Blame it on the strike? Or Moral Bankrupsy


So the lecturers of all the federal universities in Nigeria have been on strike for close to four months now, and as usual the the Govt and the university lecturers union ASUU keep doing their ritualistic dance of he said she said, so called experts use the strike as an opportunity to boost their notoriety by coming on air to analyze a system they themselves helped to corrupt.

My introduction is just to give you a little understanding of why I decided to write this piece, see the age of problem in this country is simple, all talk, no action, am sorry if you don’t see this view, and personally I won’t be bothered by it, but the truth needs to be told, everyone keeps talking about the strike, laying blame on the govt and or on the lecturers, depending on where your alliances lay, but the question is do you really know what the student s are getting themselves into, while they are forced to remain in this limbo created by selfishness and greed?

I’ll give you a preview, let’s start with the Nigerian economy, we all know it has gone to hell, no minimum wage, no middle class, no jobs, no food, nothing, parents have to pay through their teeth to keep these kids in school, most of them embrace the idea of them being in school, no because they are happy the kids are getting a sound education, let’s face it, what’s an education without employment opportunities, but rather they are glad when the kids are off to school because for them, the parents, it means less mouths to feed, for three or four months at a time, it’s easy to scrape up the fees and a little pocket money and send the kids on their way, and hope they can fend for themselves while in school, but when they are forced to remain at home, generating more expense and contributing little or nothing to the house hold income, it becomes a very huge problem for the parents and guardians.

The popular saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, is indeed quite true, most of these undergraduates are now left to occupy themselves with all sorts of extra-curricular activities, and I say this without favor, I refuse to sugar coat this any longer.

You will agree with me, activities on social media, for example twitter, badoo, whatsapp, facebook, 2go, viber, etc, has seen an increase in activity, ever tried to read some trending hash tags on twitter?, try it and you will realize they are filled with utter garbage, meaningless tweets from bored individuals, who have very little to contribute to pressing and meaningful issues affecting this country and our everyday lives, other social networks like facebook and badoo have becomes virtual red light districts for young women, who aim to make quick paydays and save up enough before the strike is called off, now don’t get me wrong, circumstances have forced some of these ladies to become internet hookers, poverty and desperation play a vital role, but I will not rule out the stupidity and greed factor too, while some ladies use their earning for meaningful endeavors, like helping pay for their academic exploits and assisting with some household expenses , others simply use it to purchase vane items like clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets etc.

This brings me to a very scary but important point, with the increase in vulnerable young men and women flooding these sites, an equal  If not higher number of predators have also flooded these sites too, stalking and picking them up one after the other, how many have fallen victims? We will not be privy to that information, until the strike is called off, and the statistics begin to pour in.

I am pretty sure most of you reading this don’t believe me, well if you don’t, then log on to badoo and have a test run, I assure you, in less than 30 mins, you would have offers from lots of young ladies ready to give sexual favors for stipulated amounts, and the scary part is they do this without fear, they are ready to meet up anywhere if the price is right, this is simply a sexual predators wet dream, they will simply lure these ladies, with promises of financial rewards, and have their way with them, if they are lucky, they might just leave with their lives, most of them are not.

Below is a chat expose’ chat for you who doubt


Need more clarification?

Here’s another chat screen below.


These are young ladies who have decided to put themselves in harm’s way, simply in search of financial gratification via exchange of bodily fluids with total strangers, I won’t totally blame the university shut down for this, for all we know most might not even be students, but we can’t rule out the possibility of a lot of them being students of some federal institution.

Now what happens to these ladies when they meet these mystery men, they are totally at their mercy, for abuse, rape, molestation and even murder, and with all the stories of internet affairs gone bad, one would expect people to develop phobias for online affairs, but from the conversations above, I pretty much doubt it, which begs to ask the question, who do we blame when things go south?

Do we blame the ladies?

Do we blame the parents?

Do we blame the strike?

Do we blame the men taking advantage of them?

Do we blame society?


Do we blame the lack of morality?

I’ll leave you to decide.


By Arome Ameh (The Priest)


2 thoughts on “Blame it on the strike? Or Moral Bankrupsy

  1. adyemi Olalekan says:

    We Seriously Need Help God I never Knew it Has Gone This Bad or should I say Scary,despite d Cynthia & likes Case which is still fresh

  2. Miss Paul says:

    This is really sad and disturbing at the same time…wish pole would understand that this strike period shld be used properly…i dnt blame the society for these behaviors from the ladies but I blame themselves and their parents cos if they want to know what is going on in the lives of their kids and keep track on them they can but they let the society do it for them and blame the deadness of the economy on the failures of their first assignment…i just hope that these gals dont get into any problems or troubles with their sex escapades….

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