Dear Me……..


Dear Me,
How are you this fine day?
I hope all is well with you and yours? I am sorry I haven’t kept in touch with you for a while, been too busy enjoying a certain false sense of security and purpose, but last night it all became clear, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I have been sad ever since, so I decided to write you this letter.

I realized how selfish I have become over time, how I claim to be worried about everything going around me, how I always seem to want to contribute to all issues I can lay my hands on, trying to pass myself off as a hero among men, when in reality, there was a more deep seeded and a more sinister reason.

I realized that on more that numerous occasions, I cry blue murder against the govt and custodians of our so called democracy, on their inconsistencies, while the truth if the matter is I look into the mirror and realize I am becoming just like those I claim to loath and despise.

When I tweet, deep quotes, and try to express my obvious anger and distaste for the goings on in the polity, do I do this because I am genuinely pained, or do I do it for just the likes and retweets? Well I guess on some level part of me is very upset, but it is quickly over shadowed by that part of me that is constantly checking my mentions, to see how many re-tweets I have been able to gather, and how many followers said tweet has been able to round up, then secretly smile and my seemingly growing popularity.

I seem to have become an acclaimed scholar, with a wide scope on knowledge on every issue, so without hesitation or a second thought, I am quick to pen down my thoughts and views, no matter how biased and shallow they appear to be, and while on the surface it appears I am pushing for change, I quietly go through my site stats and smile at growing number of views, comments and pats on the back.

This realize has led me to understand how deep my selfishness has gone, forgetting why I decided to voice my pleasure in the first place.

I decided to write you this letter so I could ask some questions and maybe find more clarity.

When I tweet, why do I tweet, and for whose benefit?

When I update my status of facebook and bbm, for whose benefit?

When I write, why do I write, for whose benefit do I write?

Proposed rallies and walks, do I attend for the purpose of change, or just an opportunity for selfies and self gratification.

These are questions I hope to get answers to eventually.

And just like in George Orwell’s animal farm, the pigs who claimed to be fighting for reforms against their so called oppressors, now suddenly sleep in beds, wear clothes and shoes, and have assumed the very nature and appearance of those, they claimed to loathe.

I could go on, but I will stop here, read this letter with an open mind, if it hurts you in anyway, trust me, it was not my intention.

Yours sincerely

Posted by Arome Ameh (The Priest) From WordPress for Android


3 thoughts on “Dear Me……..

  1. soladoye osikoya says:

    Never liked being popular anyway. Always like staying out of lime light. Though I know many want more followers, its never bothered me how many I get or if some don’t follow back.

  2. Prince Shikanda. says:

    WORD!!! I like this piece

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