Little Aramide-When You Are Not Watching


This story is for everyone,as always I expect every reader to leave with a clearer understanding,after reading the stories.

Little aramide was barely 4months, when her mummy went back to work, her dad was too skeptical about day care centers, so he decided to hire the services of a live in nanny, and when I say nanny, I don’t mean “Mary Poppins”.

The live in nanny was a 14 year old girl brought in from the village by a friend of aramide’s parents, who also had a nanny of her own, this has become a common practice for working class parents,especially those who don’t prefer creches‘.

The nanny was put through a crash course on child care giving for about a week by aramide’s mummy before she resumed back at work.

Everything appeared to be fine for the first few months,aramide was a healthy child,played well,ate well and slept well,no cause for alarm right?


Mummy should have realized there was something wrong, when at one time she was bottle feeding aramide when she realized that almost half of the bottle had fitted into the baby’s mouth with tue least effort,it appeared odd,but she brushed it aside,as something peculiar aramide was able to do, like rolling her tongue or being very flexible.

A few weeks after that incident,mummy and daddy woke up to tue piercing screams of aramide, they both rushed into her room, to find her crying in a manner she had never cried before.

Daddy checked her temperature, she was burning up, that wasn’t all, her tummy was bloated and quite hard.

Mummy and daddy where confused,all efforts to at least calm her down where useless, and so they decided to rush her to the hospital. They arrived at the hospital, in luck to meet with a pediatrician, on seeing aramide he was quite surprised to see that a child her age had break outs around her lip and chin,and the size of her bloated tummy was very worrisome.

Aramide was taken into the treatment ward,and tests were ran, but before then, daddy noticed something strange.

Aramide could not be pacified by her bottle,or by her mother’s breasts, but daddy noticed her sucking on his fingers, sucking one, she continued to whimper,sucking two fingers,aramide went
silent,that was quite odd he thought to himself, but not as odd as what the doctor was about to tell them.

Aramide’s parents where ushered into the doctor’s office, the doctor stared at both parents sternly for a while,and then stared intently at daddy for a brief second before asking the most embarrassing question.

Do you have sexual relations with your child?

Daddy was shocked and then flew into a rage at the question, I mean who wouldn’t right,but before he had the opportunity to pounce on the doctor,mummy held him back and asked the doctor why he asked such a question.

The answer given by the doctor would drop like a bomb.

“the reason for your daughter’s bloated tummy, is an accumulation of semen,her digestive system can only handle so much,and since semen does not fall into any food group,the body simply refused to digest it, its like pouring water into a balloon,with no exit point,it continues to fill up pops,not that your child will pop,i am simply trying to simplify my earlier explanation.

Aramide’s mummy was shocked, her daddy was speechless, suddenly daddy noticed mummy and the doctor staring at him, as if waiting for an explanation, he stared back at them in disbelief.

“Are you both really serious,you really think I had sexual relations with my 6month old?”

Mummy was shaking, but the doctor had more bad news.

“We also noticed some mouth sores, and ran a few more tests, it turns out your daughter has oral herpes, who ever is responsible for the semen in her stomach,also infected her with herpes.

We need answers, who asides from both of you have un supervised access to your child.

The nanny was brought in,at this point the matron had joined them, and the nanny was questioned, while the doctor questioned, and the matron tried to reason with the girl, aramide’s parents cursed and threatened with every evil force they knew.

Obviously the nanny could not have been responsible for the semen, but she had an idea of who could, but at this point she was just speculating.

Aramide falling sick, had opened a can of worms, mummy and daddy honestly believed they had a perfect home, devoid of worries and scandals, but all they really had was a well guarded coven, filled with endless secrets.

The nanny had confessed to having a boyfriend of sorts, he was the local meat seller at the market not too far from their home, she had met him when she was sent to the market to purchase some cooking ingredients,he had showered her with gifts and well in her naive mannerism she assumed she was in love, well she always took advantage of every opportunity she had to go see her “man”, but when mummy resumed work, well she was stuck with aramide all day, and at night her chances of being sent on errands were very slim or non existent, but a ray of hope appeared in.the neighbor boy who had a crush on her, she noticed this and struck a deal with him, she would allow him touch her breasts for 10mins every morning, and in return he would watch aramide while she went off to spend time with her “man”.

Well the arrangement went on for a few weeks, until the neighbor boy walked in on the nanny and her man having sex in the kitchen, with aramide sleeping in.the living room, well another opportunity had presented itself for the neighbor boy, who had since grown tired of only being limited to the nanny’s breasts, and craved much more, he waited until her “man” had left, and then went on to draft a new agreement or blackmail as the case may be.

“I want to eat that thing, that man is eating, or I will tell your madam what you have been doing”

The nanny had so much to loose, and she didn’t have any options, she agreed, and allowed the neighbor boy “eat” as he had put it.

Now you might be wondering what all this has to do with aramide’s present health condition, well i’ll tell you.

Remember the nanny left the neighbor boy with aramide all day on more than one occasion right?

Well after the nanny had spilled the beans, aramide’s daddy rushed out and headed straight to apprehend the neighbor boy, he was dragged back to the hospital to explain his own side of the story, it was turning out to be quite interesting.

The neighbor boy seeing the gravity of what was happening,wasted no time in.singing like a little bird.

“She left me with baby,she said she was coming soon, but she stayed very long,and baby food finished one day and baby was crying, and after playing and singing to baby,she didn’t stop crying, so I remembered that milk comes from breast, and since there was no breast in the house, and the other day when I finished eating nanny, something poured out of my penis, and it is white, and milk too is white, so I put my penis in baby,s mouth, and she will suck until milk comes out.

Well now we know where the semen came from, but how did she contact oral herpes, well this is where it gets weird, remember the nanny’s man?

Well he had been having unprotected sex with the nanny, he had been arrested and tested, and confirmed to have herpes, which he had passed on to the nanny.

Remember when the neighbor boy demanded a piece of the action from the nanny? Well he had unprotected sex with the nanny, on numerous occasions and got infected from there.

Unfortunately while in his warped mind he was trying to pacify little aramide, he put his penis in her mouth and infected her with oral herpes and also filled her stomach with semen.

Now all pieces of the puzzle were in place, but unfortunately herpes cannot be cured, aramide would have to live with it for the rest of her life, she would grow up with such an embarrassing ailment due to no fault of hers, she is doing fine right now, the breakouts have cleared, but its just a matter of time before she has another breakout.

Mummy quit her job, stays home with aramide, and is scared of even letting her go, the nanny has since left, don’t know what happened to her, neighbor boy was a victim of circumstance and was sent to a remand home, the nanny’s “man” was arrested and charged to court for having sex with a minor, he is awaiting trial, well at least the last time I checked.

I see more parents these days, leaving the responsibilities of child raising to hired hands and schools, while we search for our daily bread, we should also find time to actually know whats going on with the kids.

Do you know what is happening to your kids, when you are not watching?

Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest).

“A Nation Of Perverts And Paedophiles” – Femi Fani Kayode


Constitution-Ammendment-Yerima-Makes-Senate-Back-Underage-MarriageThe Nigerian Senate includes some of the brightest minds in our country many of whom are friends of mine and most of whom have been in active politics for many years. They have my respect. However what transpired in the Senate chamber a few days ago was a great cause for concern for not just me but millions of Nigerians from all over the world. How an innocent and seemingly uninteresting, uninspiring and unimportant debate about when and at what age a Nigerian citizen could legitimately and lawfully renounce his or her citizenship turned into a referendum on paedophilia and child marriage I don’t know. Yet sadly that is precisely what happened and ever since then the nation has been on fire.

Senator (ex-Governor) Ahmed Sani, the Yerima Bakura and the Apostle of political sharia in Nigeria finally got his way and the futile attempt by a small number of…

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Nigeria: Rising Incidence of Domestic Violence

Reports of men beating their wives to death, sons killing
their fathers or mothers, and youths killing their siblings
have been in the news lately. Some cases of domestic
violence are, however, more terrible than others: it has
just been reported that a pregnant woman has been
stabbed to death by her 21-year-old husband in Bayelsa
State. The incident which occurred at Immiringi
community of Ogbia LGA was the climax of an alleged
domestic squabble between the couple.
Misunderstandings between couples often end with
disastrous consequences, especially in these days of
economic hardship. Tension has gripped many homes as
poverty and joblessness buffet a majority of Nigerians.
There have been cases of husbands giving their wives
acid bath or beating them to death. But stabbing a
pregnant woman to death (like the one that happened in
President Goodluck Jonathan’s home LGA) is as
horrendous as it can get and deserves the condemnation
of every decent society. It was not just the death of the
woman but also that of her unborn child.
When such cases occur, apart from the initial outcry
from so-called civil societies and rights groups, the
crimes only end up as footnotes in police records. If at
all they get to the courts, legal technicalities stall
proceedings. Soon, they are forgotten and everyone
returns to business as usual. Do the women recollect the
details of the Beijing Declaration? Is it all about
Affirmative Action and 33 per cent of political offices?
What are the women groups doing to prevent this kind
of unsavoury incident?
This case calls to mind the challenges of early marriage.
If the man is just 21, then, it is likely that the woman
was even younger. Both were not sufficiently
psychologically matured and ready for the stress and
strain of married life. They were two “babies” playing
adults’ game. Some parents are in the habit of pushing
their children into marriage even when they are not
ready. Women rights groups should intensify ongoing
efforts towards protecting young girls from parental
pressures that ultimately lead to untimely deaths such
as the one in question.
Any man who is mad enough to cause the death of his
own wife should be sent to a psychiatric hospital and
not a police cell. There is need to find out the mindset of
such a man. We appreciate the efforts of the police to
dig up the details of such matters in their investigations.
But it is sad to note that, in the past, such efforts only
ended up as a needless show of professionalism that
never yielded any tangible result capable of assuaging
public angst. Let this case not go the way of similar past

Source-All Africa.Com

Posted On The Move By The Priest


I received a phone call recently,on the other end,was a familiar voice,you know the sort of voice you recognize,but simply can’t place,and you really don’t want to sound rude and ask who the person is out rightly,simply because the person on the other end is speaking with so much familiarity.

After a few minutes of back and forth exchange of compliments,I finally summoned up the courage to ask who it was, she laughed for about 10seconds and then said,so you have forgotten me so soon, I felt terrible at this point,I quickly apologized for my memory lapse.

She laughed again and said,its chinwe,your friend from the eatery, at that point I screamed and realizing what I did,I apologized and asked where she had been all this while.

Her Journey Of Transformation:

I kept a low profile as usual,staying indoors most of the time,minding my own business,and trying hard not to draw undue attention to myself,many times I contemplated ending it all,but I was too much of a coward to go through with it,even though I was the way I was,living was still a better option than death,besides it would be selfish of me to put my mother through that sort of horror,the woman has been through enough pain as it was already.

I sought solace in the bible,I prayed more, and went to church mostly on weekdays,sundays were not my thing considering the crowds that poured into church on such days,I would go for bible study,and I made myself as unapproachable as possible,avoided chit chat,and never offered to participate.

One evening as I walked back home,a car pulled up beside me,and two elderly women stepped out,I was scared at first until I recognized one of the women,she attended the bible study class,and so I relaxed a bit,but not enough to invite unwanted questions.

We exchanged greetings,and she told me she had been wanting to speak with me,I asked her what about,she offered to give me a lift to my home,but I declined,they were both very patient,and didn’t probe further.

A few days later the same ladies showed up at my place,I guess they must have followed me,my mother came in to call me,I was furious at first,but I decided to play it cool,I mean for how long would I be hostile to everyone,so I went out and received them.

They went on to tell me how they noticed my reclusive nature,and also how they had noticed my physical appearance and really wanted to know what happened.

I hesitated,but decided to open up once again,you see, when you go through what I have been through,or any tragic situation for that matter,down the ‘so called’ road to recovery,you go through a lot of emotions,from fear,to shame,to anger,to self loathing,then back to anger,but this time the anger is directed at others,the society,but deep down inside you know your anger is misdirected,the society didn’t do this to me,I accepted my fault,and had began to deal with it.

Dealing with it has been hard,most nights I cried,and wished I was having a bad dream,hoping I would wake up,and find my self back in school,on my bed,but reality would always dawn on me,anytime I took off my clothes and stared at the mirror.

I had craved companionship,I longed for someone to talk to,I longed for non-judge mental eyes to look at me,and so when the women came,I took a chance and told them everything that had happened to me,I didn’t leave anything out,and by the time I was done,they were both weeping,and I was also weeping.

Suddenly the words I wanted to hear,”we want to help”

How? I asked,how do you want to help me.

They went ahead and arranged an appointment for me at the teaching hospital,I was checked out,and I was referred to a trauma center in the United States,at that point I thought,”well another dead end”, but my initial bills were paid.

We arrived the United States,I was admitted at the hospital,I was examined and was scheduled to undergo 7 different surgeries started with my face,my eye to be precise,well they couldn’t give me a real eye,but at least a substitute inform of a glass eye,to cover the gaping hole.

So far,I have undergone 3 skin grafts,and I have some more to go,but the most memorable miracle on this journey is how,after hearing my story,the hospital board decided to carry out my surgeries free of charge,my initial payment has been refunded,and the most has been put towards re-starting my education by my guardians.

I hope to study guidance counseling,it might sound a bit cliche’, but for the first time in a long time,I have a reason to smile and have hope,and I will definitely do all in my power to ensure no one goes through what I have been through,I know its not totally possible,but I will try my best.

After the call,I sat down for a while,I didn’t speak,didn’t laugh,didn’t cry,I was relieved at the thought that a modern day miracle had just unfolded right in front of me,and so I decided to share.

Her road to recovery is a long one,but there is a road none the less.

By Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Posted On The Move By The Priest

Final Year Student Killed By Rapist

A final year Guidance and Counselling student of the
Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Anambra
State, was allegedly killed on Saturday by some rapists
after she failed to allow them to sexually abuse her.
The killing was the climax of a series of rapes said to
have become commonplace at the college in the past
few months.
The student, whose name was yet to be confirmed on
Sunday, was said to be an indigene of Obeledu in
Anaocha Local Government of the state.
Her body was found near the school chapel not far
from the lecturers’ quarters.
The Provost of the college, Dr. Clara Obiagwu, declined
comments on the incident when contacted.
“Stay off our college until you are invited. Did you
contact me before nosing around my college? I have
told you, don’t report about my college,” she told
The Public Relations Officer of the College, Mr. Willy
Chukwuma, however said the incident did not occur on
the campus.
The Anambra State University was last month shut
down after students took to the street to protest the
killing of a female student by armed robbers that
invaded a female hostel.

Source-Punch Newspapers

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