Why Rape Her

b2f9faa9c03c233aIt hurts me to constantly write this, but I have to suck it up and ask questions, and my question is,


Sometimes I try to understand what goes on in the minds of rapists, but it’s really hard, how does one get aroused when you see another in pain, it’s a sick and almost primal reaction, and that is what seems to be the order of the day now, some men don’t want to do it the old fashioned way anymore, I remember when you would see a woman, you get attracted to her, and you ask her out, you both get acquainted, and if the sexual attraction is there between both of you, then intimacy can occur, but these days, the process is skipped, a horny man sees a woman, and he grabs her, and forces himself on her, without any thought of the after effect it will have on the victim, her family and the society at large, it’s just like being a cave man, you grab the female by the hair, and mate with her, but this behavior is even lower than what animals practice, because even animals have mating and courtship rituals.

Do we blame this behavior on low self esteem?

Do we blame this behavior on stupidity?

Or do we just go ahead and scream blue murder for a few weeks, and allow it be swept under the rug as usual, is that a fair enough approach to this issue.

How can a human being inflict so much pain on another human being, it’s bad enough to rape her, but why violate her with a metal object, thus damaging her internal organs, it send shivers down my spine at the very thought of what that young lady and other women go through while being raped, and thrown away like rubbish to bear the shame inflicted on them by monsters.

Rape doesn’t just stop at physical violation of the individual, it has a ripple effect, the lady is raped, she is stigmatized, her family is stigmatized, sometimes her family does the stigmatization, she loses her self esteem, the community blames her for bringing such woes on herself, she might get pregnant, or worst still she might get infected by some grave STI, all this happens because some guy can’t keep it in his pants.

I blame these repeated occurrences on very flimsy laws on rape, especially in third world countries, where tradition is used as an excuse to commit all sorts of atrocities on women, I am pretty sure if there are strict laws on rape, these men would rather check into a monastery than touch a woman, talk more of raping her, stricter laws should be drafted and there should be hell to pay for any one either male or female found guilty of rape.

My heart goes out to all the victims of rape, who don’t have a voice to cry out, and especially my heart goes out to “DAMINI” (SYMBOLIC NAME) who is fighting for her life, and I hope the Indian government and other governments the world over will begin to take the issue of rape more seriously and pass laws that are more victim friendly

It’s time to start prosecuting the rapists and not the victims.


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