I received a phone call recently,on the other end,was a familiar voice,you know the sort of voice you recognize,but simply can’t place,and you really don’t want to sound rude and ask who the person is out rightly,simply because the person on the other end is speaking with so much familiarity.

After a few minutes of back and forth exchange of compliments,I finally summoned up the courage to ask who it was, she laughed for about 10seconds and then said,so you have forgotten me so soon, I felt terrible at this point,I quickly apologized for my memory lapse.

She laughed again and said,its chinwe,your friend from the eatery, at that point I screamed and realizing what I did,I apologized and asked where she had been all this while.

Her Journey Of Transformation:

I kept a low profile as usual,staying indoors most of the time,minding my own business,and trying hard not to draw undue attention to myself,many times I contemplated ending it all,but I was too much of a coward to go through with it,even though I was the way I was,living was still a better option than death,besides it would be selfish of me to put my mother through that sort of horror,the woman has been through enough pain as it was already.

I sought solace in the bible,I prayed more, and went to church mostly on weekdays,sundays were not my thing considering the crowds that poured into church on such days,I would go for bible study,and I made myself as unapproachable as possible,avoided chit chat,and never offered to participate.

One evening as I walked back home,a car pulled up beside me,and two elderly women stepped out,I was scared at first until I recognized one of the women,she attended the bible study class,and so I relaxed a bit,but not enough to invite unwanted questions.

We exchanged greetings,and she told me she had been wanting to speak with me,I asked her what about,she offered to give me a lift to my home,but I declined,they were both very patient,and didn’t probe further.

A few days later the same ladies showed up at my place,I guess they must have followed me,my mother came in to call me,I was furious at first,but I decided to play it cool,I mean for how long would I be hostile to everyone,so I went out and received them.

They went on to tell me how they noticed my reclusive nature,and also how they had noticed my physical appearance and really wanted to know what happened.

I hesitated,but decided to open up once again,you see, when you go through what I have been through,or any tragic situation for that matter,down the ‘so called’ road to recovery,you go through a lot of emotions,from fear,to shame,to anger,to self loathing,then back to anger,but this time the anger is directed at others,the society,but deep down inside you know your anger is misdirected,the society didn’t do this to me,I accepted my fault,and had began to deal with it.

Dealing with it has been hard,most nights I cried,and wished I was having a bad dream,hoping I would wake up,and find my self back in school,on my bed,but reality would always dawn on me,anytime I took off my clothes and stared at the mirror.

I had craved companionship,I longed for someone to talk to,I longed for non-judge mental eyes to look at me,and so when the women came,I took a chance and told them everything that had happened to me,I didn’t leave anything out,and by the time I was done,they were both weeping,and I was also weeping.

Suddenly the words I wanted to hear,”we want to help”

How? I asked,how do you want to help me.

They went ahead and arranged an appointment for me at the teaching hospital,I was checked out,and I was referred to a trauma center in the United States,at that point I thought,”well another dead end”, but my initial bills were paid.

We arrived the United States,I was admitted at the hospital,I was examined and was scheduled to undergo 7 different surgeries started with my face,my eye to be precise,well they couldn’t give me a real eye,but at least a substitute inform of a glass eye,to cover the gaping hole.

So far,I have undergone 3 skin grafts,and I have some more to go,but the most memorable miracle on this journey is how,after hearing my story,the hospital board decided to carry out my surgeries free of charge,my initial payment has been refunded,and the most has been put towards re-starting my education by my guardians.

I hope to study guidance counseling,it might sound a bit cliche’, but for the first time in a long time,I have a reason to smile and have hope,and I will definitely do all in my power to ensure no one goes through what I have been through,I know its not totally possible,but I will try my best.

After the call,I sat down for a while,I didn’t speak,didn’t laugh,didn’t cry,I was relieved at the thought that a modern day miracle had just unfolded right in front of me,and so I decided to share.

Her road to recovery is a long one,but there is a road none the less.

By Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Posted On The Move By The Priest



  1. anon says:

    All these nigerian girls
    For the love of blackberry,see ur life
    Next time be less greedy

  2. Tobiloba says:

    I am so happy for her

  3. kelechi says:

    You are just lucky
    I hope u have reduced your greedy nature

  4. dazzler says:

    At least she has learnt her lesson
    I hope other girls will learn too

  5. queen says:

    Good for her

  6. folake says:

    I was heart broken when I read the initial story
    But reading this warms my heart
    May God bless all those who have helped in ur struggle
    Thank You The Priest for bringing such good news

  7. Mike says:

    Yay chinwe
    This is great news
    There is a silver lining for her afterall

  8. adyemi Olalekan says:

    I Say a Big Congrat To Her For Taking That Step Towards A New Life,Wish Her The Very Best

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