I was always one of those who blamed women for remaining in abusive homes, I would scoff when I heard such stories and my response was always the same, “the woman is not serious, did they tie her hands there, if it was me, I will fight back, and make my husband know he can’t bully me”, yes, those  were always my words, because,  you see in my mind, I could not come to terms with the fact that any woman would allow herself become a punching bag, for what? Continue Reading


17 thoughts on “INSIDIOUS?

  1. Survivor17 says:

    Nice story. Until the shoe is on one’s foot…………….

  2. olutayo bisoye says:

    This short sensitive write up happens for real.
    I have a friend whose fiancee strips her and beats her black and blue and she lies to us all d time she was attacked by robbers! I smile and pity her children and not her, Why? Cos shes a fool in love. If her man never beat her while dating it wld have being a diff ball game, the guy abuses her, beats her then apologises with expensive gifts and beats her again. She claims its d devil and hopes dat he wld stop very soon if she prays harder. They are getting married pretty soon and we are all supposed dance and dine on that day. I know the abuse would continue and its either her marriage wld fail or death creeps in. Women who find themselves in situations like this should not hesitate to go for counselling and walk out of the marriage If her partner refuses to change. I hope ladies out there learn from this.

  3. yemi says:

    nice one Priest

  4. dazeetah says:

    Well done Priest. Really good one. We never really understand till it happens to us.

  5. Isaacola AA says:

    Ummmm, we are better in giving advice that has no human face value. Good one boss, I was thinking where it will end only to discover it ws a dream

  6. Wonderful piece. Kept me glued to the edge of my seat!! I love the story. The dream had her beaten, not the man. That’s my perception of the story. I love it!!!

  7. praise fowowe says:

    hmmmm loads of suspense in this but men no man has a right to lay a hand on a woman

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