Closet Of Solace

Anxious-woman Soft music in the background

Dim lights Scented candles

A 3 course meal, carefully laid out on a table for two

Him smiling,wearing a turtle neck sweater,clean shaven,sweet smelling perfume.

He pulls out my chair,he helps unfold my napkin

He pours my wine,we share a toast, he kisses my lips
We share the meal
We laugh
We flirt
We steal kisses
Dinner is over He motions for me to relax,while he clears the table

He joins me in the living room,with 2 glasses of wine
We snuggle,we cuddle,he leads me upstairs.

He undresses me He lays me on the bed He kisses me softly He breathes on me……….

Suddenly I begin to choke,

There is a distant pounding,

I begin to cough

I hear an almost familiar yell, I close my eyes tight

Finally I open my eyes I am back in my closet

My tears have returned

My fear is here

My fear is real

The smell of his cigarette trying to smoke me out like a rat

The sound of his bat on my closet door

The pain in my rib cage

The dry blood on my lip

The gash on my forehead

The bruises on my wrist

This is my reality

My closet door swings open Suddenly……..

I shut my eyes real tight

I return back to my fantasy Where I am safe

Safe from pain

Safe from the world outside my closet

Safe from my abusive reality.

Written By Arome Ameh-(The Priest)


3 thoughts on “Closet Of Solace

  1. Simisola says:

    Thank you for all the thoughtful posts, I always learn something new

  2. Bunmi says:

    Great stuff the psychological/mental interface compelling and gripping

  3. tomiwa says:

    Short, precise and beautiful!
    We all av our closets of solace,physically or mentally…

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