obr_logo-webToday I speak as a father, as a husband, as a brother, as a son, as an uncle, as a boyfriend, as a man. I have had many sleepless nights, wondering how I could create more awareness on domestic abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, child pornography, human trafficking rape, IPV (intimate partner violence), verbal abuse, emotional abuse, spousal rape etc.

I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful woman and friend in the person of Pat Craven, she runs the freedom program me in the united kingdom, she empowers women on how to equip themselves and stand firm against male violence to women, on her website, there she has outlined various courses especially the freedom program me home study course, to help women get a better understanding of the various situations and instances of abuse they have been involved with, and how to get out. She encouraged me with advice and constant communication; she is one woman who has dedicated her life to stop male violence against women.

I continued searching for more contacts, but honestly I was beginning to lose hope.

I was almost giving up, and then it happened, I was writing an article, to publish on my blog, when I got a tweet alert, a follower had re-tweeted a blog link from a person I would later learn to discover that not only was she a victim of abuse, she was also bi-polar, she (Emma White) is the owner of the blog site, I followed the link, and I read real stories of women who had been to hell and back, the comments on the various articles showed that a lot of women had connected to this blog site, and it was one place they could actually go, speak their minds and not get judged, I contacted Emma White, and she asked me to guest blog, I have written 2 major interviews on her site, and the comments have left me very close to tears, to actually know that women all over the world connect with the plight of 2 separate women in Nigeria is mind boggling and very heart breaking, majority of the women who commented on my interviews, have been in touch, thanking us for creating such platforms for them, and to this end I say thank you once again to Emma White, for having the time and the courage to raise 10 children, and also have the time to take care of her husband, and in turn, continue to keep her blog site alive, hats off to you kind lady.

My search didn’t stop there, if anything it gingered me further, I now had the belief that at least there are genuine people out there, who just want to help from the abundance of their hearts, Emma and I continued to exchange tweets, and re-tweets, until I came across another wonderful woman ,in fact  two wonderful women, Eve Ensler and Carol Olson, these two women are serious front runner s in the fight for the total eradication of abuse in all its forms, I saw a tweet on something called One Billion Rising, and I was curious as to what it was all about, so I began tracing the origin of the tweet, until it led me to eve and carol, we immediately started exchanging tweets, and they directed me to the main website ,and to my amazement I discovered it was a global affair and it was here to stay, my joy knew no bounds and I immediately registered and started asking questions, I wanted to know how this could happen in my home country of Nigeria, Eve connected me with the Executive Director of the KIND foundation in Lagos Nigeria, Amy Oyekunle, another strong prolific sister, we exchanged a few emails and we arranged a meeting, Carol has been a great friend, she has been sharing resources with me daily, and she kept following up until I got connected to the KIND foundation in Nigeria, to Carol and Eve, I say thank you and to you reading this, you need to connect with these women, they are doing marvelous work.

I met with Amy, and we had an instant connection, we discussed at length and we drew up a plan of action on how we were going to rise with the rest of the world, Nigeria needs a voice, and we are going to create that voice, Amy was able to contact lovely people, who were willing to assist us make an infomercial, I was able to contact wonderful men I work with, in the persons of Gbenga Salu and Marthins Harrison, yes I know some of you readers would heave a sigh of relief, finally some men have surface in all this, they handled the technical aspect of the whole shoot, and it was wonderful, we were able to work with people like Kate Henshaw, Dakore, Segilola Gobadia, Isac Emokwe, Pamela, Hafsat Abiola-Costello (Founder Of KIND), Habiba Balogun, Monica, Kemi Lala, and the Mgt And Staff Of Moorhouse Hotels.

Some of you might wonder why I decided to write on this, well I am doing this to show that there are people in Nigeria and all over the world who actually care about and are working day and night to end domestic violence the world over, these selfless men and women, have dedicated their lives to ensure men, women and children live in safe nurturing environments, and all we need is your support, spread the word, educate yourselves on the dos and don’ts and help us make the world a better place.

Now I have just one question for you reading this, WILL YOU RISE WITH US?

For more details please go to

For our readers in Nigeria who are interested in rising, kindly follow us on twitter @ameh_arome or @kind_nigeria.

Lets come together, and rise together with one voice and say no to Domestic Violence in all its forms.

Thank You.


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