Sexual Abuse Checklist

  •  rapes and sexually assaults youabuse12
  • _____   forces sexual acts with him/her or others that make you uncomfortable or hurt you
  • _____   forces sex after beating or threat of a beating
  • _____   insists on sexual contact, kissing, touching, or fondling
  • _____   films or photographs you in sexual acts when this is unwanted by you
  • _____   calls you derogatory sexual names like “whore” or “frigid” or “bitch”
  • _____   forces you to strip; forces you to dress in a particular way
  • _____   forces you to view pornography or other people performing sexual acts
  • _____   voyeurism – watches you undress or shower when this is unwanted by you
  • _____   makes crude jokes or remarks about you or other women; treats women as sex objects
  • _____   criticizes and demeans you sexually or attacks your femininity
  • _____   disregards your sexual needs and feelings about sex
  • _____   has affairs with other women after agreeing to a monogamous relationship with you
  • _____   extreme jealousy; accuses you of having affairs or wanting sex with others
  • _____   threatens to sexually abuse your children if you don’t comply with his demands
  • _____   spreads rumors about your sexual behaviors
  • _____   withholds sex and affection
  • _____   forces you or refuses to let you use birth control
  • _____   makes unwanted public advances
  • _____   puts you at risk for unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases
  • _____   directs physical injury towards sexual areas of your body

If you ticked yes to all the above mentioned, then i strongly advice you to seek help, because eventually it may lead to something more grievous and even to death, the relationship is not worth saving, but your life is.

Do the right thing.



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