Forced Entry……

tearsAnd once again another scary call, the voice on the other end was subtle, un-assuming, but there was something dark about it, some very eerie about it, it was the voice of a woman.
She said“I was raped a week ago”

Those words always make me lose my composure, deep in my heart, a voice always say, oh my God, not another one.

The Interview

My name is not important, what is important is what I am about to tell you, what is important is for you to know how your life can change in just a moment.

There was no way to know I would get raped that day, how the hell was I to know, I don’t see into the future, so how would I know, I I had known, I would not even get out of bed.

We had a hectic day of lectures that day, and I and some friends, decided to see a movie, it was a Thursday evening, and we were all looking forward to it, there were 3 of us, all ladies, we got a taxi, and we headed to the cinema, it was a ladies night out, is that a crime?

The movie started, we had popcorn, we had drinks, we had each other, and we had joy and peace,it was fun, I can still hear the giggling. A few minutes into the movie, nature called, now at this point will I blame nature? Of course not, I blame the animals and those who were unable to train them properly, those who did this to me.

I left my seat, and made my way to the bathroom, on my way I noticed a couple of guys hanging around, well that wasn’t out of place, guys and girls hang out it’s a normal thing at the movies. I got into the bathroom and did my business, while I was in there I heard the main door open, and footsteps, again this is not unusual, what was unusual was that the bathroom attendant seemed to leave immediately I came in, that was a bit weird, but I brushed it aside.

I flushed and opened the stall door, but I was shoved back with so much force, I sat back down on the toilet seat, I looked up and I saw a man standing over me, his face was covered, I got upset and scared at the same time, I tried to stand up and push past him, but then I saw it, a curved blade, unlike anything I had ever seen, in real life that is.

He held my neck and motioned for me to remain silent, right now I can’t explain how I was feeling, the fear was so intense I felt sick to my stomach, my head was pounding, I couldn’t even think, I didn’t understand what was happening.

Suddenly he spoke, “take off your jeans”, I was dumbfounded, and then it dawned on me, this stranger was about to do something bad to me, I opened my mouth to beg, but my throat was dry, I seemed to have lost my voice, and then he said it again “take off your jeans”, and before I could make another move, he struck me across the face, and turned me around, I began sobbing and praying for someone to come in, but no one ever came.

I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, he laughed when he saw I had no panties on, he turned me around, used a rag to gag my mouth, pressed my hands on the water closet, pressed the knife at the back on my neck, and forced himself inside me, I felt my skin peel, it was like I was being skinned, we was rough, he was wicked, he was and is an animal.

All I could do was take it, I screamed in my head, I cursed In my head, I died in my head, he didn’t use protection, I felt his semen inside me, I felt it drip down my thighs.

He zipped up and tapped my behind, like I was a horse he was rewarding for a good ride, he opened the stall door, I thought it was over, suddenly I heard another voice,”you don finish” (TRANSLATION- ARE YOU DONE?) The second guy walked into the store to my horror, I was still bent over, trying to come to grips with what had just happened, he shoved my head back on the water closet, and used his feet to part my legs, he was about going into me, when he pulled back as if repulsed by something.

He stormed out angrily and I overheard him arguing with his partner, “why you pour inside her, you think say I go touch your akamu, you be fool o” (TRANSLATION-why did you cum inside her, you think am going to touch your semen, you are such a fool).

And just as they came, they left, everywhere went silent, they left me there like maggot infested carcass, I couldn’t move, aside from the physical pain, something in my brain had snapped. I managed to move, I cleaned myself up, left the bathroom, still wondering why no one had come in at all, then I saw it, an out of order sign was on the door, now it all made sense, I had been a victim of a set up, the bathroom attendant must have been in the know, and that’s why she walked out, when a lone girl came in, and that’s why no one came in, because there was a sign on the door.

I left the cinema immediately, I didn’t tell my friends, I got to the hostel, I took a bath, threw out the clothes I wore, and left for home, I was on auto pilot.

On my way home, my friends called, sounding worried, I lied; I said my period had started un scheduled and I had to leave, because I was soaked, they believed me.

I arrived home, my mother was surprised, she knew something was wrong, I couldn’t tell her, not immediately, I lay awake, my mind in knots, I told my mother at  4 am in the morning, she wept, she cursed, she threatened, but she calmed down, she suggested reporting to the police, now of what use will that be, I can’t identify them, and I can’t recount that ordeal with people am very sure cannot relate with my ordeal.

The next morning, mum took me to the hospital, somehow I got this feeling the nurses and the doctor didn’t believe me, later my mum came to me and said the matron asked was she sure I didn’t just lose my virginity and didn’t know how to handle it, so I claimed rape?

Long story short, I left the hospital, I will run a series of tests later on to see if I have been infected with anything.

If you are reading this, there are sick men out there, animals in human skin, always be in a group, never move alone especially in unfamiliar areas, it has happened to me, and now I have become a statistic.

Who am I going to ask why?

Written By – Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Side Note– Hidden Voices -Giving A Voice To Victims Of Rape And Domestic Abuse via …


8 thoughts on “Forced Entry……

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I feel quite sorry for this victim because she did nothing to bring this on herself but was just an unfortunate victim of circumstance. What can I say, at the end of the day, prayer is the key. Sigh

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rape iis increasingly an epidermic

  3. Simisola says:

    This is really sad, we are no longer safe o, even at the cinema? The cinema should be sued for negligence

  4. God bless you!!! Keep the hope alive. Let’s prevent it, let’s control it, and let’s help them live again. God bless you Ameh Arome

  5. Afonne Uchechi Gold says:

    What a sad story. Some people can be animals in human clothing. All we have to do at all times is be cautious and leave the rest to God.
    To the lady in question, take heart my dear. I know this is a bad experience, but nothing happens without a reason. Βe mindful of those U call friends, and especially those U move about with. Take care of urself αnd believe that God will deal With the perpetrators if they refuse to turn a new leaf.

  6. adyemi Olalekan says:

    Another innocent victim,who did not atleast invite this on herself,Rape is now growing faster than Malaria around the globe it has become a diease that needs to be addressed by those @ the helm of affairs,stiff penalty such as life imprison or death sentence shld be put into Action,you may ask Y,most Victim don’t come out Alive & when they do they hadly get over the trauma mentally.the Damage has bin done,Lesson learnt. But not until victims of such bitter expr report the ordeal this Devil’s Advocates will always walk away smilling,as difficult as it is SPEAKING OUT still remains the only solution.we all have to be on the lookout always & instinct shld ve told her friends she was gone far too long.if she had raised the Alarm early enough am sure the attendant who no doubt is part of the gang would ve blown the cover of the gang.pls let’s not just read rancour expr like this but Learn from it.I pray She gets over the physcological Trauma quickly & to ple around Her she needs Ur Love more than ever now.

    • ameharome says:

      thanks so much for your comment
      and i hope like you pointed out readers will learn from it and not just read for fun,sometimes it is difficult for victims to come out for fear of stigmatization

      • James says:

        But how come u dnt mention the cinema? Even it she dnt report officially a sting operation can b carried out to catch these ppl. We can do that individually.

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