Dear Rapist


Dear Rapist,

I write this letter as part of my healing process

I write this because I need answers

What did I ever do to you?

What heinous crime did I commit, that warranted such a verdict from you?

My only crime was being born, and being born a woman

Or was it wrong to have a pair of breasts and a vagina?

Was it a crime for me to put on clothes that made me feel confident and good about myself?

You claimed you were provoked,

You claimed you were taunted and tempted,

You claimed I showed too much flesh

For months I blamed myself

I even tried ending my own life

But then I realized

I see naked cows and horses all the time,

But they never provoked you enough to rape them

I wore clothes, and yet you claim I provoked you?

I said no to you, I said no 74 times,

I begged you to stop

I begged you to stop

I begged you to stop

I wept for you

I bled for you

But that wasn’t enough to stop you

It excited you

You defiled me

You tortured my body and my mind

My body will heal, my mind might heal.

You are not human

You are less than an animal

You should be caged, and that cage should be buried in the deepest darkest part of the sea

A place so dark you will not be allowed to see or harm anyone or anything.

My healing has began

And I will get better, and I will get stronger

But you, this quote is for you

“You keep the title of ‘president’ even if you served only one term. The same goes for rapists.”

I am glad for this opportunity to write this letter to you

As you can see, you did not break me, you made me stronger, but I will break you,

I will keep writing these letters, because my strength and healing increases by the day.

Yours truly

The victim

The Survivor

Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest)


6 thoughts on “Dear Rapist

  1. elsieisy says:

    #SayNoToRape Its just too horrible to know that some men and even women enjoy being rapist. ive always been a #SayNoToRape Ambassador and i wont stop.

  2. Simisola says:

    On point, rapists are animals in human form

  3. Sam Shikanda says:

    Rapists Rapists Rapists..Not even the worst word in this world can ever describe them

  4. soladoye osikoya says:

    More grace to the writer. More knowledge to readers.

  5. Isaacola AA says:

    Rapist in my considered opinion are less than animals because animals though naked don’t rape each other.

  6. Isaacola AA says:

    A rapist is less than an animal because an animal still have the sanctified common sense not to rape fellow animal even though they are naked!

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