Polytechnic graduate raped to death three days after graduation In Lagos,Nigeria

Investigations have been stalled due to the swift Islamic burial of the corpse.​

A 21- year -old lady, identified simply as Nofisat, was ​raped ​and slaughtered to death by unknown assailants in her home at the Magbon area of Ogijo in Ogun State.

The incident happened on Wednesday at about 2p.m.

The victim had just earned her Higher National Diploma from the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu on Saturday, April 27 and was still in a celebratory mood when the suspected culprits stormed her residence and raped her to death.

Nofisat was said to be the only person at home as her mother a school teacher and her siblings had gone to school.

Neighbours said the victim’s mother came back from school and saw her naked in a pool of her own blood as the rapists were also said to have slit her throat.

It was gathered that the police have arrested two men said to reside in the same premises in connection with the brutal murder.

A postmortem examination that will help the police in the investigation has been stalled as the victim’s remains have since been buried according to Islamic rites at the Alaba Muslim Cemetery at Ogijo at about 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Source- PremiumTimes

N.B- After reading the above article, we can all simply refer back to an earlier article I wrote, the growing Nigerian Rape Culture, and you will all agree with me that the problem is getting worse, now victims are being murdered and no arrests are being made, investigations are being halted due to extreme lack of evidence, isn’t this enough to call for drastic change.

We need to rise up,we need to say NO to rape.

Posted On The Move By The Priest


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