black-woman-crying-300x222Hi all,
This is a little story I want to share, it’s a tale of pain,sorrow and remorse , and as always I will appeal that you read it and make sense of it, and share it.

The names, dates and events have been altered, so any similarities are entirely coincidental.

I stood in line behind her trying to get a doughnut at an eatery, been a while I had a doughnut, so I was willing to endure the chatter of a young lady in front of us, she seemed engrossed with her mobile phone, typing away, receiving calls and describing what she had on, and looking around as if expecting to see someone, it was getting quite annoying and I soon realized I was not the only one feeling that way, the lady in front of me shared the same notion and hissed loudly between intervals, I would later learn why she was so open in showing her distaste.

Chinwe, as I would later learn her name was, eventually made it to the head of the line, placed her order and was waiting to be serviced, she reached into her bag to pick up her wallet (I guess), and that was when I noticed the scar, it was a huge scar, one that ran from her eye, and disappeared into the side of her face, close to her ear, well I couldn’t see farther than that because she had a hood veil covering her face, I guess she must have sensed my eyes, because she immediately turned and caught me staring at her with wide eyes and an open mouth, I immediately composed myself and turned the other way.

The chattering lady from earlier on, was eventually joined by an older looking fellow, well not older as in old enough to be her dad, but for their assumed ages, it was safe to say he was older, and actually had more experience in his eyes, from their discussion, which they didn’t try to make private, I was able to deduce this was their first meeting, but they had actually been communicating via the internet, I overheard her commenting on his looks, and he in turn complemented her on hers, even going further to chastise her as at to why she hid her real beauty from him all this while.

Anyway, chinwe the lady with the scar, apparently had the need to trouble people she meets at eateries, but I would soon learn why, she immediately turned to the young girl and took off her hood, it revealed a very hideous deformation on her face, the scar actually ran from inside her right eye, all the way down her cheek, making a curve back across her ear and disappearing into the back of her head, her right eye was’nt.., well she didn’t have a right eye, it was hollow, chinwe leaned towards the girl and said “ I advise you to run away, run as fast as your feet will carry you, no man knowing your age, and knowing his would consider having a meaningful relationship with you, this man does not have good intentions towards you, she turned to the man, smiled at him and said, oga leave children alone, what has she done to you. The man obviously got upset, I mean who wouldn’t right? I noticed he was about to say something nasty, when I stepped in, somehow I felt there was something more to this, because what would give a human being so much courage as to confront a total stranger, if he/she wasn’t privy to certain information, anyway I stepped in and acted as a pacifier and was able to calm the gentleman down, and when I turned round, chinwe was gone.

I picked up my doughnuts and walked out toward my car, yes I do have a car, and this part is not coincidental *wink*, anyway back to the story, I got into my car, and suddenly there was a tap on the passenger side window, to be honest this startled me, especially when I discovered it was chinwe, she motioned for me to wind down a bit, but I was too freaked out by her look, and honestly I didn’t know if she was mad at me for butting in earlier, so I came out of the car, and walked around it to the other side, careful enough to give her enough room. She went on to introduce herself to me, and thanked me for stepping in when I did, no problem, just trying to help, and I went further to assure her it wasn’t a gimmick to toast her, am married with two lovely kids I said, she smiled and said, trust me you wouldn’t be interested in me even if you were single, I caught you staring at my face earlier on. At this point I felt very ashamed for staring and I also felt pity for her, she was a really sad lady, you could tell immediately that she just put up a tough exterior to keep people at bay.

I remained silent for a few seconds, and she was about to leave, when my curiosity got the better of me, and without thinking I blurted out, what happened to you, I quickly realized my error and tried to apologize, am so sorry I don’t know what got into me, usually am not this forward, she stared at me with her good eye for a brief moment, and smiled a bit, don’t worry about it she said, I would have been offended if you didn’t ask, but it’s a long story, now at the point the writer in me took over, and having a nose for a good story, I tried my luck once more, well am not in a hurry, and I have a feeling it would be a worthwhile story I said to her, she stared at me and asked in curiosity, are you a journalist she said, I quickly realized I had not introduced myself to her, I did so quickly and led her back into the eatery, while quickly checking my phone to see if I had enough battery life in case I needed to tape our conversation.
At this point I’ll jump straight to her story, in her own words, (graphic content, reader discretion is advised).
My name is chinwe, I am 26 years old, I never graduated for the university, simply because I was stupid and careless, on my 24th birthday, I received a nice gift, it was a blackberry phone, I always wanted one, it was like a right of passage, my ex-boyfriend got it for me, he was a student like me, didn’t have a job, and I really never cared to ask as he could afford it, my concern at that point was, yes I had finally arrived, other girls in my hostel had blackberries and I would always get pissed when I heard sounds of pings and messages coming into their phones at all hours and I would stare at my nokia phone and wish I could throw it away, but half bread they say is better than none, so I hoped and even fasted to get a blackberry phone, looking back now, if I had the opportunity, I’d have a landline with no internet activity what so ever, anyway I got the blackberry phone and even got free BIS subscription, at that moment my life was complete, no more going to the cyber cafes to check my emails, my face-book or twitter, I had it all at my finger tips, life indeed was complete, or so I thought.

Anyway, I became addicted to my blackberry and also my social media applications, and since I had constant access, I quickly gained enough followers, and especially guys, mostly because I had a lot of erotic pictures on my timeline, I was popular, finally I felt I was the main girl, everyone wanted to follow me, I didn’t care if it was virtual, it felt good, checking out my profile and having well over 8,000 followers, more than half of which were guys, but one particular guy caught my attention, till this day I don’t know what made him stand out, but we got chatty, he sent me direct messages and I replied, he was quiet a gentleman , and I can’t remember him ever asking for a nude picture unlike the rest of them, so this made me comfortable with him, his name was tobi, he said he was a doctor , I didn’t have any cause to doubt him, he had extensive knowledge and even gave me some medical advice from time to time, we eventually moved from twitter to blackberry chat, we chatted all the time, I got so comfortable with him, I gave him my number, and that would come to be the biggest mistake I ever made.

Tobi called me every day, some days he called more than once, at night he would call and I would lay on my bed and have phone sex with him, his voice was so soothing, he made me do things I never thought possible, he had gained so much access into my head, I realized later I had done some very sick and twisted things just to please him, I would take nude pictures of myself, I would send him videos of me touching myself in private, and send him voice notes of me making moaning sounds and simulating orgasms, and all this while we had not met, not face to face at least, eventually I played into his hands, I began pestering to meet him in person, at this point I had lost my mind, I assumed I was in-love with him, and when my boyfriend at the time broke up with me, I really welcomed it, for me it meant no more sneaking around.

Tobi eventually agreed to come to lagos to meet me, all this while he had made me to believe he was in calabar, and would take time off work to spend a weekend with me in lagos, when I heard this I was excited, he told me to book a reservation for him, stating he would pay me back as soon as he arrived and also he said it would make him more committed to the visit and would convince him of my seriousness, I bought it all, he was smart, he was cunning, and I was stupid, oh how stupid I was. The funny thing was I had sent him tons of pictures, and all I had was just one picture of him, and whenever I asked he would claim he wanted to be sure I loved him for him, and not for his looks, and sheepishly

I would try to convince him of my undying love, and would try to appease him with nude pictures of my body.
He eventually made it to lagos, I met him at the hotel, he was tall, handsome and had a wonderful smile, he made love to me over and over, and convinced me to spend the night with him, I told him I couldn’t, because I had a test the next morning, now at this point I don’t know what triggered his anger, don’t know if it was because I couldn’t spend the night, or maybe I said something else I can’t remember saying, but whatever it was, brought out a very ugly side of him, he called me foul names, and kept going on and on about how he always knew I was cheap, and he knew I was sleeping with other men, the same man whom had swept me away, slammed me on the floor, he told me of how he had shown his friends all my nude pictures and how they had watched the videos and listened to the voice notes, he told me he had made a bet with his friends, that I would actually pay for him to have sex with me, just to prove how stupid I was, well you can imagine how I felt, I was confused and shocked, but I attempted to regain any little dignity I had left, and so I tried to mouth off at him, suddenly he punched me in the face, and I tripped over, and hit my head on a stool.

The next thing I remember was waking up on the bed, I was tied up, and he was staring at me, his eyes were dark and he had a sinister smile on his lips, he stood up and walked towards me ,I tried to scream and realized my mouth was tapped, my head was racing, the unfortunate part was that no one knew where I was, he turned me over, and told me he was going to teach me a lesson, at this point I was naked, he rapped me from behind, and I mean my anus, the pain was mind blowing, I struggled, and he hit me, when he was done he brought out a small blade, and he looked at me for a minute and said, this scare is going to always serve as a reminder, for girls like you always trying to be more than you are, for stupid fools like you, he put the blade to my nipple and cut it off, and anytime I think of it, I still feel the pain, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, he was calm, like he had done it a million times, I could feel the warm blood dripping down my mutilated breast, tears of fear and pain running down my face, and suddenly he turned around again, this time all I saw was a flash.

I don’t know how I survived it, but I woke up in a hospital days after, well I was awake, but my eyes were swollen shut, It took a couple of days for me to open my one good eye, and realize the damage he had done, he had plucked out my eye, and cut my face, he had cut my breasts up real bad, they had to it out, like I had cancer or something, there was no record of who I was, because he had taken everything, he had taken my bag, containing everything I had.

I was able to tell the nurses about what I could remember, and also give them my mum’s phone number, the hospital felt so much pity, they actually treated me for free, hard to believe right?
Anyway I was taken home after weeks at the hospital to recuperate, it was tough, I was blind in one eye, I had one breast and a hideous scar of my face, talk about your sinage, he did a number on me, how dumb was I, sometimes I wish he had killed me, but there are fates worse than death, and I guess this is one of them, he was gone without a trace, the receipt from the hotel was in my name, so yes he had played me from the start.

I didn’t dare go back to school, I was sure everyone would have heard, and I was not going to become a statistic, so I decided to stay home, and mind my business, besides what do I need an education for, I’d rather stay home, because there is no rising from this, there is no happy ending to this story, this is the simple ending, I was a victim if a sexual predator, and I let him into my life period, and I take full responsibility for that, I was driven by greed and lack of morals, I allowed myself fall into an abyss, but well saying all this doesn’t change anything, it’s a memory I will have to live with for the rest of my life, well not a memory, because I look at myself in the mirror everyday, who would want to see a nude picture of a woman with one breast, one eye, and a stub.

Well now you know why I spoke up, I hope she realizes and leaves him as quickly as she can, and if this ever gets published, these things happen, I am a victim, I won’t take gruesome pictures to prove anything, you can choose to believe me or not, it’s your choice, and I hope you make the right one.

I left chinwe that day, with cold hands, if I hadn’t seen her face to face, I wouldn’t have believed it myself, personally I have been torn either to publish this or not, but I have decided to publish it, because with the rise of social media atrocities being committed, every story can go a long way in saving a life, so while you read, share and help someone back to the right path, these internet predators are real.

By- Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Side Note-Hidden Voices-Giving A Voice To Victims Of Rape And Domestic Abuse via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeRQaueebQY …

72 thoughts on “I AM CHINWE- THIS IS MY STORY

  1. Anonymous says:

    While, my advice goes to ladies, let becareful, contended and prayerful cus is only God dt kns d heart of a man

  2. I admire tɦe աay yoս express yоurself. It provokes tɦought,
    ƅut moгe importazntly іt provokes feeling and I cherish

  3. joy says:

    This is sad. Thanks for sharing this story with other people. May the wrought of God decend on the evil man that carried out this gruesome act on Chinwe. (Amen)

  4. Epheanyi says:

    Again, I ask Aroms, are these stories for real or are they fiction ? God help that young lady. Gosh !

  5. Simisola says:

    It is indeed a touching story, ladies have to be careful. Be happy and contented with what you have. The price she paid for having a bb at the wrong time.

  6. Bunmi says:

    Hopefully people will learn unfortunately it’s not likely they will and sadly such will still continue to happen

  7. Samuel says:

    That’s a well timed story. I really find it unbelievable that relationships are contracted on social media,sexual relationship of course. A word should be sufficient for the wise.

  8. I enjoy reading a post that can make men and women
    think. Also, thanks for allowing for me to comment!

  9. nifemi says:

    Pls gals beware

  10. Oladeji says:

    You know something, Now adays girlz always want a guy who is handsome and something of cash. They never wanna care whom they meet, either a ghost or whatever. But this goes to everygirl most especially in Nigeria to be concern. So Pitty for the poor girl, if I had to know her, I might be of help to her, encourage her and make her dreams come true..

  11. mimi says:

    Ladies, the signs are always there so always try not to put yourself on d line. There are a lot of pretenders out there that u would never know until u fall prey. D social media has both its good and evil sides. Never trade your good morals for anything so Let’s be careful and prayerful.

  12. chikky says:

    Hmmmmm!!!! Wat a sad educating story. Thanks for sharing it sir. Vanity upon vanity all is vanity. Social network? God will save us from d scam of social network. Chinwe life is a lesson,u learnt it ur own way. Sit up and dust urself,there is a better chinwe ahead.

  13. cindy says:

    This an eye opener 2 our young innocent girls, may God gve them wisdom nd strenght to leaRn 4rm dis.

  14. oluwaseun says:

    i hope we shall all learn from this lady and redirect our steps toward better things. the ladies should not look at their beauty then forget their morals while guys too should be weary of their attitude. this can happen to either sexes.

  15. chuka says:

    “They who cannot learn from other people’s mistakes, simply cannot learn…”

  16. Sanpaul says:

    This is a sad and pathetic indeed.pls let’s help to save the lives of many,even at this point,this second someone,somewhere,is being victimised..

  17. chinwe G O says:

    Soo sry gurl

  18. Josh says:

    It’s an incredible story! If it didn’t come from you that saw and interviewed her I wouldn’t believe it – like in the movies. Some people are just beast, else how would a human do that to his fellow.
    Our young girls please be more careful how you relate with some guys/strangers both off and online.
    Fortunately she’s alive, so it’s not completely over. She can still pick up pieces from there.
    …Wishing her the best of luck in the circumstance.

  19. nifemi says:

    it really touch my heart,which lots of girl can read dis thins,am really scared of men, chinwe d God of judgement will judge d guy he wont go scort free i promise u

  20. pearl says:

    Hmm this is really scary. You know at times I wonder why we meet people who cause us harm. really I keep wondering why.Ladies becareful and truth Nobody.I was sexual assulted too by someone I never believe could do such a thing to me.

  21. Donchris. says:

    So sad my dear.
    Just know that God never sleeps, this man must get much worst than he deserves.
    Wherever he is, he will not know any peace all the days of his life.
    Just take heart.

  22. chijioke Austin Okere says:

    End time !!!! Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall WAX COLD! The Bible.

  23. ifeluv says:

    When women go on a blind date sometimes they leave themselves vulnerable to predators. Most women know of the dangers of blind dating, but they think that it will never happen to them, or it happens to other women because they live in bad neighborhoods. Blind dating is a common way to meet new people. Some people are looking for friendships or serious relationships. Most people blind date these days through dating services on the internet. The first mistake women make is that they usually don’t tell family or friends at first, because they are a little embarrassed. They want to meet a nice guy and get the relationship going before they introduce him to friends or family. Unfortunately for some women it never gets that far, and the worst happens. Another way women blind date is through mutual friends or even a friend of a friend, most too often the guy that the women’s friends recommends to date is not well known at all, and women end up going out with a total stranger. The only information you may have is a first name and what color shirt they are wearing. Finding yourself in this situation can sometimes be very dangerous, and if you are not careful you may find yourself in a extremely dangerous situation.

  24. ameharome says:

    Hello all
    I am allowed to publish the stories on my blog,on agreement of anonymity,the privacy of this individual and the others should be respected,it hurts to see when “certain folks” try to cast aspersions,these people bare their souls and they should be applauded for that.
    Thank You

  25. ameharome says:

    thank you for your thoughts,but like i said,i had the opportunity to meet her by accident,she allowed me publish this based on her wishes,and she is entitled to her privacy,thank you

  26. helen 'Denuola-Orimolade says:

    Ohhh my God!!!!!! Am still shaking and in tears… That guy shouldn’t go unpunished… Its actually a loesson to all but that pain was too much for just one person, haaabaaa! Really, I don’t know what else to say ‘kos am so so speechless… #teary eyes#

  27. Ola says:

    It’s okay then
    since it’s copyright protected
    just putting up a link won’t pass any message across
    i just thought it would be a good way to spread your message to a larger audience on my site.
    your copyright is respected and copying will not happen

    • ameharome says:

      The link leads to the story,everyone accessing this site has accessed it via the links provided.
      Global readers and readers in Nigeria have all accessed this story via links.
      Once again,the link leads you to the story.
      thank you for ready,hope lessons are learned,that is the most important thing here.

  28. URL says:

    … [Trackback]…

    […] Read More Infos here: ameharome.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/i-am-chinwe-this-is-my-story/ […]…

  29. hafsat says:

    Its a very sad and bitter story,i pray our young lil sisters at home will learn a very big lesson 4rm dis,cos dis wrld is turnin 2 somtin else, u cannot predict ppl…

  30. Ola says:

    touching story you got there, but can i upload it on my site http://www.gistandrhymes.com and reference you accordingly

    • ameharome says:

      You can put up the link to the story on your site, but the story is copyright protected and is for information and educative purposes

      So copying and pasting is highly prohibited.

      Thank you for your interest

  31. sunmbo says:

    This is sad. I hope our girls will learn from her. This is well with u chinwe.

  32. meeforJesus says:

    Wat a touching story,i feel like crying. But where ve we dumped our morals ds days? Y & how can u just meet 1 on d net & d next tin”relationship”has started? Its soo painful dt even wt all ds,many others will still fall victim. May God give our youth of ds days Wisdom,in Jesus name. Thanks 4 sharing ds,God bless u

  33. wittyshey says:


  34. ameharome says:

    It would have been great,except she refuses public appearances, i am under strict instructions to keep her identity quiet

    • Geraldine says:

      wow…. don’t know what to say. On the contrary, I don’t think the world has ended for her. Education is still key. If she can go to an eatery covered then she can go to sch, complete her education and move on. Definitely, there’s a role destined to be played by her in this life, hence her surviving this (cos this is face to face with death). I encourage her to be brave, find that role and play it and i bet, she’s end fulfilled. It is well with Chinwe for sharing her story. God who has selected her will clean her up and take her to where he wants her to be.

    • Geraldine says:

      You too can help her. Keep her anonymity but since you have access to her, keep close to her, advise and encourage her. If she can raise funds, leave town, perhaps seek admission abroad and start afresh. She could also visit women’s foundations and NGOs for assistance. i so feel for her but cant reach out (rmb she’s anonymous).

  35. Iye says:

    This is such a heart breaking and scary story. Its so unfortunate she had to go through something like this. there are a lot of smooth talking monsters out there looking for peolple to prey on. This is learning a lesseon the very hard way. I wish all yound ladies will learn from this. As terrible as I feel for chinwe, its better to learn from her mistake than to make your own mistake all so. God help us all

  36. Love says:

    God help us.ladies dnt 4get ur morals n d name of whom u bear.b mindful of ur salvatn.worldly tins wl vanish.guy dnt tink dat cos u dnt hv anytin 2 loss there is nt judgment.God 4gv him n ladies b warned.

  37. aeesha says:

    This is a great reminder to all ladies. We should all learn to be contented. This is so touching. I can’t begin to imagine what she must be going through right now. The pain and regrets. I’m glad that she decided to share her story with you at least every other girl (I inclusive) would be able to learn from it.

  38. aeesha says:

    This is a great reminder to all ladies. How I wish all young girls could read this. This is so touching and I can’t imagine what she must be going through now. The pain and regret. But then, that won’t change what has happened. This is a lesson for us all.

  39. Tnp says:

    Touching story. A leson to those dating on internet

  40. D Countess says:

    This is just silence personified.. Words can never be enough..

  41. adyemi Olalekan says:

    When will this social Media Brutality STOP I pray something is done fast to Educate young ple esply on dis part of the world to choose to Life easy or life to take dem easily.am happy she came out alive cos she means a lot to her family its neva d joy of a mother to loose a child,she is already a victim the question is will dis STOP anoda ignorant person outthere? Train a child to b satisfied wt the little He/She has,a child comes home wt a material dat can not b afforded by the parents & yet no questions asked.Parents ve a lot to do.Dis is a Sad & bitter story but a gud lesson to many outthere.God ve Mercy

  42. Abidemi joseph says:

    Srzly I really dunno wat 2 say,buh d story is so touchin n nao 2 we ladies we have 2 b xtremely kareful in wateva we do,cos dis is a lesson.

  43. conrad anderson says:

    I’m so happy that you tell your story so the world could know that the need to speak out so that other could know the rapid cases of violence against women. This needs to stop and fast cause its really getting out of control and we need our women cause every boy or girl or man need their mom or his wife. Women are so important in this world.

  44. natasha says:

    This story is an eye opener to young people or must I say young girl!

  45. Afonne Uchechi Gold says:

    Honestly, this story ȋ̝̊̅Ƨ̷̜̌̋ very touching. This should serve as an eye opener for everyone, male α̲̅πϑ female alike. Ȋ̝̊̅t̶̲̥̅̊ ȋ̝̊̅Ƨ̷̜̌̋ a pity dat Chinwe fell a victim for this †Φ publicized. We learn our lessons in life at one point or D̶̲̥̅̊ other. This ȋ̝̊̅Ƨ̷̜̌̋ D̶̲̥̅̊ timee for a wake-up call. We must say no †Φ the ills dat abound in todays Social Media, for us †Φ live our Li√es †Φ Ȋ̝̊̅t̶̲̥̅̊’s fulfilment. Βε̲̣̣̣̥ warned!!!

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