For The Wrong Reasons-An Ominous Escape


Blessing thought it was time to get married, not for the usual reasons people decide to get married though, her home was a war zone.

There was hardly a moment’s peace. Her father was always beating and shouting at her mother, he refused to sponsor any of her siblings through school and any other interest of theirs. He really didn’t care if anything happened to them.

The boys, angry at their father, had moved out to go fend for themselves. Blessing saw herself through school with help from her mother. And since she was a graduate with no job forthcoming, marriage appeared to be the only solution.
She didn’t lack suitors, they were everywhere around her. She finally agreed to marry Francis, the trader who was noticeably less educated than her,but what he lacked in book smarts, he more than made up for it with his natural instincts for making money,and at that time, had a growing business. At last, she was out of the war zone and had found someone to cater for her needs, or so she thought.

Francis refused to let her work and insisted she helped out at his shops. She was wife at home, sales girl at the shop. She started seeing signs of her father in him. He spoke to her rudely in front of people, visitors and customers. He insulted her at the slightest provocation.

And then the beatings started. He handled every income from the shop and she had to beg for every little thing she needed.

After her first pregnancy, her mum came to see her and the child (omugwo), and after staying some days, warned the daughter to leave. It would be easier to survive with just one child. Blessing refused.

You see, Francis was the kind of man who believed women shouldn’t have a say anywhere, they should be wives and do as their husband says. He never took corrections especially if they came from his educated wife. He was a shrewd business man and miserly too. Giving out crumbs whenever he deemed fit, and beatings when he was provoked or countered.

Blessing stayed, and after five kids, realized it wasn’t getting any better. Her husband was a wealthy man but she and her kids were always lacking one thing or the other. She fought for a business of hers and with the help of some relatives, Francis agreed. But with the condition that she pays half of everything he pays; school fees, rent and dues. She agreed.

Gradually, Francis stopped doing his part in the house,he complained about everything he was asked to do.

Blessing was catering for almost everything. And she started spending more than she made. The business began to suffer.
Blessing’s marital home, is now an exact replica of what she ran away from and she gets her only happiness from her kids. But her spirit is crushed.

Francis had succeeded in making her question her capabilities and what she is able to achieve. She is afraid to take risks and step out and change her conditions. She worries about meeting her children’s needs since her husband threatens to stop doing his part every time he is talked to. Most of all, she is afraid to live.

Written By – Ifejilimalu Adaeze Zita

Posted by Arome Ameh (The Priest) From WordPress for Android


4 thoughts on “For The Wrong Reasons-An Ominous Escape

  1. Dozzy says:

    A touching story. Well done.
    I would also have loved the writer to proffer some kind of advice to young ladies who are facing this situation or have the tendency to face it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    just wish blessing knows…nt nly knowing, bt also dt she cn do wateva she wnts by actn towards it as well.

  3. Is this fiction or a real-life story?

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