Some Equality Please




This is a little piece written by a male survivor of abuse, and he would simply like to be referred to as Forty Two


Some Equality Please

It starts really early, it starts in the school
that is the first place, we`re exposed to the rule
boys do not hit girls, it just is not done
stand there and take it, or turn round and run
and that is the kernel, the light of the fuse
the very first green light, for a girl to abuse

And then not much later, encouraged by her peers
a boy will say something, she bursts out in tears
to ascertain what occurred, people will never wait
they just look at the couple, and him castigate
what you have just witnessed, what has just begun
is psychological abuse, lesson number one

Lets look in the media, see what happens there
seated in a restaurant, she scrapes back her chair
she dose not say a word, just throws drink in his face
then as she walks out, cheers greet his disgrace
the people have no context, of who is right or wrong
they all just assume, he is wrong all along

She walks out a hero, all brimming with pride
the lesson clear is, the world is on here side

Could someone please take, a good look at Friends
this goes on and on, this list never ends
Joie is single, attractive, but incredibly dim
making Joie look stupid, is the treatment for him
ritual humiliation, describes relationships for Ross
and Chandler knows, Monica will always be boss

Lets examine Allan, in two and a half men
complete castigation, again and again
even after divorce, the message is clear
It is all right for a girl, to make a boy live in fear
this all needs to change, society must choose
to stop making it normal, for girls to abuse

so now you have read, and listened no doubt
its over to you, this your chance to shout
the next time you watch, a movie or show
play reverse the gender, give that game a go
I hope that with me, you will all agree
for all I am asking, is for some equality

Forty Two


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