An Expose’ On Sex Slavery

Showing a luxurious exterior, expensive cars parked in neat arrangement, well lit environment with heavy set men, patrolling the compound, expensive looking SUV pulls into the compound, security check is done, and the vehicle is ushered into a marked parking spot, See two well dressed men, alight from the vehicle, they chatter excitedly as they walk to the front door.

See a luxurious interior, leather furniture, well stocked bar in the corner, well dressed men, standing around with wine glasses in hand, drinking and talking loudly, waiters and waitresses weaving in and out of the men, ensuring they are all well taken care of.

See a well dressed woman, sitting on a couch, clad with gold necklaces on her neck, and gold rings on her fingers,
See her face, heavily made up, with a smile on her lips, and a wine glass in hand, see 2 men, also well dressed, sitting on opposite sides of her, each with photo albums in hand, see the album, showing different girls, poised in lingerie, See both men smiling as they go through the album, first man points at a picture and shows it to the woman, second man also points to a picture in his album, the woman smiles, gives a thumbs up and talks into an intercom, suddenly two girls in their mid twenties appear, woman points to both of them, and the two girls move to the sides of the two men, the two men look at each other and smile.

See a naked young lady in bed, covered, staring blankly at the ceiling, one of the previous men, quickly undressing and smiling, girl drops condom of the bed, smile fades of the man’s face, man drops extra money on side table, he gets into bed on top of the young lady, See the man’s legs opening the young ladies legs, see the man on top of the young girl under the covers, see the young lady’s face, blank stare, eyes looking at the ceiling, occasional eye twitch. She closes her eyes.

See a cleaner carrying a garbage bag, cleaner walks up to the garbage bin, and empties contents of the garbage bag, see a garbage bag contents, used sanitary towels, opened condom packs, blood stained bed sheets. Cleaner shakes his head and walks away.

See a well dressed woman walking into living room, see different men, well dressed, drinking and talking loudly, they all shout praises as woman walks in with different young ladies, they all immediately begin to mingle, see a well dressed woman, looking around and smiling in content.

A man getting dressed and smiling, he taps the young lady on the shoulder and walks out of the room; young lady sits up on the bed, search her face, a tear rolls down her eyes.

See her life of slavery,Her life of servitude.

Help Stop SexSlavery.

By Arome Ameh (The Priest


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