Another Rape In India-She Is Just 5years Old

And it starts all over again,just when I think we are making progress, another disgusting headline, another person made a victim, another selfish rapist on the run, and another attempted cover up.

The victim in question is just 5 years old, a child, a baby herself in general terms, she was kidnapped from her home, by a man identified by the delhi police as the the kidnapper and rapist, and get this part, he is still at large, still no info on him.

She had been missing for a few days, neighbours reported hearing screams from the lower floor apartment, the parents were alerted, they gained access into the apartment and found the little girl, unfortunately the suspect had fled.

The father of the girl alleged the delhi police tried to buy his silence with 2,000 ruppees, just about $37, now is the the price the delhi police now pay to keep rape victims and their families quiet?, or is the price low because she is a child.

If this allegation by the victims father is true, then shame in the delhi police, why would they want to cover up such a terrible case of rape and child abuse, they would rather they don’t receive negative publicity at the risk of the rapist and child abuser on the lose?

I assure you, if he did it once, if not caught and convicted he will do it again, and it would get worse, at the point the child is in critical condition, she has undergone surgery, where a candle and small bottle were removed from inside her,OMG, from a 5 year old? And the police wanted to cover this up?

The doctors have also said the child had bruises and bite marks on her body, with very low blood pressure.

Why, why would someone do this, with the high profile rape and murder in the same town in december last year, we would hope things like this would have reduced, but unfortunately it keeps getting worse, now from women, to children, little girls.

Now will the politicians who accused the women of dressing in provocative manners, and causing themselves to be raped, are they going to accuse a 5 year old?

Are the victim blammers going to accuse this child for allowing herself be kidnapped and raped?

For everytime there is not stiff penalty for a rapist,I will continue to accuse the governments of such places for being the rapists, and this case the indian government, you have raped a 5year old girl child.

I pray for her survival, and I pray the rapist is caught and judged and punished accordingly.

By Arome Ameh (The-Priest)

Posted On The Move By The Priest


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