India Again-Another Child Raped and Left For Dead

Just a week after a 5 year old girl was raped in india,a 6 year old girl was discovered in a public bathroom in india, she was reported to have cuts deep cuts on her body and genital areas.

She has been taken to the hospital, and the doctors say she is in a stable condition.

What is wrong in india?
Are there mutants going around raping kids now?
Or do they need more government intervention and stiffer penalties.

For heaven’s sake, what is the gain in raping a 6 year old child and trying to mutilate her or even kill her?

The torture of rape is not enough? Her face and throat were slashed in an attempt to kill her,obviously trying to silence her, I am so sure the assailant is known to the family.

This is my second blog in a week on child molestation in india, to the indian officials,government and so called aid groups, why are these crimes still occuring? Are you waiting for a repeat of what happened in december?

Children are now targets in india, some sick men go around waiting to pick up little girls like vultures.

India stand up, and stop this now.

Posted On The Move By The Priest


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