Ejigbo Women Assault: 1 Victim Confirmed Dead

It has now been confirmed that one of the ladies
who was brutally tortured by some men in Ejigbo
Lagos in 2013 has died.
The woman who was identified as Julie was said to
have been brought from her home town in Topa,
Badagry to work as a canteen attendant.
It was also gathered that three women were
tortured and not two as seen in the videos. The
third woman is the mother of the two ladies shown
in the video.
Recounting her ordeal, Mrs Ajoke Agomah said that
she was also stripped, tortured and blended pepper
poured into her private part.
Confirming the death of daughter, Mr Filma Agomah
said Julie died in Badagry while his wife and the
other 12-year-old daughter have relocated to Ilorin,
the Kwara State capital.
He added that his wife and daughters were tortured
by members of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC,
who later sacked him from his apartment.

Source- Channels News

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