Stories Of An Abused Child



Hello everyone,below are seperate stories of abuse, from the perspective of the abused.

Girl-10 years Old

I was a princess, daddy always said so, and he told me princess gets nice things, and special attention from the king, daddy said he was the king, so when it was bed time, he would carry me on his knee and read me stories, he would kiss me, and tell me to open my mouth, it was our special king and princess kiss, then he would put my hands in his pants, and say the princess should touch the king’s staff, daddy was always right.

One night I had a nightmare,mummy was asleep, she was always asleep, daddy came to my room, and lay on the bed with me, he told me he would make the nightmares go away, he said he would use his staff, he said I was ready to become the queen, he took off my underwear, it hurt, he told me not to say anything to mummy, he said mummy didn’t want me to become queen,and that she would hurt me, I was scared, daddy said he would protect me, he kissed me on the lips and left, I cried.

The next morning, I was too sore to get out of bed, mummy came in, she removed my blanket and screamed, I was covered in blood, she ran out.

I didn’t see daddy after that, mummy said he went to a new kingdom, where he would be the queen.

Boy 9years Old

Mum said I was worthless, she would yell at me, throw things at me, she never wanted me around, she said I brought her bad luck, some nights she would tie me up in my room, with some bread and half a glass of water, she would always say she hoped I died before she got back.

She always blamed me for all her boyfriends leaving her, she said I was too disgusting to have around, and I was the reason she was lonely and miserable.

One day, in the kitchen, she had been drinking, she was always drinking, she put my hands on the kitchen counter, and sliced off my finger, she hit me over the head with a kettle, I fainted.

I woke up in the hospital, a nice lady was sitting next to my bed, she had tears in her eyes, she said no one would ever hurt me again, didn’t see mum after that, doesn’t matter much, I guess am happy now.

Please view the attached video and share to create awareness on domestic abuse-

Thank You for reading and sharing.


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