Immigration Job Stampede (IJS) My Unbiased Opinion

1920487_10152663279418056_232369477_nI feel deep sorrow for the deceased from the Nigeria immigration job “selection ” stampede.
However my overall view about this tragedy is different, and might be unpopular among many.

But it’s still my view.

Who stampeded who?
Was it the immigration service or was it the candidates themselves?

Why did each and everyone of these candidates agree to pay N1000 to attend a job interview?
Didn’t they see the oddity in this?
God gave us a cautious mind to guide us in deciding over the schemes of usurpers.
I believe he did. And I believe we should apply this cautious mind when committing to the propositions of others.

I have sat back and watched Nigerians push and shove ;
At the bank, at the airport, the bus stop and even at church.
I have seen the pregnant, blind and elderly elbowed aside by stronger bodies while attempting to jump on a bus.

We all want to get ahead by competition. So Nigerians apply Desperation… Deadly Desperation in many cases.

It is this state of mind that led to the deaths at IJS (Immigration job stampede).

It’s one thing to look for a job.
Yet it is another thing, entirely, to live.
Many unemployed people here have paused their lives in search of a job. Only to get the job and become frustrated shortly after.

That’s why when many of them do get hired they work with ecstatic servitude for a while and then start to complain about how stressful the job is. And how after, 2 months, they need to “upgrade “.

What we as a work force need is an upgrade of self.
An upgrade in mind and in man power.
In mind – to believe in a personal destiny that is positive,productive and prosperous. Despite the quality of our government or the flavor of our economy. This mind eliminates fear and Desperation.

In man power – to embark on the most radical and transformative, relevant skill acquisition drive and work performance output imaginable. To deliver with creativity,innovation and excellence. And when you fail or falter, to quickly learn, improve and fire on. Till you become a world level performer in your field.

Our youth need not be beggars for the job market leftovers and scraps. For they can,follow their individual passions and dreams to create a whole kingdom of enterprise… in which they will be kings.

This is my view.

Zakari Atta


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