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The appeal below was recently brought to my attention, and i couldn’t help but assist in posting this, in many occasions we find our selves in situation we have been unable to explain, and this is one of those moments, Mobolaji Adeyemi is not the worst man on earth, but he has been dealt a serious blow in form of a rare type of cancer, which has already claimed his upper jaw, now i quite understand your skepticism as you read this, but at the end of this appeal you will find various contact information for verification purposes, please read to the end.

 Thank You.     



It is with great expectation that I make this passionate appeal to you for financial support towards footing the medical bills for ‘Bolaji Adeyemi’ – my husband, who recently underwent surgery for adenocarcinoma, a rare form of cancer that led to the dissection of his neck and removal of his upper jaw. The operation was conducted in early May 2013 at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Lagos, Nigeria. Since then, he has not been able to feed well or talk properly. Apart from causing extreme discomfort, this has placed significant constraint on his ability to fulfil his roles in various capacities.

Bolaji, Before the surgery

Bolaji, Before the surgery

Bolaji After The surgery

Bolaji After The surgery

Mobolaji Adeyemi is 35 years old and finished from University of Ibadan , Nigeria in 2005,as a crop protection and environmental Biology  graduate.He oversees a growing church founded by him and works as an educational consultant .He has a strong passion for youth and national development . Since the ailment began, we have spent over ten thousand dollars (over 1.6 million naira) on various lab tests, surgery, transportation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other expenses.

During the surgery

During the surgery

The bulk of this was donated by friends, family and well wishers. Now, we need another twenty-five thousand dollars (25,000 USD) to take him through reconstruction surgery so that he can regain the use of his mouth and resume his normal life as a responsible citizen. This is why we crave your assistance, as we have not been able to raise the needed funds for the operation which was earlier scheduled to take place within the third and fourth weeks of November 2013 at Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad, India.

Painfully, the surgery has been delayed until now due to insufficient funds. Meanwhile, we have incurred other expenses in maintaining his health and taking him through some other medical processes to boost his immunity and restore certain cells that were affected by the therapies.We are counting on your kindness to meet this financial requirement which covers consultancy fees and anaesthesia, surgical fees by the chief consultant and two assisting surgeons, post operation care/treatment, various laboratory tests as well as therapy after operation. It also includes cost of obtaining visa, feeding and moderate accommodation covering three good months. It will be a great relief to us if you would graciously help us to offset these bills to whatever degree.  

Please Find Below Scanned Copies Of Some Of Mobolaji Adeyemi’s Medical Documents

bolaji medics


scan0006-231x300You can also visit for more information.

Please send your donations to the accounts provided below: 

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)Account name: Adeyemi Mobolaji Adam

Current Account number: 0139375111

Dollar Account number: 0139375582

Swift Code: GTBINGLABranch Sort Code: 058152489 

We would gladly provide more information as you may require. We pray that the good Lord will perfect all that concerns you and use you to provide succour for us at this crucial time. Thanks in anticipation of your swift response and generous contribution.  

Yours faithfully, 

Titilayomi Adeyemi (Mrs) 0805-731-0451


You can also follow Mrs Titilayo Adeyemi on Twitter- @ADAMADEY

Kindly Ensure you call the above listed numbers for further clarification and to clear any doubts. Thank you.                                    


Story also published by The Nation Newspaper HERE



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