30-Year-Old Man Molests 14-Month-Old Niece

weeping child It was another shocking sight at a residence in Jikwoyi, an Abuja suburb, where a man who simply gave his name as Mr. Peters, disclosed at the weekend, that his 30 year old younger brother molestd his 14 months old daughter.

According to sources, the mother of the child normally leaves the baby, name (withheld) with her husband’s younger brother, Steve (not real name) who currently stays with them any time she goes to the market.

Steve, it was gathered, came to Abuja in search of greener pastures and has been living with his elder brother for about six months now searching for a job.

At the family’s residence, the victim’s mother who was simply identified as Mama Rose, said she could not describe the pain in her heart.

The woman who broke down in tears as she narrated the ordeal of her daughter, said: “On that fateful day, I left my baby with her uncle as I usually do when I go to the market to get some things. I got back home, prepared our dinner and fed my baby. After feeding her, I decided to bath her. When I was washing her bottom she cried profusely. I was confused; I didn’t know why she was crying like that.

‘’When my husband came back, I told him about it and we took her to the hospital where it was confirmed she has been molestd. Since I know I leave her with her uncle anytime I am going out, I confronted my husband’s younger brother who denied at first. But when the family intervened, he confessed to the act.’’

A neighbour disclosed that she suspected something was wrong when she heard the baby crying profusely on that fateful day. She said she went in to see what was wrong but Steve told her to mind her business.

 The matter was yet to be reported to the police as it was being treated as a family matter.

The statement above is the sole reason why these acts will continue to be perpetrated, i seriously would like to know what constitutes the term “family matter”, a child was molested by an adult, without further delay, the individual should be reported to the police, and said individual should be arrested, and charges should be pressed immediately, instead the family will bicker among themselves, the “uncle” will be cautioned and probably he will be sent away, and no one will speak of the shame anymore, the child will grown up with that deep seeded scare, and the abuser will be left unpunished to inflict such pain on other children in the future.

These abusers should be made to face the law, the term family matter should be stricken from all discussions involving abuse, this helps to prevent further occurrences and serves as a deterrent for those who are thinking of such crimes. 


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