An Expose’ On Sex Slavery

Showing a luxurious exterior, expensive cars parked in neat arrangement, well lit environment with heavy set men, patrolling the compound, expensive looking SUV pulls into the compound, security check is done, and the vehicle is ushered into a marked parking spot, See two well dressed men, alight from the vehicle, they chatter excitedly as they walk to the front door.

See a luxurious interior, leather furniture, well stocked bar in the corner, well dressed men, standing around with wine glasses in hand, drinking and talking loudly, waiters and waitresses weaving in and out of the men, ensuring they are all well taken care of.

See a well dressed woman, sitting on a couch, clad with gold necklaces on her neck, and gold rings on her fingers,
See her face, heavily made up, with a smile on her lips, and a wine glass in hand, see 2 men, also well dressed, sitting on opposite sides of her, each with photo albums in hand, see the album, showing different girls, poised in lingerie, See both men smiling as they go through the album, first man points at a picture and shows it to the woman, second man also points to a picture in his album, the woman smiles, gives a thumbs up and talks into an intercom, suddenly two girls in their mid twenties appear, woman points to both of them, and the two girls move to the sides of the two men, the two men look at each other and smile.

See a naked young lady in bed, covered, staring blankly at the ceiling, one of the previous men, quickly undressing and smiling, girl drops condom of the bed, smile fades of the man’s face, man drops extra money on side table, he gets into bed on top of the young lady, See the man’s legs opening the young ladies legs, see the man on top of the young girl under the covers, see the young lady’s face, blank stare, eyes looking at the ceiling, occasional eye twitch. She closes her eyes.

See a cleaner carrying a garbage bag, cleaner walks up to the garbage bin, and empties contents of the garbage bag, see a garbage bag contents, used sanitary towels, opened condom packs, blood stained bed sheets. Cleaner shakes his head and walks away.

See a well dressed woman walking into living room, see different men, well dressed, drinking and talking loudly, they all shout praises as woman walks in with different young ladies, they all immediately begin to mingle, see a well dressed woman, looking around and smiling in content.

A man getting dressed and smiling, he taps the young lady on the shoulder and walks out of the room; young lady sits up on the bed, search her face, a tear rolls down her eyes.

See her life of slavery,Her life of servitude.

Help Stop SexSlavery.

By Arome Ameh (The Priest


Child Prostitution-A Victim’s Story


Whenever you feel you have it bad,

Whenever you feel things could be better,

Whenever you feel you aren’t where you feel you should be

Read this story, and be thankful for your situation.

At a first glance, she appears to be in her late 20’s or early 30’s, but LINDA (not her real name) is just a 15 year old girl, she was brought to this women’s shelter a few months ago after being rescued by a concerned citizen, she agreed to give an interview, please note that names and events have been altered to protect her, any similarities are coincidental, also read this story not for entertainment purposes, but for educational and awareness purposes.

My aunt came to see my mother, and told her she would take me to LAGOS, where she would give me work, so I could send money back home to support my mother and her brothers, I know this sounds like an everyday story, and yes you are right, it is an everyday story, because this is what happens every day, the rate of poverty is high, my father died some years ago, and up until now,

we have not been able to get his pension, too many technicalities, so we were left to fend for ourselves, in any way we could, sometimes my mother would fry bean cakes (AKARA), and I would sell some in the market, and around the neighborhood, but unfortunately the price of beans went up, and we couldn’t afford it anymore, so we had to stop, there was no money to even start any petty trade, I and my brothers had to stop school, and most days we would beg for alms just to eat, so you can imagine it was a welcomed relief when my aunt came to offer her assistance.

My mother did not hesitate, and the next day I was off to LAGOS with my aunt, well she wasn’t really my aunt, because we are not related in anyway, it’s just what I call her. We got to LAGOS and she put me in her big supermarket as a sales girl, and I met other girls here too, I was happy and I thought all our problems would be solved, I had this idea that I would work hard, save my salary, and eventually open a shop for myself, and bring my family over to LAGOS, sounded easy in theory, but my dreams where turned into a nightmare.

My aunt came to me one day and asked me to go deliver some things to a customer, unknown to me she had sold me out to a customer for sexual favors, when I got there I met a very old man, he forced himself on me, and raped me, after which he gave me N1, 500 and told me to greet my madam. From that point on, I and the other girls were used as sex slaves, sometimes I slept with as many as 5-7 men daily, it was horrible, many times I tried to run away, but we had been so isolated, we would end up being caught, because we didn’t even know our way around, and she seemed to be very popular , she would beat us like animals after every attempt, and whenever a customer complained we didn’t perform to expectations, she would beat and starve us.

There were different rates for different services,

For normal intercourse- N1, 500 (with condom)-EQV-$6.5

For normal intercourse –N2, 000 (without condom and HIV test proof)-EQV-$13

For anal sex- N3, 000 (with or without condom, but with HIV test proof)-EQV- $20

For oral sex-N1, 000

For just breast feeding –N500

This was what I was subjected to for almost 2years, most days I would just lay there and close my eyes, until they were done, I became a dead person just moving round, I remember I got pregnant and she beat me so badly she broke my nose, she accused me of trying to hook one of my customers so he would marry me, she took me to her doctor, and she removed the pregnancy, and that very day, I slept with 3 men, yes I did, even after the abortion, she was after the money, sometimes she would bring sacks of clothes for us to pick and wear, but I never saw any money, never had a way of contacting my family, it was total isolation.

One day a man came in and asked for a girl to bring his purchases to a hotel not too far from the supermarket, I was asked to do that delivery, and that day was my miracle day, the man was actually the one who brought me to this centre, they had heard of what was going on, and came to investigate, he took me from the hotel and brought me to the shelter.

A few days later, the shelter officials went back to the supermarket to confront my “aunt”, but she denied all the allegations and non of the girls confirmed the stories, I wasn’t surprised at the results, because I told them the conditions we were living in, I am lucky,

I am here and I can tell this story, the girls left there don’t have the courage to do so, because there is no one to protect them.

I can’t leave here yet, the shelter people said she might try to kidnap me from my home in the village if I go back, so they have offered to send someone to my family to explain everything to them, but
I feel very ashamed, how will my mother look at me, if she hears I was a prostitute in LAGOS, but I thank God for saving me from this life, I just got my HIV test result, and it is negative, so at least I survived that.

I am learning how to become a hair dresser, and I hope very soon, I’ll be good enough to get a real job, these things happen, it happened to me, I have seen the bad side of human beings and what they can do to others for money, i hope people will read this story, and believe and also help those that they can.

Well there you have it.

The reality is that there are many more girls out there,most of them if not all are thrust into these situations by their family members,the excuse usually is laid at the door step of poverty.

My question is Who is to be held accountable?

By Arome Ameh (The Priest)

80-year-old woman raped in Tamil Nadu

In a shocking incident, an 80-
year old woman was allegedly raped by a 41-year-old
man following which she was admitted to a hospital in a
serious condition.
The woman, a widow, is battling for life at a
government hospital here, police said on Saturday.
The accused Palanivel, a vegetable vendor, of
Malliyakari in the district was detained by the local
people and handed over to police who arrested him and
slapped a rape case.
According to police, the woman was living alone at
Gopalapuram in Malliakari. Around midnight last night,
Palanivel, who has two wives and four children, went to
the victim’s house and asked for water, but she refused.
Suddenly, he forced his way into the house, allegedly
raped her and bit her private parts.
Local residents called an ambulance and rushed the
woman to Attur Government Hospital from where she
was shifted to Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical
College Hospital here.
Doctors said the condition of the woman was critical

Source- Times Of India

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Nigeria police uncover second ‘baby factory’ in a week

For the second time in a week, Nigerian authorities on
Wednesday discovered a baby factory and rescued
pregnant teens from the forced selling of their newborns.
This time, six girls were saved and three suspects
arrested, Agence France-Presse reported.
“We acted on intelligence information and raided the
house in [the city of] Enugu where we met six girls, under
17 and all pregnant, and freed them,” said police
spokesman Ebere Amaraizu in the AFP report.
The girls were “lured into the house with a promise of
some money” after they delivered their babies, Mr.
Amaraizu said in the AFP report.
Two men and one woman suspected of operating a child-
trafficking ring were taken into police custody.
Authorities said they were cooperating with the
investigation, AFP reported. It’s not yet clear where the
girls came from or who exactly impregnated them;
specifically, whether they were impregnated as part of a
baby-factory ring.
“Investigation will unravel the details,” Mr. Amaraizu
said in the AFP report. “We have to know how they came
about the pregnancy and where they came from.”
Five days ago, police rescued 17 pregnant girls and 11
other young children from a home in nearby Umuaka
that was believed to be operating as a baby factory.
The pregnant girls in that rescue were between the ages
of 14 and 17. They told police they had been impregnated
by the same 23-year-old man, who since has been
arrested on charges related to human trafficking, various
media reported.
Nigeria is known for human trafficking, which the United
Nations lists as the third most common crime in the
nation, after fraud and drug sales

Source-Washington Times

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Polytechnic graduate raped to death three days after graduation In Lagos,Nigeria

Investigations have been stalled due to the swift Islamic burial of the corpse.​

A 21- year -old lady, identified simply as Nofisat, was ​raped ​and slaughtered to death by unknown assailants in her home at the Magbon area of Ogijo in Ogun State.

The incident happened on Wednesday at about 2p.m.

The victim had just earned her Higher National Diploma from the Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu on Saturday, April 27 and was still in a celebratory mood when the suspected culprits stormed her residence and raped her to death.

Nofisat was said to be the only person at home as her mother a school teacher and her siblings had gone to school.

Neighbours said the victim’s mother came back from school and saw her naked in a pool of her own blood as the rapists were also said to have slit her throat.

It was gathered that the police have arrested two men said to reside in the same premises in connection with the brutal murder.

A postmortem examination that will help the police in the investigation has been stalled as the victim’s remains have since been buried according to Islamic rites at the Alaba Muslim Cemetery at Ogijo at about 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Source- PremiumTimes

N.B- After reading the above article, we can all simply refer back to an earlier article I wrote, the growing Nigerian Rape Culture, and you will all agree with me that the problem is getting worse, now victims are being murdered and no arrests are being made, investigations are being halted due to extreme lack of evidence, isn’t this enough to call for drastic change.

We need to rise up,we need to say NO to rape.

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But Before I Die

Dear World,
It has been months since you allowed an animal walking on 2 legs to violate me, months since I lost my dignity,months since I was able to look at the sun, these days I notice more and more about my feet, since am always staring down at them in shame,anytime I walk down the streets, but don’t worry my ears work fine, I still hear the silent whispers from people who use their eyes and tongues to point at me, and hey they are still the nice ones, others pass soul crushing comments when I walk into a room, or into a class.

I am being blamed for being raped, I can’t wrap my head around it, did I invite a monster to rape me? Do I have a bulls eye on my forehead? Or was there ever a time I put out an ad, indicating I wanted to get raped in a gutter?

O my God, the voices in my head keep getting louder, I feel his hands on my body, I have tried to cut off the parts I feel he has touched, but why do they keep sewing it back up,why do they insist on torturing me, I am now subjected to using a plastic spoon and plate to eat my meals, like food is going to clean my filth.

What wrong did I ever do, to be given such a bitter pill,forced to swallow, and now no matter how hard I try, I can’t get rid of the bitter taste.

He laughed while he forced his way inside me, he cut my vigina with his blade, he said he was a real man, every woman’s dreams, I can hear him loud and clear, he pinned me down in a filthy gutter, he gagged my mouth with a piece of wood, like I was some horse, he told me he knew I liked it rough and hard, so he pushed further, and told me he cut me because I was too tight for him.

He tore my blouse, and put his teeth on my breasts, my pain was his joy, his sweat dripping into my eyes, I feel the burning sensation in my eyes as I write.

He raped my body, he raped my mind, I don’t even think I have a soul left, he abandoned me in a stinky gutter, left in my own filth, people found me, they took pictures, they murmured, but no one touched me.

The police accused me of taunting, that clearly from the way I was dressed, I didn’t leave anything to the imagination, what the hell does that mean, since when does a blouse and a knee high skirt leave nothing to the imagination, the nurses treated me like another skanky girl, who got drunk at a party.

The “boys” in my class called me a slut, who couldn’t handle a good “dick” so I cried rape, the “girls” called me a whore, and said I deserved what I got for being rigid.

Some have tried to help me, but maybe they are right, maybe I deserved to be raped,maybe I should have made myself more available to the guys, maybe I should have “fucked” more men, and satisfied their lusts, maybe it would have been better to be a skank, and stay safe, being otherwise didn’t ensure my safety.

I can feel the voices in my head again, when I lay down, I feel his hands on my body, I need to cut those parts off, even till now I feel his semen marinating inside me like a time bomb waiting to explode, if I had the chance I would cut off my vigina, probably that would get rid of the burning sensation I feel.

Being here is no longer worth it, when you break a leg, people sign your cast and tell you to get well soon

When you get raped, they call you a whore and send you on your way, I give up, yes world, I went out looking for a good time, and I got what I didn’t bargain for, I wanted a “hard fuck” but couldn’t handle this, and so I cried rape.

I will not bother with my words, I don’t care what you think of me, the worst you can do to me now is kill me, but am going to beat you to it.

But I will not give him the satisfaction of my demise, I will fight this, I will flourish, I will regain my dignity, I will regain my sanity, and most of all, I will survive.

By Arome Ameh (The Priest)

25 year old rapes toddler in Lagos, Nigeria

A 25-year-old man was on Monday arrested at Somolu, Lagos State after he was allegedly caught having sex with his two-year-old cousin.

The suspect, David Nnebong, lived with the victim’s grandmother at 18 Awoseyin Street, Somolu.

It was learnt that the incident occurred at about 3pm when the toddler was left in the house with the suspect by her grandmother, known as Iya Wura.

 The mother of the girl was said to be in Calabar.

PUNCH Metro learnt that on her return, the little girl who was crying while greeting her grandmother pointed to her vagina.

A neighbour, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said it was the girl’s cries that made her grandmother suspicious.

He said, “It was the child who actually made Iya Wura know that David had raped her. The grandmother raised the alarm and all the neighbours pounced on David.

“Although she was upset with David, Iya Wura and other relatives, who were present, did not want to get him arrested.

“They only wanted him to leave the house and relocate elsewhere, but neighbours insisted on involving the police.

At the time David was taken to Alade Police Division, there was still semen on the child.”

As of Tuesday evening, the relatives of the victim were yet to report to the police station to write statements although Nneobong was said to still be in police custody.

Punch Metro learnt that the relatives were still insisting that they did not want police to be involved in the issue.

Source-The Punch Newspaper

N.B- with reference to an earlier blog, the growing Nigerian rape culture, we can clearly see there is an increase in perverse practices going on in Nigeria, and up until now, people would rather remain silent, than face societal stigma.

Its getting worse, and like india, nothing is being done, until something worse occurs.

Rape is BAD, stop it now.

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