5 Year Old Dies From Rape In India

A 5 year old girl child was reported to have died from injuries sustained from being raped earlier this month.

The little girl was lured into a farm by 2 men known to her parents, while the parents were at work, the victim was said to have sustained injuries and was brain damaged upon arrival, due to the attempts by her attackers to smoother her, and keep her from screaming, she was said to have been in a coma since the 20th of april until she passed on today.

I remember blogging about another 5 year old that was kidnapped and raped in a building about a week ago, and the police offered her parents 2,000 ruppees to go away, another 6 year old was raped in a public toilet, and her attacker attempted to slash her throat.

I made mention of something grave about to happen, and now one of those 3 raped little girls has died, 3 cases of child rape in a month.

What is going on INDIA, are the authourities just going to fold their hands and watch the society become a den of perverts and child abusers, a society riddled with sex offenders and rapists?

This is a sad day indeed, in a country that was in the spotlight recently after the gruesome rape and death of the young woman in a bus,now this?

This needs to stop, I fear for the spill over effect.

I fear for the spill over effect.

Posted On The Move By The Priest


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