The Mirror Effect


It all began a little over two decades ago, when Thomas married Beatrice,everything was going on well with the family. Thomas was then the epitome of civility and gentility while the going was good. A banker extraordinaire.

Thomas, refused the wife to work because he believed his salary was more than enough to cater for all their needs and even had extra to spare and help others.

He was a heavy risk taker who invested the money(s) in his care in high risk ventures with corresponding high returns. He was the toast of his managers. He took heavy risks in his speculative investments for the bank.

But as fate would have it, he took the father of all risked which involved billions of naira and the deal went sour. His managers who initially sang his praise  immediately cut him lose to avoid the spiral effects of the bad investment. He lost his job and all his savings and any entitlements accrue able to him to get a soft landing.

He became depressed and began seeking solace at the bottom of a beer bottle and, also began neglecting his wife and two sons.

He graduated from being a perpetual drunk to a full blown abuser. He began abusing his wife physically after bouts of drinking and this in return, resulted in emotional abuse for the children.

Through all, Beatrice stayed put and learned a trade with the little she was able to save and through help from the local church and the family, she single handedly put the boys through secondary school and university and fed and clothe the abusing husband all through the years.

Now her utter most fear came to life, as she watched her eldest son exhibit signs of an abusive nature due to years of exposure to his father.

In her years of solution seeking,She had read how children who had been exposed to abuse,had high tendencies to becoming abusers themselves.

Now she seeks solace in God and continues her search, continually searching  for ways to reach her son, after his wife secretly told her the husband has been beating her steadily from the sixth month of their marriage.

The above situation is pathetic but unfortunately, this is the situation Beatrice lived with, and is about to relive in her son.

Written By Isaacola AA

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3 thoughts on “The Mirror Effect

  1. Miss Paul says:

    Very very true..wish parents would always remember that every thing they do always exhibits in their children’ lives…i pray God changes her son and releases him from the bitterness he is engulfed in.

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