up is working for them, or hey I know, let’s ask Yugoslavia, oh that’s right, there is no Yugoslavia, because they split up based on ethnic differences, and we don’t get to hear much about them anymore, or why don’t we send an email to the Sudanese people, let’s ask them how the split up is working for them.

I don’t want any wars, neither do I want this nation to split up, because both options will cause more harm than good, so before you get swept in the euphoria of revolution, do a little research into history, and educate yourself.

Oh, and one last thing, “beware the Greeks, when the bring gifts”.

 Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest)


20140508-094414We are all aware of the situations plaguing this nation, and one of such getting direct and immediate attention is that of the terrorist group known as Boko Haram, yes they have unleashed so much terror in our hearts, and it has gotten to the point where we can no longer sit, and say “God will do it”.

They have killed innocent men, women and children, and have done so without any repercussions what so ever, and with that they took their malicious practices one step further, by kidnapping a group of young girls, from an educational institution, late at night, if you say cowards, then yes I will agree with you, and that was what it seems finally broke the proverbial camel’s back. It has caused so much outrage, and so much disgust, that almost everyone around the globe, has joined the #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS train, am pretty sure you are wondering why I say almost everyone, well I’ll tell you, because that’s the main reason why I am writing this.

We heard of the kidnap, long before now, and silently we hoped by some cosmic intervention, we would hear the girls had been found, and for a fleeting moment, we received word that the girls had been rescued by our knights in shiny armor, but that would prove later to be a false piece of information, and this got everyone talking, and the simple question that raged in our minds was, WHY WOULD THEY CHOOSE TO LIE ABOUT SUCH A THING?

We were expected to swallow this lie, and move on, and with time, forget about who was kidnapped, when and where, but alas, the questions refused to go calmly into the night, and suddenly there were more questions, and attention shifted to CHIBOK, BORNO state, the scene of that heinous crime, where more questions were asked, with very little answers, shrouded with a lot of secrecy , we read and watched as different parties played the blame game, but little did they know that this time, the questions would soon turn to demands.

The birth of the hashtag #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS was born, and it quickly gained global recognition, and so did the various questions on the sincerity of the whole kidnap saga, it is worthy to note at this point, that opinions are the sole property and prerogative of the holder, but it becomes difficult to grasp the various sorts of ideologies different people are walking around it, don’t worry I will attempt to expatiate.

A group of girls were kidnapped, and the news broke, we were all appalled at first, then there was fear, then we waited for a reaction from the helm, but to our surprise, the reaction was obviously coming either from china or Australia, because it was taking forever, and soon our fear turned to anger, and anger birthed demands, and during that period, we woke up to the sounds of bombs, killing more innocent citizens, and this was the last straw, it became clear at that point that it would no longer be business as usual, suddenly without being told in a village meeting, we all realized it was our right to demand for protection, for freedom, enough was enough, but while I wanted to believe that we all stood with one voice, the reality was quite clear, that we did not.

When the girls were kidnapped, lots of people demanded answers from the school authorities, at least to know whom we were demanding their release, this was to prove abortive, because a pictorial confirmation of the kidnapped girls was not forth coming, and this began raising doubts and suspicions as to the viability of the claims that the girls were actually kidnapped, but then, we were made privy to a list of the kidnapped girls, and for a moment, we all were beginning to wrap our minds around the fact that this could actually be true, but as usual it only lasted for a moment, and the “Oliver Twist” card was placed on the table, we wanted more, and again the questions began to fly around, “who are the parents of these girls”, the demand to see the parents of these girls, alongside pictures of the missing girls was gathering momentum, and while these questions were being asked, others who were certain these girls were missing, took to the streets, with placards, and chatting the already popular slogan BRING BACK OUR GIRLS, by this time it had already gone global, but even with that, the questions of doubt were still being raised.

It is worthy to note that, before the arrival of the international press, there had been no prior interviews conducted with the parents of the missing girls, but when they arrived, they headed straight for CHIBOK and sought out those parents who were willing to come forward, at this point one would think that, here was enough evidence to put Thomas at ease, but alas, it was not, more questions came up, why are their faces being hidden, it is staged, but those asking the questions simply forgot that these parents were still in CHIBOK, the very place where the group had taken these girls from, those asking the questions failed to realize that the lives of these parents, and that of their loved ones were still at stake.

The questions raged on, and the protests continued, the international community by this time was fully involved, now I won’t bore you with details on that.

The part that baffles me the most is, when you ask certain questions, think, and consider all the factors, before asking, is it fair to assume the whole world would be in on this elaborate hoax, and to what end?

Two videos were released within days of themselves, the first claiming responsibility for the kidnap, and after the first was released, we demanded to see the girls as evidence of the kidnap, and surely enough, another video was released, showing the girls gathered in a group, once again one would safely assume that finally, everything was now out in the open, but alas, again Thomas decided to question the integrity of the video.

I have seen lots of comments on Facebook and on twitter, and some were even bold enough to say, the video showing the girls was a staged fiasco, something created to undermine the Govt of the day, some say the girls were looking to fresh to be kidnapped, and others say it’s a video carved from and Islamic school, and I ask this question again, why would the whole world connive just to undermine one Govt?

It leads me to wonder, after the bomb blasts in Abuja, why were these same questions not asked? Why didn’t Thomas claim that some popular movie directors were invited to stage those blasts, and all the corpses we saw littered everywhere were just props, and the blood and shattered glass was the hand work of highly talented makeup artists, and special effects geniuses.

Why is the kidnap of over 200 girls, a cause for doubt?

I wonder, how some sit in the comfort of wherever it is they are, and claim the kidnap is a big lie, when lives are involved, if the kidnap is a big lie, then you can also go a step further and claim, all those that have been killed in the various attacks over the past years, have all been a lie, and their deaths were staged.

It’s a sad day to realize that we have lost our sense of humanity, simply because Thomas is struggling day and night to be the one to say “I told you so”, but this time, Jesus won’t be around to offer you his hands so you can put your fingers through it and believe.

If you cannot allow yourself, the heart to watch the video, and look into the eyes of that scared girl, as she struggled with her courage to stand there and speak, then I fear hope is gradually being lost, but the hope is still alive, because Thomas is just one out of the twelve, and the eleven left constitute the other Nigerians, who give their time, and the rest of the world who have given their voices in one way or the other, to make a demand to BRING BACK OUR GIRLS.

In closing, whatever your beliefs might be, I say this, out there somewhere, there are a frightened group of girls, without a voice, who need us now more than ever, we should all endeavor to drop the tribal, religious and political sentiments, and demand that they be rescued, and this menace be clipped and disposed of once and for all.

Written By- Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Boko Haram,claims responsibility for kidnapped girls, threatens ‘to sell’ abducted schoolgirls


Armed group claims responsibility for kidnapping 276
girls in Nigeria and threatens to “sell them in the
marketplace “.
The Nigerian armed group Boko Haram has claimed
responsibility for the abduction of 276 schoolgirls
during a raid in the village of Chibok in northeast
Nigeria last month , the AFP news agency reported ,
citing a video it had obtained.
” I abducted your girls, ” the group’s leader Abubakar
Shekau said on Monday in the 57 -minute video
obtained by the agency , referring to the hundreds of
students kidnapped from their school in Chibok ,
Borno state , on April 14.
” By Allah , I will sell them in the marketplace, ” he
said in the video that starts with fighters lofting
automatic rifles and shooting in the air as they chant
” Allahu akbar!” or “God is great “.
Boko Haram allegedly stormed the all-girl secondary
school , then packed the teenagers, who had been
taking exams, onto trucks and disappeared into a
remote area along the border with Cameroon .
Boko Haram , now seen as the main security threat to
Africa’s leading energy producer, is growing bolder
and extending its reach.
The apparent lack of capability of the military to
prevent the Chibok attack or rescue the abducted
girls after three weeks has triggered anger
and protests in the northeast and in the capital

Source- http://www.aljazeera.com

See excerpts from Boko Haram Video HERE

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First Lady Patience Jonathan has asked all Nigerian
women to stop protesting over the abduction of over
200 schoolgirls of Borno State.
She spoke at the Presidential Villa in Abuja during
another meeting she convened over the issue.
Present at the meeting were wives of the governors
of Nasarawa, Zamfara, Kaduna, Katsina, Kogi,
Gombe, Benue, Abia and Akwa Ibom States.
Others were the Borno State Commissioner of
Police, Commissioner for Women Affairs, the
principal of Chibok Government Secondary School,
the chairman of Chibok Local Government Area, the
divisional police officer in the area and the troops
on duty when the girls were abducted.
Mrs Jonathan, who had summoned some officials
and individuals from Borno State for questioning
over the circumstances that led to the girls’
abduction, yesterday expressed her frustration over
the absence of the wife of Borno State governor,
Hajiya Nana Kashim Shettima,
at the meeting.
Mrs Jonathan said since women of Borno State
were not willing to cooperate with her on the issue,
all Nigerian women should stop protesting, saying
should anything happen to them during protests,
they should blame themselves.
She flayed Shettima’s wife for allegedly being
unconcerned over the girls’ abduction.
Mrs Jonathan suddenly burst into tears, saying
repeatedly “God is watching o”.
She however said she could no longer weep more
than the bereaved, saying that Shettima’s wife
should be the more concerned.
“Before all these killings, I called and told the first
lady of Borno State to let us come together. She
answered me yes, but when the kidnap happened, I
called her, she did not answer me. I invited her, she
did not turn up even up till today. No woman will fold
her arms when her house is on fire. Today my
house is on fire.
“Before last Friday, I called her and she promised to
attend the Friday’s meeting here. Bit to our greatest
surprise, she sent her commissioner for women
affairs. Also today, she sent her commissioner for
women affairs. She is the mother of Borno State.
She is the first mother of these missing girls. I am
their grandmother. She is not coming out. All
Nigerian women are calling her. If she is not
concerned and she says she doesn’t want her
people to be safe, then it is left to her. If you tell us
you are not crying, why should I cry more than the
bereaved. If I cry more than the bereaved, the
world would ask me a question.
“If after today, Borno women say we should not
help them, then Nigerian women, don’t demonstrate
again. If you demonstrate and police do you
anything, you are on your won. Borno women are
playing game. Nigerian women should not go out for
demonstration. Don’t use school children for
demonstration again. Borno women are not ready
for cooperation”, she said.
Mrs Jonathan, who insisted that the whereabouts of
the abducted girls must be known, said she cried
yesterday during church service over the spate of
killings in the country.
Challenging all those at the meeting to tell the truth
about the girls’ abduction, she said Nigerian women
should not join men in the killings.
“People are dying. How can you play politics when
you see your fellow human beings dying. Nigerian
women, I beg you to support me. Why we will join
our husbands to kill others. We want the killings to
stop. If we don’t get to know the whereabouts of
our daughters, the next thing is they (Boko Haram)
will get to us. I am not accusing anybody. My own
is let us stop killings and kidnapping. Let us say a
stop to these.
“We don’t know what might happen. We don’t wear
bullet-proofs. I am not exempting my self or my
husband. If I am found guilty, let me go instead of
blood to flow. If our constitution is the problem, let
them amend it. Today’s meeting will not end
because the abducted children are still not out. If
you say I should go and sleep, I would go and
sleep. But if you say we should move forward to
see the end of this, we would go forward”, she said.

Source- http://www.dailytrust.info

Also view video of first lady breaking down during stakeholders meeting on the kidnapped girls HERE

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CHRISTIAN Association of Nigeria, CAN,
Sunday, released the names of the abducted female
students in Chibok by the Book Haram Sect.

The National Christian Body, consequently,
demanded N50m as damages as well as overseas
scholarship, for each girl from the federal
A Statement signed by the President/Founder of Old
Time Revival Hour, Kaduna & immediate-past
chairman of Northern States Christian and Elders
Forum (NOCSEF), an affiliate of CAN, Evangelist
Matthew Owojaiye gave reason for the attack on
Chibok girls’ high school.
“Chibok Local Government is 90% Christians.
Majority of the girls abducted are Christian! Why did
Boko Haram visit Chibok Local Government? Why
didn’t they visit so many other Local Government
Girls Secondary Schools in Borno State?”
While demanding for those girls in Senior
Secondary School, SSS, one and two to be
transfered to schools of their choice, CAN called on
faithful across the country to pray for their release.
Owojaiye said for “Daughters of Zion taken captive,
to be treated as slaves and sold into marriage to
unclean people. Abomination has been committed.
“​Raise lamentation to High Heavens. What a shame
on the Church of the Living God.
“The Church in Nigeria is hereby called to A
Lamentation Prayer.
“Every Christian home must raise a lamentation to
heaven daily. Let God arise and defend his Name,
Honour and Majesty.
“Let a 15 minutes cry to heaven be done in every
Church every time they gather. Oh God, Rend the
Heavens and come down!
Why should the people say where is our God?
“The Military may not be able to solve the problem
but prayer will. Ordinary Military force may not get
them out! Intensive Agonizing Prayer will.”
CAN added that there should be a concrete plan by
the federal government after the recovery of the
abducted girls.
“We make the following demands of the Federal
Government whose duty it was to protect the
innocent girls.
“First, a N50million damage as trauma
compensation to each girl.
“Second, a preparation to take each girl to an
overseas University on Government scholarship by
September 2014. Preparation for that must start
Vanguard has not been able to verify the
authenticity of the list.
The names as released by CAN.
Here are the names of our daughters.
These are the Christian Girls:
1 Deborah Abge Chrstian
2. Awa Abge ”
3. Hauwa Yirma ”
4. Asabe Manu ”
5. Mwa Malam pogu ”
6. Patiant Dzakwa ”
7. Saraya Mal. Stover ”
8. Mary Dauda ”
9. Gloria Mainta ”
10.Hanatu Ishaku ”
11. Gloria Dama ”
12. Tabitha Pogu ”
13. Maifa Dama ”
14. Ruth kollo ”
15. Esther Usman ”
16 Awa James
17 Anthonia Yahonna
18 Kume Mutah
19 Aisha Ezekial ”
20 Nguba Buba ”
21 Kwanta Simon.
22 Kummai Aboku.
23 Esther Markus
24 Hana Stephen.
25. Rifkatu Amos
26 Rebecca Mallum
27.Blessing Abana.
28. Ladi Wadai
29. Tabitha Hyelampa.
30 Ruth Ngladar .
31 Safiya Abdu .
32 Na’omi Yahonna.
33 Solomi Titus .
34Rhoda John
35 Rebecca Kabu
36. Christy Yahi.
37. Rebecca Luka.
38. Laraba John
39 Saratu Markus.
40. Mary Usman.
41 Debora Yahonna.
42.Naomi Zakaria
43 Hanatu Musa
44. Hauwa Tella
45.Juliana Yakubu.
46. Suzana Yakubu
47.Saraya Paul.
48. Jummai Paul
49. Mary Sule
50. Jummai John.
51.Yanke Shittima.
52. Muli Waligam .
53. Fatima Tabji.
54. Eli Joseph.
55.Saratu Emmanuel.
56. Deborah Peter.
57.Rahila Bitrus.
58. Luggwa Sanda.
59. Kauna Lalai.
60. Lydia Emmar.
61.Laraba Maman.
62.Hauwa Isuwa.
63. Confort Habila.
64. Hauwa Abdu.
65. Hauwa Balti.
66.Yana Joshua.
67.Laraba Paul.
68.Saraya Amos.
69. Glory Yaga.
70. Na’omi Bitrus.
71. Godiya Bitrus.
72. Awa Bitrus.
73. Na’omi Luka.
74. Maryamu Lawan.
75. Tabitha Silas.
76. Mary Yahona.
77. Ladi Joel.
78. Rejoice Sanki.
79. Luggwa Samuel.
80.Comfort Amos.
81. Saraya Samuel.
82. Sicker Abdul.
83.Talata Daniel.
84. Rejoice Musa.
85Deborah Abari.
86. Salomi Pogu.
87.Mary Amor.
88. Ruth Joshua.
89Esther John.
90. Esther Ayuba.
91. Maryamu Yakubu.
91. Zara Ishaku.
93. Maryamu Wavi
94. Lydia Habila.
95. Laraba Yahonna.
96. Na’omi Bitrus.
97.Rahila Yahanna.
98. Ruth Lawan.
99. Ladi Paul.
100 Mary Paul.
101. Esther Joshua.
102. Helen Musa.
103. Margret Watsai.
104. Deborah Jafaru.
105. Filo Dauda.
106. Febi Haruna.
107.Ruth Ishaku.
108.Racheal Nkeki.
109. Rifkatu Soloman.
110.Mairama yahaya.
111.Saratu Dauda.
112.Jinkai Yama.
113.Margret Shettima.
114.Yana yidau.
115. Grace Paul.
116. Amina Ali.
117. Palmata Musa
118. Awagana Musa
119. Pindar Nuhu
120.Yana Pogu.
121. Saraya Musa
122. Hauwa Joseph.
123. Hauwa kwakwi.
125. Hauwa Musa.
126. Maryamu Musa.
127. Maimuna Usman.
128. Rebeca Joseph.
129.Liyatu Habitu.
130. Rifkatu Yakubu.
131. Naomi Philimon.
132.Deborah Abbas.
133. Ladi Ibrahim.
134. Asabe Ali
135. Maryamu Bulama.
136.Ruth Amos.
137.Mary Ali
138. Abigail Bukar
139 Deborah Amos
140. Saraya Yanga
141. Kauna Luka
142. Christiana Bitrus
143.Yana Bukar
144. Hauwa peter
145.Hadiza Yakubu.
146.Lydia Simon
147. Ruth Bitrus .
148.Mary Yakubu
149.Lugwa Mutah.
150 Muwa Daniel.
151 Hanatu Nuhu
152. Monica Enoch.
153. Margret Yama.
154.Docas yakubu.
155. Rhoda peter
156. Rifkatu Galang
157. Saratu Ayuba.
158. Naomi Adamu.
159. Hauwa Ishaya
160. Rahap Ibrahim
162. Deborah Soloman.
163Hauwa Mutah
164. Hauwa Takai.
165. Serah Samuel.
Below are the Muslim Girls.
166. Aishatu Musa.
167. Aishatu Grema.
168. Hauwa Nkeki
169. Hamsatu Abubakar
170.Mairama Abubakar.
171 Hauwa Wule
172. Ihyi Abdu
173. Hasana Adamu.
174. Rakiya Kwamtah
175 Halima Gamba.
176. Aisha Lawan .
177. Kabu Malla
178. Yayi Abana.
179. Falta Lawan.
180. Kwadugu Manu.

Source- http://www.vanguardngr.com

Foot Note by Arome Ameh (The Priest) Now reading this makes me wonder, is the school aware of this list?

Who authorized this affiliate organization release this list?

How did they come about this list?

And why was this list categorized by religion?

234 girls were reported missing, how come we have 180 names?

Why wasn’t the leadership of CAN itself mentioned in this communiqué?

These questions are very important questions that need answers.

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