Dear Rapist


Dear Rapist,

I write this letter as part of my healing process

I write this because I need answers

What did I ever do to you?

What heinous crime did I commit, that warranted such a verdict from you?

My only crime was being born, and being born a woman

Or was it wrong to have a pair of breasts and a vagina?

Was it a crime for me to put on clothes that made me feel confident and good about myself?

You claimed you were provoked,

You claimed you were taunted and tempted,

You claimed I showed too much flesh

For months I blamed myself

I even tried ending my own life

But then I realized

I see naked cows and horses all the time,

But they never provoked you enough to rape them

I wore clothes, and yet you claim I provoked you?

I said no to you, I said no 74 times,

I begged you to stop

I begged you to stop

I begged you to stop

I wept for you

I bled for you

But that wasn’t enough to stop you

It excited you

You defiled me

You tortured my body and my mind

My body will heal, my mind might heal.

You are not human

You are less than an animal

You should be caged, and that cage should be buried in the deepest darkest part of the sea

A place so dark you will not be allowed to see or harm anyone or anything.

My healing has began

And I will get better, and I will get stronger

But you, this quote is for you

“You keep the title of ‘president’ even if you served only one term. The same goes for rapists.”

I am glad for this opportunity to write this letter to you

As you can see, you did not break me, you made me stronger, but I will break you,

I will keep writing these letters, because my strength and healing increases by the day.

Yours truly

The victim

The Survivor

Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest)


Shot Dead by Policeman For Trying To Prevent Domestic Violence-Dedicated To “MURI”

A 30-year-old first class graduate of Economics from
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Moses Murtala Aminu,
has been shot dead by a policeman.

The victim had left his 67, Ahmadu Ahijo Street, Narayi-
High cost family residence last week Sunday full of life
for a party at Barnawa , Kaduna, but could not return
home as he was killed by a police constable.

His friend and eyewitness stated
that the police constable identified as Alex Okpe was
beating up his girlfriend outside the venue of the party
and when Murtala tried to intervene, he got angry and
pulled out his gun from his jeans trousers and fired
straight into his heart.

According to an eyewitness who spoke
under anonymity, after Murtala was shot dead, the
police constable then fired again in the air twice to
scare the people around and escaped on his motorcycle.

Moses Andrew, a friend who was with Muri, as he was
popularly called, at the Time Out Lounge party venue in
Barnawa, narrated that there was pandemonium after
Muri was shot and Okpe, the policeman, had escaped.

“We were confused while trying to revive Muri, when a
guy informed us that he knows a friend to Okpe’s
girlfriend that had left the party for a club called X-One
at Barnawa,” Andrew said.

According to him, they quickly moved to X-One and
fortunately met her there.

“We picked the lady who identified the policeman who
killed Muri as Alex Okpe, and that he serves at Kakuri
Police Station but deployed to guard Nigerian Breweries
Plc.,” Andrew added.

It was learn t that the killer policeman was later
tracked down and arrested by officers from Barnawa
Police Division after the case was reported there.

Kaduna State Police Commissioner, Femi Adenaike,
who confirmed the incident, said it was
true Alex Okpe was arrested and during interrogation
confessed to have killed Murtala Aminu at a party

Adenaike said Okpe claimed in his statement that he
fired at Muri in “self defense” when he and his friends
were trying to fight him over his girlfriend.

He said the police didn’t send Okpe to Barnawa at that
time and if he is found guilty, he would be dismissed and
taken to court for trial.

“The suspect is in the cell and we have commenced
investigation. And if he is found guilty, we will give him
an in-house trial and summary dismissal so that he can
face the law for homicide,” the state police boss said.

Adenaike urged the family of the deceased to remain
calm as the police are doing everything possible to
investigate the case and ensure justice is done.

The blind father of the late Muritala, Muhammad Jimoh,
told journalists at press conference at their High-Cost
residence that as a Muslim he’s taught to accept the
death of his son and bread winner as an act of God.

But he said if his son had to die, it should not be in the
hands of a policeman who should have been responsible
for protecting him.

“Yes my son, a first class economist for that matter and
our hope, is dead, but I want justice done in this case,”
Aminu said.

Until Murtala Aminu’s death, he was the youth leader,
Catholic Holy Family Church, Barnawa.
He also owned a shawamar and roasted fish outlet at

This Article is dedicated to Murtala Aminu, a young man of quality, who was murdered while trying to protect another human from violence, he payed with his life, he was cut down by the very people who are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring a violent free society, “Muri” had a choice, he could have walked away, but the humanity in him would not allow it, and so he stepped in to prevent another person from becoming a victim of domestic violence, I am pretty sure he prevented the loss of the lady’s life, the trigger happy cop would have shot her instead out of anger, and his desire to control.

We salute you “Muri”, we celebrate your courage, and even in death, we will continue to admire and exthole your virtues, in this Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Beyond.

Rest In Peace Murtala Aminu AKA “MURI”

Posted On The Move By The Priest