Living With The Dominator-By Pat Craven.

The book,Living With The Dominator,sheds more light on various techniques used by abusers to control their partners.

It becomes a very valuable tool for those seeking a deeper understanding on how abusers operate and how they are able to keep their partners pinned down for such a long time.

The book exposes how the abuser uses various personalities to control and constantly abuse his partner, some are listed below

1-The bully-he uses shouting, physical attacks and sulking to keep his partner scared and timid

2-The Headworker-uses verbal and hateful slurs, such as saying his partner is too fat, too thin,too ugly, or genarally useless, to keep her always feeling inferior thus making her feel she will have no acceptance elsewhere

3-The sex controller- Uses forced sex I.e rape, and not taking no for an answer, basically refusing his partners advances and in common cases keeps her pregnant as a tool to keep her under his thumb.

The book has exposed the above listed personalities and more, thus helping those seeking more understanding and those in abusive relationships seeking a way out, have a better knowledge of who they are dealing with, and thus how to get away.

I urge you all to go get a copy for yourselves and also urge everyone you know to get a copy, knowledge is power, and this book gives knowledge and thus gives us all the power to end Domestic Violence.

This book and others can be found at, search with the title.
And other book titles by Pat Craven can be found on her website along with training programmes

Thank you Pat, for your wonderful work in the UK and around the globe.

Reviewed By Arome Ameh-(ThePriest)

Posted On The Move By The Priest


2 thoughts on “Living With The Dominator-By Pat Craven.

  1. Pat Craven says:

    Thank you Arome for reviewing my book. Have you seen the new one
    “Freedoms Flowers” about the effects of abuse on children?

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