Blaming Victims?

priest%20(0-00-00-00)Many times we find ourselves at a cross roads, when we see various cases of abuse, it leaves us to wonder, what actually causes abuse.

Being the human beings we are, there is always the tendency to lay blame and take sides, but sometimes, based on visual observations, emotions begin to overwhelm us, and we are forced to make decisions and lay blames that ordinarily we would not do.

Sadly, we have all been guilty, and will continue being guilty from time to time, based on emotion and other factors, sometimes we feel there are things that should not be allowed to happen, we would say “if i were the one, i would handle it in such and such manner”, but sadly it’s sounds easier in theory than in real life.

No one consciously chooses to enter into an abusive relationship, sometimes the society does not help potential victims make informed decisions as to how they perceive themselves, and in other cases, the signs are not just there.

The most important thing is no matter how bad it seems on the outside, the victim will always be what he/she is, and that is a “VICTIM”

It would be unfair to blame a victim, no matter what the situation might be or appear to be, we owe it to the victims to support and provide suitable platforms for their survival.

We must come together and show victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse, all the love and support they never received from their abuse partners and other areas in the society.

This writer has made some judgmental errors and mistakes based on emotional conclusions, it happens, but the most important thing is to ensure that we know who needs help.

Thank You

By Arome Ameh (The Priest)



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