Rescued By a Ritual Rapist

From the moment I stepped on the bus,I knew something was wrong,up until this moment,I don’t know why I had that feeling,but it just didn’t feel right.

It was the weekend, and I was going home to visit my mum, she had been ill for some days and this was the first opportunity I had to leave school, and go visit her, so immediately after my saturday morning lecture,I rushed down to the hostel,packed up a few clothes and rushed out.

I had been waiting at the bus-park for almost an hour, and I had 2 hour journey ahead of me, so it was only normal for me to feel a bit impatient.

I was about to give up, when a vehicle stopped at the park, I saw some folks rush in, so instinctively I rushed in too, at first I was relieved, but after looking round,a sudden panic enveloped me, the driver looked too neat to be a full time bus driver, and suddenly the passengers were faces I had recognized from the park, I had heard stories of bus operators playing tricks on passengers, they would plant non travelers in their vehicles to give an appearance of the bus being full, and once your fare was paid you would realize you were the only one in the vehicle, and would be forced to wait.

This was not the case, the bus was already moving,my fears were confirmed a few minutes into the journey, the lady behind me stuck a sharp object in my back, she whispered for me to sit still.

Suddenly the bus veered off the main road, onto an untared road,it was bumpy,with a lot of bushes on either side,no other cars in sight,my heart was in my throat,I had heard stories of how people were abducted in this manner, and very few survived to tell the tale.

For every time I thought of how I would die, I never thought I would die this way, at the hands of ritualists, decapitated and left in a ditch somewhere, my identity unknown, I thought of how my mother would react to the news of my disappearance, it would kill her.

As different thoughts ran through my head, the bus suddenly stopped, and I was pushed out along side two other ladies, we were led deep into the bushes were we were asked to sit on the grass, the lady who had stuck me earlier seemed to be their leader, she ordered us to open our bags, she was very angry when she realized we had very little, of course we had little, we were students, heading home for the weekend, with the home of getting more pocket money.

The other girls were led away, and I was left sitting on the grass, I wept, I prayed and so many things ran through my mind, I sat there until night time, the men came back, but the ladies did not, at this point I was horrified, my heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode, the lady walked up to me and dropped a pebble on my head, suddenly she flew into a rage, slapped me and pushed me to the floor, she sat on my stomach and put a knife to my neck, are you a virgin? She asked me, I was so afraid all I could do was nod, she slapped me again and asked the question a second time, are you a virgin? This time I was able to answer in a whispered tone.

I figured obviously whatever they wanted to use me for I wasn’t suited for it, since I was a virgin, but she had a solution to that, suddenly she sat up, called out to one of the men,she turned and smiled at me, don’t worry, I have a boyfriend for you, since you don’t want school boys to “fuck” you, this man will happily “fuck” you, and maybe teach you some new styles.

My God, I was horrified, she ripped off my blouse, and my bra, and he carried me over his shoulder, into a darker part of the bushes, he dropped on the grass and while I was trying to struggle, he brought out an axe and told me to shut up, he ordered me to take off my skirt, and my panties, I was shaking, sweating and crying at the same time,by this time I was stark naked, he pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me.

At the point I said my final prayers and closed my eyes, suddenly he got off me, he took off his over coat and covered me up, he motioned for me not to make a sound, and then he disappeared into the bushes, I sat there still shaking, but confused, suddenly he re-appeared, he asked me to put on my skirt, and he threw a polo shirt at me, he grabbed my hand and led me through another path and unto the main road, he put some money and a flash light in my hands and told me to keep following that path, and not to stop for anything.

I did exactly what he said, and without looking back, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I must have run for hours, I finally got to the main road and by then the day was already breaking,I managed to get another bus back to school,I kept mute, because I couldn’t bare the thought of being asked to identify the location,I was lucky to be alive.

It was a horrific ordeal, I strongly doubt if the other two ladies survived,or maybe they did, but up until now, no missing student report has circulated,what happened was nothing short of a miracle, trying to understand the events that happened on that faithful day.

Posted On The Move By The Priest


2 thoughts on “Rescued By a Ritual Rapist

  1. Anonymous says:

    What is this word coming to

  2. gloria1905 says:

    God have mercy.Is God dat cld ave saved her.

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