80-year-old woman raped in Tamil Nadu

In a shocking incident, an 80-
year old woman was allegedly raped by a 41-year-old
man following which she was admitted to a hospital in a
serious condition.
The woman, a widow, is battling for life at a
government hospital here, police said on Saturday.
The accused Palanivel, a vegetable vendor, of
Malliyakari in the district was detained by the local
people and handed over to police who arrested him and
slapped a rape case.
According to police, the woman was living alone at
Gopalapuram in Malliakari. Around midnight last night,
Palanivel, who has two wives and four children, went to
the victim’s house and asked for water, but she refused.
Suddenly, he forced his way into the house, allegedly
raped her and bit her private parts.
Local residents called an ambulance and rushed the
woman to Attur Government Hospital from where she
was shifted to Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical
College Hospital here.
Doctors said the condition of the woman was critical

Source- Times Of India

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