Straight From The Heart




Domestic Abuse
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse
Child Prostitution
Child Trafficking
Child pornography
Intimate Partner Violence
Spousal Rape
Verbal Abuse
Emotional Abuse

These are all forms of proven abuse

I met a man or a boy rather,who said he doesn’t believe in any form of abuse.

I had a suprised look on my face,and it later turned to heart break, I walked away from this fellow,simply because I was lost for words, in 2013, I still found a young man,claiming domestic abuse was an over hyped myth,it hurts me as I write, but I must go on.

From the high rise apartments in New York and China, to the over populated slums in India, to the middle class homes in Nigeria, domestic abuse continues to thrive, it thrives because we still have folks who feel it is a myth.

He went further to state that the “so called” victims are just attention seekers and so are those who try to create awareness and are actually trying to do something about it.

I have seen victims of abuse,first hand,I met a woman who wouldn’t look at me,let alone shake my hand, or even agree to be in the same room alone with me, years of abuse had turned her into a shy and mistrusting individual, my question here is, is this woman doing all this just to gain attention?

Oh and I forgot to mention she had an eye gouged out, wow,would she go that far for your attention?

I was present  at a child removal, this child was removed from a home, where there was proven abuse, he was beaten with firewood, he was fed crap, not scraps, but crap, and degrading things were done to him, too gory to mention.

Now tell me, did this child encourage this on himself to get attention?

I visited a man in the hospital, it took him years to summon up the courage to seek help,because he was being abuse by his wife, she cut off a piece of his genitals,and stabbed him several times,he was lucky to be alive.

Now tell me,in this case what sort of attention would a human seek, to the extent of self mutilation.

In recent times,incidences of abuse has escalated to a point where is now tries to become a norm, it is now deep seeded in our society,such that people don’t see it as a vice, or they feel if they ignore it long enough,it’ll go away.

In Nigeria, in 2012, I have seen a woman butchered by her husband,I have seen a woman burned by her husband,and her infant child murdered,I have seen a step mother boil the hands of a 2 year old child,I have seen another step mother attempt to boil her step son alive,I have seen a man mutilated by his wife,I have seen little children male and female,raped by adults,I have seen women made destitute by abusive men,and I have seen men abandon their homes,due to abusive wives.

Now my big question is simple

All the victims mentioned above,did they actually allow themselves to be abused so they could get the attention?

Or am I seeking your attention by blogging about this,or all those selfless individuals who risk their lives to help these victims, are they doing all this for your attention?

The time is takes you to read this blog, someone in your neighborhood is being abused, either physically or emotionally.

Accept it or not,abuse affects us either directly or indirectly, after all the victims of today,where observers of yesterday,none of them ever expected they would be tagged as victims today.

It is time we all stopped pretending, its time we started acting,don’t just read blogs,or read newspapers or watch news reports, and sigh and move on,let’s act now and help stop abuse.

And for those who still claim this is all a myth built up by an attention seeking group of the human race,I have only this to say to you

I hope you or anyone close to you never becomes a victim.

Wake Up
Shape Up

Say No to Domestic Abuse.


2 thoughts on “Straight From The Heart

  1. Forty Two says:

    My friend you speak well from the heart. There is truth in all that you say. Society has become sick, and we must begin to remove the vomit. It is only when the friends of abusers turn to them and say “that is not acceptable” that this will begin to change. Your message needs shouted from the roof tops in every district in the world, i am re posting this in the vane hope some will listen.

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