What Lies Beneath


My name is Chizoba, a light skinned,well cultured, well educated and
gorgeous lady in my early 30’s.
Please listen to me as I tell my story.

Zizi as I was fondly called by family and close friends
was a happy-go-lucky girl with a good sense of style,
would party hard with friends and study hard for classes,
tests and all. truly very smart street-sharp but unknown to 
 my friends except Bianca, I was still a virgin.

It was a sunny afternoon, sometime in 2004, I was running
late for a lecture so I picked up my pen and notepad, ran off,
got a bike, and we were there in less than 10mins, I got
off the bike, checked for my money and found none. Too 
embarrassed for words but I had to do something fast before
the bike rider would. Tried to plead before a guy stepped in and
saved me from what would have been an unpleasant scene.

The guy- a very talland handsome guy- everything any
woman could ask for and more- physically. His voice was deep and soothing.

There I was still perplexed at my carelessness and
in search of words to express my appreciation, when Dozie
said ‘hello’, at that point, all I could do was smile sheepishly.
He smiled back at me, revealing the best set of dentition i had
seen. I thanked him and we exchanged numbers.

Dozie and I became good friends.

Days ran 
into weeks, and weeks into months, and we began dating.
He was temperamental and extremely possessive, but losing
my virginity to him wasn’t so difficult because for once, I was 
in love and mistook his possessiveness for love- he had hit me 
few times and raised his voice at me several other times, and somehow he convinced me it was always my fault.

My friends did not know about this. He would buy me gifts to make  
up. They liked him so much and thought he was perfect for me.

In 2005, Dozie and i graduated; he, an engineer and I, a banker.
Some months later we went for youth service, call it destiny or human intervention, or simply (I don’t know what 
he did) but we got posted to the same state. We still had fights 
from time to time but remained together. Both families knew 
about the relationship. His mum left when he was only 3, so he
grew up with his dad. My family liked him- my mum called him   
‘Zizi’s hubby’ and my dad and only brother (Ikenna) thought he 
was upwardly mobile. Luckily, he got a well paying job 3 months 
after youth service and we got married 8 months later. Bianca was
my maid of honour.

We lived in Lekki, and lacked nothing- he gave everything I needed, so I became nonchalant 
about getting a job besides, my husband asked me not to work until I  
was done having kids. Our marriage was somewhat ‘smooth’. Bianca 
always lamented about being an ‘unmarried’ banker and she never 
failed to remind me how blessed I was to be married. Things went on 
well until I got pregnant in 2008. Dozie started keeping late nights and 
came up with flimsy excuses for his actions. 

It was a warm Saturday,I had 
just finished with the chores and  was in the kitchen preparing Dozie’s 
favourite for lunch (poundo and nsala soup) while he was watching 
a movie. His phone rang by 1pm, just then, he came to the kitchen
to say he had to go somewhere briefly. I was very upset but kept my 
cool. He went upstairs, dressed up and drove off before I knew it.

The time was 9pm and my husband wasn’t back, so I decided to lock
up, go upstairs and quickly take a shower before he returned. I was 
done by 9.20pm but he wasn’t back yet. I mistakenly left my phone in 
the sitting room downstairs and had fallen asleep waiting for him in 
the room. I woke up by 1am and went downstairs. He was back home
drunk, but couldn’t get in because I locked up.

Apparently, he had been there for a while and because my phone was 
downstairs, I didn’t hear it ring, so he was furious. When I got the door, I  got the most painful slaps I had received all my life, he punched me, 
pulled me by my hair and dragged me upstairs screaming, ‘why did you
keep me out that long’? ‘what if I was been followed by armed robbers’? 
still pulling me. I was crying and begging him but he didn’t let me go, then 
some minutes later he suddenly left me and dropped on the bed like a log 
of wood, was quiet for a while, and began to snore some mins later. 

I was in so much pains, felt blood dripping down my legs… so I managed  
to drag myself downstairs to call Bianca. She was there by 3.am and took 
me to the hospital…         

By Priye Lawson

(Concluding Part Coming Up)

Posted by Arome Ameh (The Priest) From WordPress for Android


One thought on “What Lies Beneath

  1. Isaacola AA says:

    This is pathetic, what lies in some exterior is hotter than hell and dirtier than…..

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