acrying20childDear Dad,

How are you doing, hope the trip up there was not too bumpy, and I hope you finally got someone to take a look at your feet, because I remember they were a bit swollen from all the running we did. I’m feeling a bit better down here; the people who found me gave me a bottle of water to drink, and yeah they also gave me a new pair of shoes too.

Dad, I know things were not too good this past few months, i am really sorry about all the noise that kept you up all those nights, and i am sorry we had to sleep in the gutters those terrible nights when it rained bullets, and i am especially sorry you had to eat that dead vulture, i remember it gave you a running stomach for days.

Dad, I know you really cared about me, and I don’t blame you for leaving my mother by the road side, she was really weak and we had to move on, it was a hard decision, but you had to make it in order to save me, so please try to forgive yourself, and I am very sure she understood your decision and is proud of you; oh that reminds me say hello to her when you see her, and tell her to eat as much as she can this time around.

Dad, I know it’s not too late to apologize for disobeying you, I promise I won’t pick up strange things from the road side anymore, if only I had listened you would still be here, i was so hungry and it looked so much like a can of food, please find it in your heart to forgive me.

Well I have to go now, the nurse writing this letter has to get back to work, and before I forget, the doctor says my new arms will be here in a few weeks, that means I will be writing more letters to you, and don’t worry I’ll keep your tombstone clean.

Thank you for loving me, I will always love you.

Good night dada

Your daughter


Arome Ameh (The Priest)



  1. Tii says:

    I’m lost for words
    This is deep

  2. Hmmmmmm! Optimism in a sad situation? God pls help us.

  3. eze chiedu says:

    Did you have to make me do this? Somebody up North would have written this, many people after the civil war did…lets pray we dont.

  4. Bunmi says:

    Very good literary narrative May God help children of the dark continent

  5. soladoye osikoya says:

    It was hard to finish this ….tears dropped … No matter what happens, we must not have a bloody revolution. We can transition peacefully.

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