My Offence?

confused womanMy day started as every other normal day, I got out of bed at 6am, had a bath, got dressed and took a bus to work, got to work, put on my uniform, and carried out the morning rituals, Monday mornings were usually  crowded with people trying to grab a quick bite before being consumed by office work, oh sorry I forgot to mention I work or rather worked at an eatery or a fast food place, which ever works for you.

I am used to different types of people coming in to buy stuff, men and women alike, some of them are nice, some of them are not, but hey its my job to smile and ensure the customer gets what he/she requires.

At about 11.30am, a man walks in, he was looking very upset and sweating from being under the sun outside, I remember it was a very hot day that day, anyway he comes in and orders for some doughnuts and soft drinks to go, 5mins later he begins throwing a tantrum, clearly its transferred aggression, and he just needed somewhere to offload, anyway I told him to calm down, and that we would service him in a short while, he went on and on as to how we lacked home training and how one of these days I was going to get  what I had coming to me.

I eventually brought his order to him and apologized for the delay, in addition I told him not to allow the stress of work turn him into a mean person, advised him to try to find other avenues of unloading his stress, it would help him live longer, well guess what, he took my advice.

I got off work a bit late that night, I left at about 9.30pm, and getting a bus at that time was next to impossible, so I decided to keep walking , with the hope of getting a bus.

I didn’t get a bus, but I got a lift from the most unlikely source, remember the guy throwing tantrums earlier in the day? Well he rode up to me on his bike, apologized for his outburst earlier, and told me he decided to take my advice, and that he had even found an outlet to off load his worries and hang ups.

I should have known he meant that in a very diabolic manner.

I accepted his apology, and also accepted his offer of a lift, what harm could it do right, well wrong, it did a lot of harm. Before my ordeal, I had read a lot about rape and sexual attacks, somehow many articles always tend to lean to the part where the rapists where also provoked, either by provocative dressing, body language, or being drunk, etc. Well I can tell you this first hand, its all lies, it’s all in a bid to justify rape, I was on my way from work, I was wearing over sized work clothes, because I didn’t even have time to change, my hair was tied up in a knot, and I was all sweaty, and unless that was a turn on for him, I don’t see why he did what he did to me.

I got on his bike, and we made idle talk, some of it was audible, the rest was not, I didn’t mind, because I was grateful to have a lift either home, or somewhere close by, because bus stops around my work place were notorious for dangerous men, and women have been mugged and raped in recent times, I thought I was safe, but now am sure I would have been safer on the streets, than on that bike.

15mins in, he took what he called a short cut, I didn’t mind, my mind was crystal clear, I didn’t suspect anything, I should have, but I didn’t, and then suddenly he stopped, said he wanted to take a leak, he got off the bike, and walked to a nearby gutter, suddenly I saw two men come out of a building close by, my heart skipped, but they walked past, he came back, and got on the bike, and started to fiddle with the bike, in a lame attempt to claim the bike was having issues, in my mind I thought it was just some ploy to get fresh, and I was ready to let him down easily, but then the two guys appeared again, and this time in a flash, they both grabbed me, and covered my mouth.

They took me back into the building, and pushed me on the floor, we were joined by the tantrum guy, and he bent over and looked at me, he smiled and told me he was going to relieve all his stress inside me, nice piece of advice, and then he told me never to run my mouth like that again.

The two guys held me down, he took off my clothes, I was stark naked, he felt me up, and pushed his fingers inside me, they took turns raping me that night, they raped me forever, they kept going on and on, I can still smell them, I can still hear them, they violated me, after what seemed like an eternity, they stopped, and walked out of the room, I was numb, still couldn’t believe what had happened and was still happening.

Suddenly the tantrum man came back, he was holding a cord, he got me down on my hands and knees, he tied my hands and spread my knees apart, he stuffed my mouth with a dirty napkin, and shoved his finger into my anus, I wish he had shot me in the head, at least the pain would have been short and over with, but this pain lingered, he went inside me, I could feel him tearing into me, I can still remember his words “they said this was good,never knew it was this good,stop acting like you are in pain, I know you like it”.

They took turns, they all raped me the same way.

I think I passed out, because I woke up, with a small crowd standing over me.

The police came and took me to the hospital

I was treated, my mother was contacted, and she took me home

Few weeks later, when I could sit and walk right, I went back to work, I was fired for being absent from work, the manager claimed someone should have come to inform them officially that I was raped, can you believe that.

I discovered a while later, I had been infected with herpes, and I was pregnant, I aborted the pregnancy, but am still stuck with the herpes.

Now my question is simple, how did I provoke this?

Am I going to be blamed to trying to pacify a customer?

Am I going to be blamed for accepting a lift?

Or am I going to be blamed for being a woman and having a vagina.

Written By Arome Ameh (The Priest)


10 thoughts on “My Offence?

  1. Dika says:

    Such heartless men…….

  2. Dogs, animals, beasts… Now she is a survivor, she can take the courage to live. I salute her strength though I wish she didn’t have to have this particular strength. Justice must come to them some day.

  3. Ximena says:

    Stay strong.
    Keep your head high.
    Some day, your rapists will all be behind bars.
    I pray you continue healing.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I am without words. I pray she finds solace in the things that are not of this world. this, only God can heal.

  5. Bunmicake says:

    My heart bleeds! To the extent that I now want death by hanging for rapists. Yes, they are heartless, so they shouldn’t be pitied at all. They are just a bunch of beast!!! I pray she finds the deepest healing in God. She is a VICTOR and an OVERCOMER. I am PROUD of her.Bunmi

  6. ABOLAJI says:

    Wow… This is really scary… She has no blame. We all got to study keenly our customers and also trust no one.

  7. I wanted to scream out to you to run however unlike you I knew your story was about rape because you’d warned me. You had no such warnings, no chance to escape he’d planned what he was going to do. I applaud you courage and I hope these rapists haven’t ruined the rest of your life, that you continue to lead the rich and fulfulling one you deserve and forget about the evil people in this world.

  8. barbara evans says:

    I hope you are in a safe place now and getting support. The blame lies at the door of the abusers, and hopefully they will pay the price. Stay strong xx

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