5 Year Old Dies From Rape In India

A 5 year old girl child was reported to have died from injuries sustained from being raped earlier this month.

The little girl was lured into a farm by 2 men known to her parents, while the parents were at work, the victim was said to have sustained injuries and was brain damaged upon arrival, due to the attempts by her attackers to smoother her, and keep her from screaming, she was said to have been in a coma since the 20th of april until she passed on today.

I remember blogging about another 5 year old that was kidnapped and raped in a building about a week ago, and the police offered her parents 2,000 ruppees to go away, another 6 year old was raped in a public toilet, and her attacker attempted to slash her throat.

I made mention of something grave about to happen, and now one of those 3 raped little girls has died, 3 cases of child rape in a month.

What is going on INDIA, are the authourities just going to fold their hands and watch the society become a den of perverts and child abusers, a society riddled with sex offenders and rapists?

This is a sad day indeed, in a country that was in the spotlight recently after the gruesome rape and death of the young woman in a bus,now this?

This needs to stop, I fear for the spill over effect.

I fear for the spill over effect.

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India Again-Another Child Raped and Left For Dead

Just a week after a 5 year old girl was raped in india,a 6 year old girl was discovered in a public bathroom in india, she was reported to have cuts deep cuts on her body and genital areas.

She has been taken to the hospital, and the doctors say she is in a stable condition.

What is wrong in india?
Are there mutants going around raping kids now?
Or do they need more government intervention and stiffer penalties.

For heaven’s sake, what is the gain in raping a 6 year old child and trying to mutilate her or even kill her?

The torture of rape is not enough? Her face and throat were slashed in an attempt to kill her,obviously trying to silence her, I am so sure the assailant is known to the family.

This is my second blog in a week on child molestation in india, to the indian officials,government and so called aid groups, why are these crimes still occuring? Are you waiting for a repeat of what happened in december?

Children are now targets in india, some sick men go around waiting to pick up little girls like vultures.

India stand up, and stop this now.

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Living With The Dominator-By Pat Craven.

The book,Living With The Dominator,sheds more light on various techniques used by abusers to control their partners.

It becomes a very valuable tool for those seeking a deeper understanding on how abusers operate and how they are able to keep their partners pinned down for such a long time.

The book exposes how the abuser uses various personalities to control and constantly abuse his partner, some are listed below

1-The bully-he uses shouting, physical attacks and sulking to keep his partner scared and timid

2-The Headworker-uses verbal and hateful slurs, such as saying his partner is too fat, too thin,too ugly, or genarally useless, to keep her always feeling inferior thus making her feel she will have no acceptance elsewhere

3-The sex controller- Uses forced sex I.e rape, and not taking no for an answer, basically refusing his partners advances and in common cases keeps her pregnant as a tool to keep her under his thumb.

The book has exposed the above listed personalities and more, thus helping those seeking more understanding and those in abusive relationships seeking a way out, have a better knowledge of who they are dealing with, and thus how to get away.

I urge you all to go get a copy for yourselves and also urge everyone you know to get a copy, knowledge is power, and this book gives knowledge and thus gives us all the power to end Domestic Violence.

This book and others can be found at http://www.amazon.com, search with the title.
And other book titles by Pat Craven can be found on her website along with training programmes


Thank you Pat, for your wonderful work in the UK and around the globe.

Reviewed By Arome Ameh-(ThePriest)

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Another Rape In India-She Is Just 5years Old

And it starts all over again,just when I think we are making progress, another disgusting headline, another person made a victim, another selfish rapist on the run, and another attempted cover up.

The victim in question is just 5 years old, a child, a baby herself in general terms, she was kidnapped from her home, by a man identified by the delhi police as the the kidnapper and rapist, and get this part, he is still at large, still no info on him.

She had been missing for a few days, neighbours reported hearing screams from the lower floor apartment, the parents were alerted, they gained access into the apartment and found the little girl, unfortunately the suspect had fled.

The father of the girl alleged the delhi police tried to buy his silence with 2,000 ruppees, just about $37, now is the the price the delhi police now pay to keep rape victims and their families quiet?, or is the price low because she is a child.

If this allegation by the victims father is true, then shame in the delhi police, why would they want to cover up such a terrible case of rape and child abuse, they would rather they don’t receive negative publicity at the risk of the rapist and child abuser on the lose?

I assure you, if he did it once, if not caught and convicted he will do it again, and it would get worse, at the point the child is in critical condition, she has undergone surgery, where a candle and small bottle were removed from inside her,OMG, from a 5 year old? And the police wanted to cover this up?

The doctors have also said the child had bruises and bite marks on her body, with very low blood pressure.

Why, why would someone do this, with the high profile rape and murder in the same town in december last year, we would hope things like this would have reduced, but unfortunately it keeps getting worse, now from women, to children, little girls.

Now will the politicians who accused the women of dressing in provocative manners, and causing themselves to be raped, are they going to accuse a 5 year old?

Are the victim blammers going to accuse this child for allowing herself be kidnapped and raped?

For everytime there is not stiff penalty for a rapist,I will continue to accuse the governments of such places for being the rapists, and this case the indian government, you have raped a 5year old girl child.

I pray for her survival, and I pray the rapist is caught and judged and punished accordingly.

By Arome Ameh (The-Priest)

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The Growing Nigerian Rape Culture

South Africans take part in a Slut WalkOver the past few days, I have gone over various comments on articles I have posted on my blog, especially the ones that have to do with rape, and I must confess, some comments are quite saddening and often disgusting. I simply find it hard to understand why a person in this day, and in this century still feels rape stories are made up, some comments try to lay the blame at the feet of the victim, often with words like, “what was she doing there”, or “she has been asking for it” or worst still “don’t mind her, the guy didn’t give her the money she was expecting”.

When I view comments like that, it really gets me mad, because how would such a person react, if a loved one was a victim of rape? Would they take up torches and pitch forks and burn down the town looking for the rapist?

Almost on a daily basis, we read stories and see images, and even videos, most of which are too disgusting to view, and yet some individuals still claim these stories are false? How do you think victims of this sordid act would feel after reading such comments, it could be compared to being raped all over again.

How would you feel if you has someone standing over you, or behind you for that matter, forcing their way into you, ignoring your pleas for help, and then when you summon up enough courage and come forward with your story, someone now simply says, you are either telling lies, or you were asking for it.

A few months ago, a rape video went viral, students raping a lady, and taping it, they laughed as she begged, a lot tweeted about it, a lot re posted it, a lot downloaded it, we all screamed blue murder, and yet it died down, we moved on, recently another popped up, the same noise followed, and it has died down, sordid images of women being raped and murdered, we make the same noise and move on, some people even have the guts to leave such images and videos on their timeline, where is the sense in that? How would you feel if that were the image of your sister, girlfriend, or friend, or even someone you know?

Somewhere, a woman is being raped as you read this, you are not there, you will never feel what she feels, you will never have the nightmares she is having, you will never carry the weight she carries, but that notwithstanding, it simply does not give anyone the right to blame a victim, or even insinuate the fact that, she might be telling a lie, simply put, if you do that, then you are no better than the rapist, because that’s just raping her mind all over again, and in some extreme cases it leads to suicide, let’s take for instance Rehteah Parsons, in Nova Scotia, she was just 15, she was raped by a group of boys she knew, she even threw up during the act, but that didn’t stop them, and as if that was not enough, they took pictures, and began circulating them in her school, she began receiving dirty messages from boys asking her to sleep with them, messages of people calling her names, and actually taunting and blaming her for being raped, she couldn’t take it, for her death was her only way out, she took her own life, leaving her parents to grieve.

Now, are we going to blame this young woman for taking her own life?, who is going to blame the numerous boys and maybe even girls, who sent her all the obscene messages, who is going to blame the society for blaming the victim, unfortunately, she can’t blame anyone now, simply because the society that was meant to protect her and give her justice, is the same society that failed her, the same society that gives people the impression that sexually assaulting helpless women is either okay, or simply a birthright.

“A rapist rapes, simply because he feels he can”

Can you imagine how many women in Nigeria have been through similar ordeals, how men just feel they can rape a woman simply to satisfy his lustful desires, knowing full well that ordinarily he cannot be with her, so he does the next thing that comes to his mind, he takes her by force, he forces himself on her, and satisfies a barbaric need for sex, and then he threatens her with exposure or even death.

He is confident because he knows, the society will blame her, the society will always say she dressed provocatively, or she seduced him, or she played a game she wasn’t good at, or she simply got what she was asking for.

We have seen it too many times, even some parents do it, when a girl gets raped, and she falls pregnant, she is the one that gets kicked out of the house and called a harlot, all the man needs to do is deny, and for a couple of his friends to spread false rumors of promiscuity, and viola, the rape story goes away.

Women in Nigeria do not report rape, simply because nothing is done about it, and they end up being blamed for it, so they mostly pray hard not to fall victim of such an act.

The time has come to stop the growing rape culture in Nigeria, there was a growing rape culture in India, and they all blamed the women, until the most gruesome occurred, and a spotlight was shone on the country, and it led to a massive manhunt which in turn produced the rapists, but unfortunately the victim didn’t survive to see justice done to her. Are we going to wait until such happens here, before we realize this cancer spreading rapidly in our society?

Young girls are no longer safe on their campuses; they end up dating guys they don’t care for simply because the word “NO” does not exist in some men’s dictionaries, Young women are scared of taking buses or walking on the streets at night, simply because there might be some boogy man just waiting to pounce on her and take what does not belong to him, because he can and there are always usually no repercussions.

I can go on and on, and site various examples, but I think you get the point now, no woman on this earth asks to be raped, no woman says no when she means yes, no woman buys a pair of undies and says to herself, “I’m going to use this to provoke a stranger on the street, or rather provoke guys I know”.


Sometimes your justification for raping her is, she provoked me with her dressing, or she exposed too much flesh, I see lots of guys walking around without their shirts on, so why don’t women wait in dark corners or simply bully men into unwanted sexual acts?

Let’s drop that excuse, it only worked for the first rapist, and even at that, it still didn’t hold water.

My advice to you, the next time you have the urge to force a woman to have sex with you…DON’T

The time has come for us to stop victim blaming, and tackle the growing rape culture in our societies, before something extremely tragic happens.


By Arome Ameh (The Priest)

SIDE NOTE– Hidden Voices -Giving A Voice To Victims Of Rape And Domestic Abuse via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeRQaueebQY …


Marthins%20uzoma%20Harrison%C2%AE_Light316_Magichour_-%3D)Hello All,

Hidden Voice is a program structured at reaching out to Victims/Survivors Of Rape and Domestic Violence

It is aimed at giving a voice to the voiceless, and also to show that these acts perpetrated against women,children and men, are real and it is our duty to ensure we create as much awareness as possible and educate people in the process too.

Please follow the link below to view

The anticipated pilot of Hidden Voices is live on you-tube via this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeRQaueebQY

Comments are very welcome

Thank you

Arome Ameh (The Priest)

Closet Of Solace

Anxious-woman Soft music in the background

Dim lights Scented candles

A 3 course meal, carefully laid out on a table for two

Him smiling,wearing a turtle neck sweater,clean shaven,sweet smelling perfume.

He pulls out my chair,he helps unfold my napkin

He pours my wine,we share a toast, he kisses my lips
We share the meal
We laugh
We flirt
We steal kisses
Dinner is over He motions for me to relax,while he clears the table

He joins me in the living room,with 2 glasses of wine
We snuggle,we cuddle,he leads me upstairs.

He undresses me He lays me on the bed He kisses me softly He breathes on me……….

Suddenly I begin to choke,

There is a distant pounding,

I begin to cough

I hear an almost familiar yell, I close my eyes tight

Finally I open my eyes I am back in my closet

My tears have returned

My fear is here

My fear is real

The smell of his cigarette trying to smoke me out like a rat

The sound of his bat on my closet door

The pain in my rib cage

The dry blood on my lip

The gash on my forehead

The bruises on my wrist

This is my reality

My closet door swings open Suddenly……..

I shut my eyes real tight

I return back to my fantasy Where I am safe

Safe from pain

Safe from the world outside my closet

Safe from my abusive reality.

Written By Arome Ameh-(The Priest)